Onyx Eyes (Sasuke Uchiha Story)-47: Injury

Created by AkatsukiNightmare13 on Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Okay, ‘blah’ is thought. This chapter needs it.
I sat down at the spot Shikamaru told me to, I had put a jutsu over Sasuke so he wouldn’t wake up soon. I sat next to him, I touched my throat. My voice was hoarse from that kick, it hurt like a bitch. Excuse my language, but it’s true.
I looked at Sasuke, I hadn’t gotten a good look at him until now. Before, I was trying not to really focus my attention on him. His shirt was open, his body was better than when he was younger. Of course, though. He had matured. He was also taller, he looked different without his headband. I chuckled softly, realizing that I was getting caught up in his appearance. That was the old Fubuki coming out.
I looked away, I heard a rustling in the trees above and focused my attention to it. My kooriamgan was still on, I sighed.
“Yes, it’s me.” I said, my voice crackling. I winced. Sasuke did something horrible to my throat.
Shikamaru came down, along with Bikou.
“Wow, you did it.” shikamaru said, surprised. Then, he smirked. “I knew you could.” he said. I stared up at him, he frowned. “What? Why won’t you respond?” he asked after a moment.
I bit my lip and let out a groan, it came out crackly. I flinched, my hand going up to gently touch my throat.
“Sasuke probably kicked her in the throat.” Bikou said to Shikamaru, who nodded.
“The others should be coming soon.” Shikamaru said. He was right. One by one, people came.
Naruto had pure joy in his eyes, I couldn’t help but smile.
‘Fubuki, you know we could communicate by mind, right?’ I heard in my head, my eyes caught Bikou’s.
‘Woah, awesome. You could help me communicate.’ I said, smiling.
“Why are you randomly smiling?” Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow.
“She can’t talk right now, so we’re using telepathy. Since she owns me, technically.” Bikou said. I nodded.
‘Bikou, turn into Shadow. But if you can, make yourself like two times bigger to carry Sasuke.’ I thought.
Bikou stifled a groan, and nodded. He sighed.
“Dog transform jutsu.” he muttered, his hands creating hand signs. He turned into shadow.
“Expansion jutsu.” he muttered in his dog form, becoming two times bigger.
“Okay, put Sasuke on me.” Shadow commanded to Sakura. “You’re strong.”
She nodded, bending down to pick up Sasuke. I noticed how gentle she was being, carrying him. Mikey noticed it, too. His eyes were filled with annoyance.
Sasuke was placed on Shadow. I walked over and took out a rope. I wrapped it around Sasuke, and Shadow’s figure.
Shadow let out a whine, flickering his ears back.
“Don’t wrap it too tight, you’re going to kill me and pretty boy over here.” he muttered, I nodded and loosened it slightly. “There we go.” he sighed.
“Let’s go back.” Hinata said, Naruto looked over and smiled at her.
“Hey, Hinata?” he asked.
Her cheeks burned, but she regained her posture. “Y-yes?” she asked, curiously.
“Would you like to go out when we get back?” he asked.
Her eyes widened. She almost fell back, but I ran over and caught her.
She looked at me and gave me a thankful look. I nodded, she looked over to Naruto.
“Of course.” she said, then smiled sweetly at him.
We ran throughout the forest, the day turned to night, the sky was orange as the sun was setting beautifully. Shadow groaned.
“Fubuki, how long is that jutsu you put over him going to last?” he asked.
‘In three hours.’ I replied. Shadow stifled a groan.
“Shikamaru, how long will it take if we don’t stop?” he asked.
“It will take longer than three hours.” Shikamaru replied.
“We should rest, and just try to keep Sasuke down.” Sakura replied, firmly.
‘It would be better, Shadow. We’ll take care of him if he tries getting away.’ I thought. Shadow sighed, then jumped down. We had a pretty good space for the night.
Shadow went back to Bikou. He let out a breath, his breath showed in the air. It was winter, the snow had already came. It was cold, I shivered. I sat down, my butt soaking in the snow.
‘Fuck.’ I thought, groaning mentally.
Bikou looked over at me and started laughing, he looked at all of us.
“We need to all eat.” he said.
‘Wait, tell Shikamaru that if Sasuke wakes up, for him to trap him in his Shadow Possession so I can put him in a pain genjutsu to knock him out.’ I thought quickly. Bikou nodded, then looked over to Shikamaru and told him the plan. Shikamaru looked at me and nodded wordlessly.
Shadow handed us all little hot burritos (yes, burritos. Japanese style) that he heated up with a lighter I didn’t know he had. He had lit some wood he found. I was surprised the fire even kept lit while he cooked it, it flared even after he cooked them.
I took a bite and tried swallowing the burrito, I gagged it out and held my throat.
Sakura sighed, then walked over.
“I was going to wait until we got to a hospital, where I got the right equipment, but I’ll just give you a checkup. If it’s something I need the equipment with, we’re waiting.” she replied. “Tell me if this hurts.” she said, touching my throat. My eyes widened.
“FUCK!” I couldn’t help but scream.
“Yup, that’s really not good.” she muttered. She started looking around my throat, I waited patiently. “We’ll have to wait.” she said. My eyes narrowed in anger.
“Here.” Bikou said, walking over to me. He had a cup of soup in his hands. “This shouldn’t hurt.” he replied, sympathetically. I smiled at him, then started eating the soup. It felt nice on my throat. When I was done, I heard shuffling.
I turned to see Sasuke’s eyes open, as he started getting up.
“Shikamaru!” I uttered out, my voice not so clear. His attention was thankfully caught, his eyes caught on Sasuke’s moving form.

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