No Place to Fall Behind. *The Outsiders*

Created by Footloosechild13 on Monday, September 06, 2010

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"Why does Cherry Valance have to hots for Pony?!" I asked Lynn, Sara Joe, and Mayme while the guys all told the cops what happened.

"Well...who knows...don't get too nervous..." Lynn said, trying to calm me down.

I've hated Cherry Valance since Pony started haveing a small crush on her....I didn't care, cause she didn't want to date him...neverless go out with him...but now she likes him!!

Then Pony, Johnny, and Soda all jogged over.

"Hey...Darry told all of us to go back to the house." Soda said. I saw Lynn smile, and her cheeks turn alittle pink.

I elbowed her, and she giggled.

We all got up, and walked back to The Curtis house.

But the walk seemed forever! Pony wouldn't shut up about how Cherry Valance likes him!

" think I should ask her out?" he asked. I almost screamed. I felt Mayme lay a hand on my shoulder gently.

I looked at her, and she just smiled sweetly. I took a deep breath, and just blocked him out.

As we passed the lot, Johnny and Lynn seperated from the group. I almost went with them.

Finally, Pony shut up about her. I just hope he doesn't ask about askin her out to me...or I might just punch him...


Emma's been acting weird...she seemed pretty pissed off when Bob said Cherry liked me...I thought she'd be happy about it...I mean, she was always telling me 'the day will come...' everytime I wanted to ask out she looks like she might hit her.

Something's goin on...but oh well...can't wait for tomarrow!

~The Next Day!~


I woke up to the warm sun shinning in my eyes.

Great...Monday...I thought, as I got up, streached, and got on Johnny's jacket.

He woke up shortly after I did.

We both got up, and walked to the Curtis house.

"Hey...did you notice how Emma looked pissed off when Bob told Pony bout Chery likin her?" Johnny asked me.

I shrugged. I promised Emma I wouldn't tell anyone bout her likin Pony...and I keep my promises.

"It was weird..." he said.

"You actually think Pony's gonna ask her out?" I asked. Johnny shrugged this time.

"Probably that she isn't embarrased to be with him..." he said. We fell silent...but I was kinda nervous of Emma...


"Wow..." I was saying to Mayme as we were walking to the Curtis house, "I had the weirdest dream last night...I drempt that Cherry Valance had a crush on Pony...and Pony was thinking of asking her out today...weird right?"

"Um...sweety...that actually happened last night..." Mayme said.

"Ya couldn't play along?" I asked, frowning. Mayme laughed.

" bad girl.." she said. I was gonna suck...

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