? “ Broken To Fix :: Byakuya Kuchiki {4/4}

Byakuya Kuchiki x Reader ((And, now you know why I didn’t go all stereotypical on yo ass and leave winter for Shiro-chan~ I just realised that this was supposed to be third if I was to go in order of the seasons… I hope I don’t lose points for this. ^^;; I just /had/ to have little Byakuya there, there wasn't a good adult picture of him. XD))

Created by Meloxique on Friday, August 27, 2010

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A Byakuya Kuchiki Ficlet
For Suzuranko’s “Three Lines, Four Seasons” Contest
Bleach by Tite Kubo



Winter was gloomy, winter was frightening, winter was dead. You were gloomy, you were frightening, you were dead. Oh, yes, your colleagues practically mistook you for a zombie and ran for the hills, screaming hysterically.

What had you so dull and monotonous, you ask? Pfft, of course, it wasn’t the fact that your boyfriend of three years dumped you this very morning, over Facebook on his way to another date with your best friend (not anymore, that’s for sure). Hm, yes, very classy indeed.

You almost didn’t want to turn up to work today, not in the state you were in at the moment, but you knew your boss was an uptight anti-social grump with a stick up his ass, so you had no choice but to drag yourself to the workplace on all fours.

Winter always brought along a bucketful (or truckload, whichever you preferred) of misfortune, but it was still a disappointing surprise to find that your heater had broken, the window was stuck upon and there were no more coffee beans in the machine for you to roast.

It was late into the night and you were pretty sure all your colleagues had left already, so no one was able to restock the kitchen (and God knows you weren’t the woman to do it). You would be staying for quite a while, since the slacker (but you thought of it as more of “easygoing”) that you were had not been ale to finish today’s paperwork during your normal hours, instead using up that time to wallow in your own depression of now being single.

As you pondered about how you were even going to manage getting a quarter of the work done, the soft sound of a faint buzz was heard to your far left, and you spastically bolted out of your chair, just about ready to kick this ghost’s ass when you noticed it was just your scary upperclassman.

“…Your heater was broken.”

Ah, thank you, Captain Obvious, you hadn’t ever realised that because you were too blinded by the fact that you were constantly shivering, the sound of chattering teeth replacing the tepid hum of a working heater trying to warm up your office.

“I realised.”

The blankness of your tone was just about empty enough to rival even the Kuchiki heir’s void of emotion, which was something to gasp at seeing as the black-haired man might as well have been a ghost just absently floating by when in need of security.

“I figured you’d be cold.”

Boy, this man just didn’t speak normally, no more than a few words every uttered sentence. Your eyes visibly widened at the miniscule twitch of a half-smile morphing his lips into something you hadn’t seen him wear before. It looked good on him. Actually, no, you were getting pretty warm at the moment.

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