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My name is Emma

I am 15 years old, female, Sweet, and kind. I have a normal teenage life and I love to doodle.

One day....

I was sitting in my classroom doodling on a peice of paper. The teacher was late so everyone had to sit in class and wait. I heard whispering behind me "Emma is..." I heard. I looked behind me to see two boys Chad and Zack whispering and pointing at me. "Hello? Can I help you?" I asked in a annoyed tone. Chad walked towards me "Is it true?" he asked me. I was so confused "Is what true?" I asked. Chad smiled real big "People say you are kinda into me." He said looking at the floor. I made a disgusted face "EWWWWWWWWWW THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF COURSE IT'S NOT TRUE!" Chad walked to his seat and sat down. At that moment the teacher walked in.

After class...

I was walking down the hall looking for my locker when I bumped into Chad, literally. "OW!" I shouted "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Chad started grabbing his textbooks and ran off. He took one of mine! I can not believe it! I grabbed my books and got up off the hard hall floors. I wiped off the top of my jeans and continued walking. I got to my locker, that was right by my BFF Lillia's locker. I saw her and smiled "Finnally somebody nice!" I said walking towards Lillia. Lillia smiled "Yeah you're like the only person who doesn't make fun of me. Also do you really like Chad Wheeler?" I frowned "NO! NO! NO!" I yelled and started running off. At that moment the bell rang.

After school... (And after I got home)

I ran to my room, turned on some music, and started beating up my pillow. "Dinner" my mom called just as my fist sank into my pillow. I walked down the stairs and looked at the dinner table. We were having ham and mashed potatoes I grabbed a fork and a plate and started serving myself. I ran up the stairs and ate my food. After that I went to sleep.

The next morning...

"CHAD! CHAD! CHHAADD! CHAD!" I felt a tug on my blanket . "GET UP CHAD!" Somebody yelled "What?!?!?!?!?!?" I said still lying down. That is when I discovered something was wrong. My voice sounded so low, and there was a person yelling CHAD at me. Oh-no I thought I'm Chad Wheeler! "Mom is that you?" I asked. There was no responce. I sat up and looked around the room. This was NOT my room! I ran to a mirror. I saw a reflection of Chad Wheeler and blinked three times. No matter how many times I pinched myself, Blinked, or banged my head against the wall, nothing seemed to change I was stuck in Chad Wheeler's body!

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