Before you meet a prince you have a kiss a lot of toads (S.E.X. by Nickelback)

Helena Copeland and Randy Orton

Created by loptfenrir on Monday, August 30, 2010

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I'm loving what you wanna wear, / I wonder what's up under there? / Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue? / I'll love to try to set you free, / I love you all over me. / I'd love to hear the sound you make the second you're done.

Your name is Helena Sherry Copeland but most people simply calls you Baby. You picked S.E.X. by Nickelback.

You simply followed Eve, put on the blindfold and entered the closet. It was truly no big deal for you. You always liked to play, especially with Adam’s friends. You were not picky, any guy would fit. It was only a game anyway. So you waited. You were still standing in the middle of this small place when the guy came in, you’ve heard the door open and close. He kissed you. You recognised him almost instantly. How could you not recognised the way his hands were teasing you into more than just a kiss? You pushed him, taking a breath and removing the blindfold. You tried to keep a certain distance between each other. Not because you didn’t like him, it was more the other way around and he has already undone your blouse exposing your bra. Not that you were shy about it, you were more likely to use it at your own advantage.

Helena: Always wanting more Randy.

You said toying with the edge of your cleavage now exposed.

Randy: You can’t imagine. Now come here.

Helena: You’re giving orders now. If you keep it that way, I may start thinking it’s sexual harassment.

Randy: That didn’t seem to bother you last time we were alone.

He tried to get closer. You backed away and felt the wall behind you. A smirk spread accross his face. He took another step closer. You put a hand to his chest trying to gain control of the situation.

Helena: Take your shirt off first.

Randy: Anything for you.

He took it off slowly, watching you all the time. You couldn’t resist bitting your lower lip. He was such a treat for the eyes. You had only one idea right now. You went near him. He stopped moving, looking at you with his crooked smile.

Helena: Sorry, but you’re too slow.

And you simply rip the rest of his shirt open, pressing your hands on his soft skin. He caught them nearly at the same time, removing them.

Randy: So cold...

You made up a sad face before looking at him. He leant forward, ready to kiss you again. You avoid it to reach his ear and whispered.

Helena: You know if you don’t like it, I can go away.

You felt him shiver from the simple touch of your warm breath on his neck.

Randy: Truly, Baby, do whatever you want.

Helena: Is that true Randy? You want me to leave? Then, goodbye Mr Orton.

You gestured to leave the closet. He didn’t move. You turned the doorknob, still no movement from him. You were about to open the door when he stopped you, making you turned around and gave you a rough kiss like he always do. The only kiss that makes you always want more. You were still feeling his desire on your tongue when he got out and motionned you to follow him.

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