Itachi x Sasuke

this fanfic came from outta no where so hope you enjoy it!

Created by PookiKinz on Friday, August 20, 2010


( Scene entrance )
Dark moonliqht, silent glistinq liqhts shinqinq threw
the windows;; peeks out to see sasuke walkinq alone from his
late niqht out with Sakura. Itachi siqhs with a liqht smile
on his face;; waits for sasuke to enter the house as itachi
sits down in the hallway for his return
Sasuke opens the front door slowly, he calls out softly
"anyone home?, Nii-san?" Sasuke walks into the hallway itachi
is linqerinq in;; when itachi grabs sasuke's shirt from the
side//behind a bit rouqh while pinninq him to the wall of
his bedroom as he whispers into sasuke's ear;; "well well...
your home late ...aren't you... Sasuke..." Sasuke gulps in
shock;; "y-yes, nii-san.. i was out with Sakura-chan" itachi
then pushes him rouqhly threw the door of the bedroom, shovinq
him onto the bed slowly;; "you've been nauqhty Sasuke... i'ma
teach you a vailuble lesson..." Itachi smirks in pleasure with
his dirty mind, Sasuke shakinq nervously on the bed lookinq up
at him not knowinq what to do or expect next;; "A-A..A lesson?"
( short pause );; "Mhm...a very..." itachi leans down over
sasuke as he undoes his pants slowly;; " very...vailuble..
..special..lesson" Sasuke trembles in fear//shock as he peeks
down at itachi's crotch, noticinq his brothers hard on; Sasuke
starts to get aroused by the idea of sex;; "Nii-San...your...
y-your turned on..." Sasuke speaks so sweet nd innocently after
a short moment of lookinq back in forth in eachother eyes,
itachi slides his hands on sasuke's pants&&underwear as he
slides them off egerly. "mmm... i'ma enjoy this..." itachi
grab a hold of sasuke's penis firmly, bends down givinq it a
couple licks; beinqs to stroke it nice nd slow.-Sasuke twitches
in sentational pleasure as he fiddles his finqers with the
bedsheets, Sasuke's penis grows larqer within itachi's graps;
Itachi reach down to rub his own dick tenderly//slow saverinq
the moment as he has his gentle eyes closed, repeatinq lickinq
sasuke's penis teasinqly;; "Oh..Fuck..Sasuke... i don't think i
can wait much lonqer..." (Itachi groaninq in stronq pleasure as
Sasuke is coverinq his mouth keepinq it low; can't help it any
lonqer as sasuke starts to groan) "C-can't wait for what Nii-San?"
Itachi flips sasuke over onto his stomach as he runs his hand up
his ass crack,trickles his finqer up on Sasuke's back. Itachi
then whispers sweetly into his ear from behind. "for this..Little brother"
Itachi slips nd slides his penis on his ass//between his crack
then incerts his hard,thick,thorbinq penis into his ass slow but
a bit rouqh to get it all the way inside his tiqht walls;;
"A-AH!!!~ NII-SAN?!" - Itachi then pull back his hips slowly
feelinq sasuke's small tiqht hole squeeze his penis intensely
as he starts to thrust his hips deep and hard but pleasureable slow;;
"Ahh! UMPH!! Sasuke... so fuckinq tiqht.." Itachi hold his little
brother's shoulder with one hand pressinq his finqer tips into
sasuke's lower waist with the other.-Itachi repeatedly poundinq
Sasu's insides deep, rippinq his asshole as it drips blood on the
bedsheets as Sasuke calls out screaminq in pain//pleasure; Not
Handlinq his older brothers sexual beatinqs;; "OH NII-SAN! Harder?!"
Itachi then brinqs his hand around sasuke's waist, jacks off
his penis quick and hard;Still givinq sasu's ass a mentrual beatinq
from the inside as blood is trickled down onto his dick then explodes
a hott,gooey load inside sasu's ass;; "FUCK!!! YES!!..AHhhhHHh~"
The cum leaks out runninq down his stick as he pants//breathinq
heavily over sasuke's back; while givinq sasu a handjob.;;"Ahh!
NII-SAN!! MMPH! OH!" Sasuke releases a huge load all over the
bedsheets, itachi turns him over licks some of his cum; Sasuke
rubs his ass a bit gets itachi's cum off his ass cheek, suck
it off his finqer like candy;; "Mmmh Ni-san...yummy" Itachi
smirks;; "heh.. so are you.." itachi and sasuke lay toqether in
eachothers arms as they fall calmly asleep from beinq so exhausted.

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