Beauty and the Beast [Remus Lupin One Shot]

I'm pretty sure I'm going through a phase, but I can be sure xD

Created by XxtakinglifexX on Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Vulpes!” I heard Sirius yell my nickname behind me from halfway across the Gryffindor common room. Oh crap I thought, I just turned around when I was tackled by him, I groaned “must you tackle, I mean you’re at least 5 times my size” he just chuckled as he helped me up while the others walked over. “You’re going to kill that girl one day Padfoot” James chuckled shaking his head. Peter just giggled sounding almost like a squeaking sound, which fits him well since he turns into a rat.

Let me explain my little nickname that I have adopted. Along with Sirius, James, and Peter I am also an Animagus. I turn into a Fox nonetheless, so since the word Vulpes basically means “true foxes” they named me that. Which also brings about it’s the other name for a Fox’s “tribe” per say. So that is where I basically got the nickname.

Along with the rest of the gang when the Full Moon comes around I also transform and help Remus in his time of need. Although he always objects to me coming I still do anyway. I mean not only are we friends… but I have somehow fallen in love with him over these years.

I looked at Remus, he was pale and looked sick which told me that Full Moon was coming. “So when’s the full moon this month?” I asked the gang as we sat at one of the tables in the common room. Sirius thought for a moment, “Friday I think. So… 2 days from now!” I grinned with a mischievous expression, James and Sirius looked at me with interest knowing I was thinking something “I hope Snape tries and follows again this time, maybe I can bite him this time” Sirius smirked, “I could tip him off…” “No.” Remus said firmly frowning at us. “I’m just kidding Remus, I wouldn’t hurt Snivellus… even though we don’t go along” I said reassuring him, he gave me a small smile before opening a book and starting to read.


I kept watch as Wormtail stepped on the knot that stopped the Whomping Willow from hitting us, while Padfoot and Prongs rushed a vastly transforming Moony into the secret passageway that led to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade.

After everybody was in, and I double-checked that no one was around, I went through the passageway myself. And soon enough I arrived where Moony fully transformed and was thrashing around, I frowned I hated seeing him like this I know how much he hated himself for it. I walked over to them, Padfoot and Prongs looked at me.

“Is the cost clear?” Padfoot asked, I nodded at them then Padfoot and Prongs both nodded to each other and we watched Moony struggle to find a human to attack or something along the lines of. I walked toward Moony getting closer to his growling and shaking body; Prongs and Padfoot both stepped in front of me to shield me thinking I’m going to get hurt.

“No Vulpes you might get hurt,” Prongs warned me “I know… but he seems to be in more pain then I do” I glared at him, “you know he’ll never forgive himself if he hurts you” “I’ll tell him it’s my fault then” but Prongs and Padfoot both shook there heads at me and blocked my path. I growled, and being a Fox I can jump rather high, so I took a few steps back and jumped clean over them. They both got defensive as I approached Moony. “Vulpes!” Padfoot growled, I ignored them as I connected eyes with Moony.

He just bared his teeth and growled. Suddenly I just rubbed up against him (kind of like how a cat does) as I let my tail caress under his chin, Padfoot and Prongs stepped forward afraid that he might attack. But I actually calmed him down somewhat, Wormtail squeaked and they both just goggled at me, Moony started growling again I don’t he’s aware of what’s happening when he is a werewolf.

“Do that again…” Prongs said, I did as he said and Moony calmed down even more he stopped thrashing around but was still growling and shaking slightly. “That’s weird… he seems to calm down to your touch” Padfoot noted, “a little feminine touch goes a long way” I smirked as I rubbed up against him again “or maybe he just like foxy ladies like you” Prongs winked, I rolled my eyes as Padfoot gave his bark laugh. “I think Moony has a thing for Vulpes!” Wormtail squeaked, I glared him it’s a good thing animals can’t blush or else they’d be able to see mine. Padfoot howled and Prongs just made a laughing type noise.

