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Ahh man. Imma cry! My baby is growing up! Thank you all so much for the love and support! 25 rates please! Banners? Oh and could you all do me a huge favor? Can you read my little sister's story, "The Alpha Male is In Love With Me, The Omega?!" please and thank you!

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Garrett's POV.

I raced to the hospital, ignoring all the honks and shouts. Nothin is getting my way of the three reasons for my living. I even ran a few red lights. But that doesn't matter anymore. I'm here, at the hospital, and just parked. I quickly scrambled to get out and get to my feet. I slammed the car door shut and sprinted towards the main doors, not bothering to lock the car. Everything I need is in the hospital before me. Once I sprinted through the sliding glass doors, I ran up to the front desk, startling the receptionist.

"Where is, Harper Camilla at?!" I shouted, feeling my heart pounding the inside of my chest from panic mode.

"Please don't shout. I'm sorry but you can't-" The receptionist began but was cut off by a loud, "GARRETT!" from down the bright white hallway. I turned to see Sophia holding the hand of the doctor as they strolled down the hallway.

"SOPHIA!" I shouted and ran towards her, leaving a scowling receptionist behind. Sophia let the doctor's hand go and ran towards me. Once she was in my arms, I picked her up and twirled her around. "Thank God you're okay! I was so worried!" I told Sophia as I gave her mutiple kisses on the cheek.

"Excuse me? Are you her father?" The doctor asked me. I looked at him while balancing Sophia on my right arm as I stuck out my left.

"No sir. I'm her older brother, Garrett Delores. Is, Harper Camilla, okay?" I asked the doctor as he shook my hand.

"Well, I'm Dr. Reed Patron. As of right now, it's too early to tell if she and your baby are okay. She's was awake until we got her into our emergency room." The doctor explained as Inodded. "You might have to wait a few hours. Please sit in the waiting room and I will let you know when you can see her." The doctor said. I nodded once again before the doctor turned and walked back down the hallway.

"Sophia?" I whispered but got no answer. I guess she's asleep. I can call her Aunt to see if she'll take her home. I don't want Sophia sleeping in the hospital. I walked back to the waiting room and sat down in the uncomfortable green chair with Sophia in my lap. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Harper's Aunt.

"Garrett! I am trying to get my beauty sleep! What is the problem?!" She shouted through the phone.

"But Auntie, you already are beautiful." I said into the phone. I know, I know! I'm totally kissing her ass right now.

"This should be good. What is it?" She asked. I took in a deep breath and started explaining what happened, getting the occasional gasp.

"...So can you come get Sophia? I don't want her waking up in a hospital." I explained.

"Of course, dear. I'll be right there." She said before hanging up. I decided to call Alex and Scott over too. They're Harper's best friend's and I think they should be here. I dialed Scott's number and waited until he picked up.

"What's up, man?" I heard Scott's voice. I sighed and shifted Sophia a little bit.

"Uhm. Harper just got into a car accident and is in the hospital. Want to keep me company?" I asked him.

"Course. I'll be right there. Which hospital?" He asked.

"The only one we have here, dipshit!" I shouted. Scott snickered before hanging up. I laughed half-heartedly before dialing Alex's number and explaining everything to him.

"I'll be right there." Alex said and hung up. Moment's later all three of them (Auntie, Alex, and Scott) came through the doors.

"Thank you so much for taking Sophia home. I'll call you if they tell me anything." I said as I handed Sophia over.

"No problem, sweetie. See you tomorrow." She said as she placed a kiss on my forehead. I waved to her as she walked out of the hospital room doors. Now, it's the waiting game.

I'm so sorry for making this chapter uneventful. I promise there will be big things in the next one....only if I get 25 rates! I hope you read the memo! Thank you so much for the nice messages and all the rates. I love you all!

Love and Rockets,

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