Sticks and stones, love. (A Captain Jack Sparrow Love Story) 1

Just a note: This is my quiz. You have suggestions? That is awesome..I love getting suggestions, especially since this is my first quiz, but don't expect me to use them. You have complaints? Let me know what they are and I might care. You got something smart ass to say...shove it. But on to the story, I'm not giving you a desc. of you because we'll get to it as we go along. I honestly hope you like this and here it goes.

Created by aboutagirl08 on Friday, March 17, 2006

You walk out of a bathroom, out onto the street. You're wearing a corset and floral printed ankle length cotton dress. You love dressing like a lady. People treat ladies a lot nicer than they do pirates. Yes, you are a pirate with a knack for acting. You can manipulate and easily fool anyone. One time you even dressed as a man and had a governor's daughter fall head over heels in love with you. Needless to say it didn't work out. You walk up to two guards on the dock and flutter your eyelashes, "Is that the Black Pearl?" you say looking up to a dark ship with black sails. "Yes mam, it is, but you shouldn't worry your pretty little head over it. We've captured it's captain and crew," one of the guards said. "Oh how interesting!" you say, imitating a good little young lady. The guards smile as you bat your eyes a bit. "Do you think I could take a looksy?" you say motioning to the ship. The guards' smiles fade at your question, "Miss, we don't want to get in trouble." "Oh please, what am I going to do? Steal it?" you say sweetly. The guards laugh and nod to each other, "Guess it wouldn't hurt." You giggle and give them both a kiss on the cheek. You run up the planks to the ship, looking around at it's magnificence. She looked down at the guards, "Idiots," you murmur. You look around one more time at the ship, completely ready to go. The ship must have been trying to leave port when the damned gaurds caught them. In one quick sly movement you throw the planks off the ship and pull a dagger from under your skirt, briskly cutting the ropes that hold the ship to the dock. You run to the sails and open they fly, catching a mighty northern wind. You then jump up to the wheel and steer out from the dock, waving to the speechless guards staring up at you in disbelief. You brush a peice of your mousy brown hair out of your face. Realizing it's falling out of the bun you put it in earlier, you pull one bobby pin and your waist length hair falls around your shoulder. You shake it around and run your fingers through the roots to make it look restless and rough. You walk to the side of the ship, "What a beauty," you say quietly to yourself.
And that's it? What the bloody hell was that? (me: it's an introductory...kinda. well how else were you going to meet jack?)
Aww, pretty good for your first quiz. (me: thank you!)
That was great! But where's Jack? (me: You've just stolen his ship..I think you'll defiantly see him later.)
So, you've just stolen Captain Jack Sparrow's ship. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You did a job well done. But will the crew escape from the guards? Or will you be left with a beautiful ship all to your lonesome? I'm sorry this is pretty short, but hey I gotta keep you wanting more, right?
Rate and message, or else.

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