“Shut up both of you. I swear you’re even bigger idiots when you’re animals” I barked at them (literary), they just ceased howling but resulted in snickering while Wormtail squeaked along. I rubbed up against Moony one last time, and this time he stopped shaking and growling in all but instead rubbed his head against the top of mine. I smiled and blushed still thinking how lucky I was that they couldn’t see my blush but I still get smirks from both of them and a hysterically squeaking Wormtail.

“You’re just jealous because I found a way to calm him down” I said sticking my tongue out at them, “I wouldn’t say seducing him is a way of ‘calming down’” Padfoot snickered, I glared at him as Moony nuzzled his face into my neck. “I think we better be getting back to the castle so nobody finds anything suspicious” Prongs said, we nodded, but looked back at Moony concerned. “I think I’ll stay with Moony, he seems to be better this way but when he is transforming back he’ll be in a lot of pain” I said simply looking back at them, they grinned and nodded then with a final goodbye they left.

I looked back at Moony who seemed just like a normal wolf now, I grinned at him and nuzzled my head into his neck and resting it there for a little while, I felt him lay down as I laid down next to him, as I placed my head gently on his front paws as he placed his head on top of mine.

I was back to my human self, stroking the unconscious Remus’ hair. I smiled down at him in my own little world not really realizing that it was already morning, but what does it matter it’s Saturday. He started to come around, moaning in pain as he opened his eyes. I still stroked his hair when he looked at me, squinting from the bright sun coming in through the windows. “Amanda…?” he asked unsure, “yes?” I said calmly, he propped himself up on one elbow and looked at me. “Why are you still here?” “Because I wanted to make sure you transformed back all right,” I grinned at him, causing him to grin as well.

I stroked his hair again, “you’re okay now?” I asked softly making sure he was good to go. He nodded and grabbed my hand that was stroking his hand and lacing it in his, “but before we go… last night what happened? I felt… almost calmer then I usually am” I grinned again and blushed looking down at our interlocked hands. “Let’s just say I found a way to calm you down even when you’re at your worst” I spoke softly looking back up at him, he gave me a confused look “how?” I sighed and turned into a fox and showed him then turned back.

“Really? That’s how?” he said a small blush tinting his face. I nodded, he grinned “and you weren’t afraid that I was going to hurt you?” I thought for a moment “not really, I had Prongs and Padfoot as my back-up if things went bad” he frowned and looked away “I would never be able to forgive myself if I hurt you” “funny that’s exactly what Prongs said” he gave a slight smile and looked back at me. “But… to be on the safe side… could you not do that again?” he asked concern in his voice and eyes, I shook my head no. “Sorry Moony but I hate seeing you in pain, so if it reduces pain then I’m gonna keep doing it” I smiled, “but!” “No buts!” he sighed, “I’m not gonna win am I?” I shook my head grinning. He chuckled and started to play with my fingers.

“Ready to go?” I asked after a couple of minutes, “Yes but…” he trailed off, “but what?” I asked concerned, “I need to tell you something before we go” “okay go ahead then” I smile. He smiles back and looks down at our hands then looks up into my eyes again “I don’t know when or how but I’ve… fallen deeply in love with you Amanda. And I’d want more then anything to be with you through and through but… we can’t with me being a werewolf I don’t want to put you in any more danger then you already are” I smiled at sweetly, “Remus… I’ve fallen in love with you too and I don’t care that you’re a werewolf… besides remember I’m also an Animagus so you’ll never really hurt me, besides I know how to calm you down anyway” he was about to object but I quickly kissed him he kissed back after some time of battling himself over it.

I pulled away, “no matter you say Remus I’m still going to love you, and I don’t care or mind for the matter that you’re a werewolf. Remember that” I grinned it seemed almost like a smirk, he started grinning. “Fine, as long as you’re absolutely sure that you now what you’re getting into” “I do” he started beaming as we kissed again a little roughly this time.

Wolf_vs_Fox_by_kidbrainer.jpgI thought this was cute.

fox.jpgThat's what I look like.

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