.: Broken Wings :. Sebastian Michaelis Love Story: Chapter 1

Here's the very first chapter of this series! I will try to update the story as much as possible! Thank you all for reading this!! ^^ DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN KUROSHITSUJI.. JUST BASING THE STORY IDEAS INTO FAN FICTION

Created by SeCrEtGaTeKeEpEr on Thursday, September 09, 2010

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Chapter 1: The Runaway

"Get her! ... She must be captured alive! She's important data to us! " yelled the scientist. You hear fast footsteps running after you. You keep running through the underground hallways. You suddenly reached a dead end. You quickly turned around and all the guards and scientists were armed with tranquilizer guns. "Shit.. what should I do?" you thought. The Head scientist shouted "Men, Aim and shoot her!" " I want to leave here so badly! Please... let me leave!" you screamed in your head. Suddenly, a purple aura surrounded you. All the scientists and the guards stopped to stared at the emitting aura. *BAM* a rush of wave energies came spilling out of the aura, sending everyone back; crashing into one another and into the walls. Weaken, you quickly took this chance to escape through one of the holes that was made during the blast. You hear the scientists screaming for help and order! You continued quickly into the darkest night of the English forests.


You continued to run .. Afraid that the guards was going to catch up to you. After a good distance, you plopped down near a tree and rested for a good bit. "Finally.. after all those years.. I finally get to leave that experimental hell" You look at yours arms where there were full of puncture wounds from the syringes that the scientists were giving to you on a daily basis. You scowled at the wounds for they were giving you awful memories of the prison cell that the scientists kept you in. You look around the forest surroundings. " It's been so long since I went outside... Anyways, what was that strange light that happened back in the experimental lab?" You knew that you were half demon and half human but you didn't expect your powers to be that strong. "Whatever.. I'll figure it out when the time comes." you murmured. You continue to walk through the forests.

Three Days Later***

You opened your eyes and find yourself in the middle of a field. You couldn't move anymore. There was no energy in you since you didn't have any food or water to drink. Your stomach growled. "Damn it.. " you said, clutching your stomach. " I might as well die here.. " you said, looking up to the sky. It's better that I die a peaceful death in the fields. You start to close your eyes but then, you felt something furry rubbing against your face. You quickly opened your eyes to see what it was. It was black cat with pink paws. The cat looked at you and started to lick at the wounds that you had on your hands. You reached out and scratched its head and it started to purr. " Hey kitty.. Thanks for comforting me before I die...." You whispered. The cat stared at you for a while and ran away. "Well, at least one creature cared for me.." you thought. As you were about to close your eyes, you saw a slim black silhouette standing over you. With no energy left to see who it was, you blacked out.

Sebastian POV

He followed the black cat into the fields of the Phantomhive property and found a girl with purple hair lying down; unconscious. "What should I do?" he said, with his fingers on his temples. The black cat looked up at him, "meow". Sebastian smiled, " I think I might have found a new maid for the Phantomhive mansion. He picked her up and carried her back to the mansion with the black cat at his heels.

Sebastian entered in the house and three of the Phantomhive servants rushed up to see who the unconscious girl was. "Is she ok?" said the red haired girl with the broken glasses. "Waaaa... She's pretty.." whispered the blonde boy. "By the looks of it, she's been in a rough situation.." said roughly by a man who lighted up a cigarette. " Meirin, Finny, Bard.. Don't you all have something to do? Please finish your chores !" Sebastian said sternly. " Hai Sebastian-san" cried the three of them and quickly went on their ways. Sebastian sighed and continued on towards the mansion's spare bedroom. He laid the girl on the bed and covered her with the white sheets. He saw something on the girl's arm. Sebastian gently picked her arm up to see what it was. He saw purplish-blue puncture wounds all over. Without saying a word, he gazed at the beautiful girl and thought about the hardships she had to go through. He quietly left the room and closed the door.


You woke up, finding yourself lying in a large queen bed, covered with white sheets. The bed had a canopy, covered in dark blue curtains. The walls were painted in dark colours. You slowly sat up. "Where am I?" You become puzzled and try to recollect what had just happened. You remembered yourself lying in the fields. But there was no past memories of being in the mansion. You sat in bed, still trying to remember and then you hear a door click which made you jump up. You see a handsome slender man in a butler uniform entered the room. He turned around to close the door and started to walk towards you. "Who are you? What did you do to me? " you yelled. You looked around for an escape route but kept an eye on the man. He sat down in the chair that was beside the bed. You were freaking out because you wasn't sure whether this guy was going to hurt you in some way. With a cool tone, he replies, " I'm Sebastian Michaelis. You are in the Phantomhive mansion, Selena. I found you lying unconscious in the Phantomhive fields. " You were surprised that he knew your name. "How did he know my name? I better figure out a strategy to get away from this creep." you thought. Sebastian continued on, " I have a proposal for you. How about working for the Phantomhive mansion as a maid? of course, food, clothing and housing would be provided. As well a small salary would be given to you." You replied in a quiet angry tone, " Now why would you suddenly give me a position as a maid when I just met you? I don't know if you're lying to me or not. I never trust anyone!" Sebastian smirked and said, " Well, my dear, that's up to you whether you want the position or not." He continued to lock his gaze on you. You couldn't look away. The sunset red eyes have kept you from looking away from him. "Trust me. I promise you. I would never be dishonest like those humans." he said coldly, still locking you with his gaze. You felt yourself submitting to the sunset red eyes. "Alright, I'll accept your proposal." Sebastian smirked and coolly replied, " I knew you would accept. Now sleep. We'll talk more about your position later with the Young Master. You nervously laid down in the bed and he tucked the covers around you. Sebastian looked at you with a polite smile. You blushed at his face and turned to look the other way. Without you noticing, Sebastian lowered his face. You felt his cold breath against your neck and shivered. You clamped your mouth shut because you didn't want him to hear you yell out from the surprised act. "Have pleasant dreams, Miss Selena" He whispered in your ears. You felt your eyes droop and your vision blacked out.sebastian_michaelis.jpg

To be Continued! Done my very first chapter! Not much Sebby action but it's coming later on! I'll come back to it ASAP!.: SeCrEtGaTeKeEpEr :.

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