Love is One Thing but This!|Kiba Inuzuka Lemon|For UchihaorNara

This is for UchihaorNara. Your welcome! me:*twitches* Find a happy place Bianca. Find a Happy place. Sorry but i'm not a Lemon writer. Just a reader.

Created by Atasuki9874 on Sunday, August 22, 2010

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You were walking into the forest to go for a swim with Toboe. You walk to the lake and take off your clothes [besides your swimsuit. It was a two piece]. You went in the lake swimming with Toboe and practicing water attacks. Without knowing Kiba was training not that far and heard something. He and Akamaru went to where you were. He blushes to see you in your bikini and playing with Toboe. For once he saw you smile and have fun without hurting someone. You stop practicing and playing around and went swimming for a bit while Toboe came out of the water to rest. He went a little more to get a closer look when Toboe comes behind him and gets tackle by him and passes out. Toboe makes you get out and help him. You look and see if he was injured but wasn’t. You stay there and say his named until he wakes up. Kiba wakes up and looks at you in your wet body.

[You] “Are you Ok?”

[Kiba] “Yeah. I’m fine”

He gets up and looks at you.

[Kiba] “What Happened?”

[You] “Toboe accidentally tackled you”

He scratches his head and starts to blush at your body.

[You] “Is something wrong?”

He looks at you and leans in to give you a kiss. You blush and lean in to kiss him. You both kiss like that for a while. You stop and look at him. He picks you up and takes you to his place. When you guys got there he takes you to his room. He gently lay you down on his bed and starts to kiss your neck. He takes off your bikini. He got off you and took off his clothes. He looks at you. You smile and he whispers in your ears.

[Kiba] “I’ll be gentle Okay. It might hurt a bit”

[You] *nod*

He smiles and enters you. You close your eyes and try not to think how painful this feels but you can’t. The pain never disappeared. Kiba gently stroke your cheek as he sees your face in pain. You bit your lips and soon the pain stop. All you do is moan and smile. He looks at you and sees the pain going away. You felt please and he gets off you and lay right next to you. You look at him and kiss him passionately. He puts his arm around you and kisses your forehead. You put your arm around his waist and eventually fell asleep.

Finish. You guys are so lucky I wrote this. [me: *shivers and tries to find a happy place*] I mean. I love to read lemons. Just not write one. [me: *twitches*]

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