[18] You Can't Deny True Love -

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Created by James4ever on Saturday, December 17, 2005

James and Lily had a few classes together, including Transfiguration.
"Class, pay attention!" Professor McGonagall sharply said. "I would like you to read three chapters and outline them all. For homework, write an essay on what you read and outlined in class. It should be...."
Lily tuned out. She took out a blank piece of parchment and began writing.
This is so boring. Help!
Marlene had the other parchment that was bewitched, just like Lily's. She wrote:
I'm sorry, but this a lot of work to do. AND an essay! What is she thinking?
Not sure, but I can't handle being in the same room with him.
I'm sorry.
Me too. He keeps looking at me. I can't take it!
Calm down.

Marlene looked up and saw Lily. She was sniffing an awful lot and that meant she was crying. She suddenly looked up at James, who was looking at Lily. "Stop it!" she said, loudly. After he had not stopped, she gathered up her things and packed them into her bag. She ran out of the silent classroom, tears falling down her cheeks.
Lily, McGonagall is going be furious you ran out of her class without warning. She is looking for you, but you're not there.
Marlene, I don't care! I miss James, and I need him. He's my complete other half. I can't function without him. It's really bringing me down, right now. In that classroom, with James in it, was too much. I can't handle him staring at me when we're apart.
I'm sorry, Lily. James is now looking at your empty seat. It's pitiful, really.
I bet I'm pitiful, right?
NO! I understand what you're feeling.
James misses me I get that. But why does he have to make it harder for me?? It makes me even more uncomfortable with him staring, gazing, whatever he's doing. It just makes me miss him more.
This is like between Remus and me when I was still going out with Mark. Well, only I would stare at Remus and he wouldn't let me notice him staring at me. But I knew he liked me. Sorry, back to you. That was kinda off topic, there.
I just miss him so much. I got out of control in the Common Room, the night I broke it off.
She's coming, talk later. BYE!

Lily picked up her damp parchment and shoved it under her bed. It had several tear droplets on it. A new messaged appeared before lily fully shoved it under, so it caught her eye.
Lily, Prongs is really missing you. You should get back together. He would go himself, but he's kinda busy with something at the moment.
Remus, what exactly is he busy with?
Uhh...well, I guess I should tell you. He's yelling at someone who insulted you. It's in front of McGonagall, too. He really does miss you.
That's sweet, Remus! What's her name?
It's...let me think. Marla Greenmin.
OH! God, I really do hate her. Now more than ever. I bet she tried to make a move on him, right?
Yes, she did, in fact. In front of McGonagall, as well.
Damn her! She needs to understand James is mine! Even though we're not together together, but we are really together! No matter what!
Yes! That's it Lily. And now they, both James and Marla, are getting in trouble. Looks like a detention for James and 75 points from Ravenclaw for Marla.
YES!!!! Poor James, another detention to add to his long, never ending list.
Yeah. And now James and Marla are taking their seats. Marla is sitting her own seat. Good.
Thanks, Remus. This means a lot.
No problem. Class is almost over, gotta go. See ya later.

Lily placed the parchment on her bed while she lie down, thinking about Christmas break. It was going to be really awkward....
"Marla, get off me. We're in Transfiguration!" James said, pushing Marla Greenmin off his torso.
"James, everyone knows you and Evans broke up. She's ugly and useless. Mudblood. Disgrace-" Marla said, while on the floor, where she fell after James pushed her off him.
"Marla! Silencio! Do NOT talk about Lily Evans like that!" James said, getting up and getting back to work.
Marla just said there, moving her lips frantically, as if she didn't know what went wrong. She couldn't hear herself talk.
Professor McGonagall walked over to where James was. "Mr. Potter! What have you done!?"
"Professor, she was insulting Lily! I couldn't let her disrespect Lily like that."
Professor McGonagall flicked her wand and Marla was screaming profanities all over the room.
"Miss Greenmin! Seventy-five points from Ravenclaw. Too bad. You were doing quite well. Hmm..." Marla was still screaming. "DETENTION! GET OUT!" Marla lazily, sluggishly walked towards the door, as if drunk. "As for you, Mr. Potter. A detention on Saturday night."
"But, Professor, that's just before Christmas break!"
"Your point?"
"Nothing, Professor."
"That's what I thought."
"Professor, might I add something about Lily Evans?"
"Couldn't hurt."
"She ran out 'cause of me. See, we're not together and I was staring at her beautiful form. I couldn't help it, Professor. Please, don't punish her let me take the blame. It's not her fault, Professor."
"I'm sorry, Mr. Potter. I hope everything goes well. And I wasn't going to punish her, anyways."
"Thank you, Professor."
"Now, get back to work." Professor McGonagall winked at him before walking away.
"Lily, please eat something." Marlene said, sitting next to Lily.
"I'm not hungry."
"It'll help. Please."
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm just telling you to eat because I care, Lily."
"I know, but I feel awful."
"I know, baby. But I know you two will work it out. I know it. You two are made for each other. Trust me," said Marlene, comforting Lily.
"I hope so...."
"Siri," Lynn started to laugh, "you're a mess!"
"Yeah, I know. Thanks for clarifying that, Lynn. I really appreciate it." Sirius said, laughing a little.
"Let me fix it." Lynn walked closer to Sirius. She reached up, quite a bit because he was taller than her, to his head. He had everything you can imagine on his head. "Sirius, what happened to your beautiful hair?"
"Uhh...I kinda did something." Sirius starts to laugh again. "Its funny." Sirius went on to tell Lynn how he had gotten his hair dirty.
This isn't fun! I hate it.
I'm sorry!
Lily, it will get better. Maybe you'll get back together before Christmas Break!
I hate it when he looks at me. I'm trying to do my work! That essay and outlining!
He did apologize, or kinda did, in Transfiguration today. After you left, of course.
See, Lily? He does care about you! And he loves you, I would think.
He does, Lily.
But is he coming forward? NO!
I think he's afraid your situation could get much worse.
At least Marla is gone.
Yeah, she got a detention, too. And she got kicked out of her classroom! That was classic.
I didn't really like her anyways. She was...too...I dunno. Demanding I guess.
Alrighty then.
She's one of the reasons I left, too.
That's good.
Got to go!
Bye baby!

Lily lay on the couch and closed her eyes. "James, if only I could get you to understand. Understand, baby. I don't want to lose you. Never. I never wanted to break up. I love you James. James Potter." She whispered to herself. "If only I could get you to understand. I love you James Potter."
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