I Can't Do It Alone;; Justin Bieber Love Story [Chapter 3] RATED R

October passed out and Justin took her to the hotel. They Accidently kissed and it turned into a make-out session

Created by NoelleWritesBieberLove on Monday, August 30, 2010

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[I don't know what came over me. But once he started kissing me, I soon began
Kissing back. That small kiss turned into a full on make-out session. Justin fell back
Onto the couch, as I wiggled my way out of my mini-skirt and laid on top of him. I
Felt his hands began to squeeze my thighs. My hands were running through his hair.
I felt him move his hands from my thighs to the top button of my shirt. He unbuttoned
My shirt, quickly and threw it somewhere in the room. Then he got up, with me still in
His arms and pinned me against the wall closest to the velvet red bed. I unzipped the
hoodie he was wearing and threw that on the bed. He took of his t-shirt and threw that
somewhere in the room and then pressed his body against mine. I let out a soft moan as
he began sucking on my neck.
Why does this have to be so wrong? I know, this is bad but it just feels so good. Justin is
Making me feel wanted..desired. Something Riley, never made me feel. I was ripped away
From my thoughts as Justin threw me on the bed and got on top of me.]
Justin: (sucking and nibbling on her neck)
October: (hands are running through his hair)
Justin: (sits on his knees and pulls October on his lap)
October: (sitting on his lap, with one leg on either side of him. Starts kissing him again,
Holding his face)
Justin: (kissing back with a lot of passion. Starts getting hard)
October: (feels him getting hard, giggles through the kiss. Falls back on the bed)
Justin: (falls with her and on top of her)
October: (starts playing with his belt, then unbuckles it)
Justin: (helps her take off his belt and then his jeans. Starts kissing her again)
October: (feels him start to rub her inner thighs. Moaning softly and quietly)
Justin: (goes down to her underwear, looks up at her for permission)
October: (nods and lays her head back)
Justin: (takes her now soaken wet underwear off with his teeth. Then starts
Eating her out)
October: (her hands are running through his hair and moaning louder than
Before) Justin, stop fucking teasing me. Just fuck me already!
Justin: (licks his lips) Fine with me. (slips his hair) Ready?
October: Ready when y-
Justin: (slides in her slowly)
October: (gasps)
Justin: (thrusting slowly and easy)
October: (moaning) Faster Justin...
Justin: (starts going a little bit more faster and harder)
October: (moaning louder now) Faster.
Justin: (goes faster and harder)
October: AHHHHH! UHHHHHH! YEAHHH! (grips his shoulders)
Justin: (goes faster and harder then before)
October: Oh god yes! Uhhhh! Faster! (digs her nails into her back)
Justin: (going really fast and really hard, holding her by her hips)
October: AHHHHH! UHHHHHH! YEAH! (arches her back,tilts her head back)
Justin: (thrusting in her so hard the headboard is banging against the wall)
What's (pant) my (pant) name? (pant, flips his hair)
UHHHHHHHHHH! (flips them over, starts riding him)
Justin: (grabs her hips and starts moving her faster, biting his lip to stop him
From screaming, keeps whispering 'Damn')
October: (riding him hard) OH GOD JUSTIN! AHHH! YESS!
Justin: (sits up and starts sucking on her 'TWINS', cums inside her)
October: (pushes Justin back down. Starts bouncing up and down)
Justin: (can't contain his excitement) Fuck! Don't fucking stop October! AHHH!
(They Go For About Four More Hours)

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