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Created by justinberfield on Thursday, August 26, 2010

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So this is my attempt at making anew fan fiction based on Paul (The Ill Tempered wolf) from Twilight, and unlike everyone other Jacob/Paul/Sam/Werewolf story on here I will no tbe making Paul stay the same age forever I will be basing it off the book, where the shapeshifters CAN change age they jsut have to choose to grow or not allbased on how much they shift, but I have plans, for when he does or doesn't grow, so we shall see and I will have the Characters Listed for you here, more may be added later but these are the Main one for now! So basically Renesmee will be in high school WITH Payton, they will be similar in age, a few months different, Payton is smart and has this weird feeling about Life on her own.
And By The Way The Characters Will look different tehn teh movie, well At least Bella Will I picture her different when I read the story so you can Picture her the same as the movie But I chose a different Bella :) and we are giving Paul a last name he doesn't reallt have one ;)
Payton Greenwald
She Just moved to fork with her Father after her mother cheated and left ehr father and took her 5 year-old sister with her, turns out hse was her half sister.
Age: 17 (Fora fewyears now :P)
Paul Is one of the wolf boys, he is more hot headed I suppose, then the rest of the wolves but, he has a sweet side we are going to bring out.
Jacob Black
Jacob Has been 17 waiting Till Renesmee got old enough they will age together till sh estops aging, Yes I know Bella Is already a vampire, they are still in forks, :)
The Regualr Wolf Pack will be there, as usual
And The Cullens

Renesmee Cullens
Daughter of Edward and Bella, and Jacobs Girlfriend :)
ANd Edward we all know what he looks like
and my version of Bella

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