random graphic sex story! :P

Created by accidentlyonpurpose on Sunday, September 12, 2010


so you wanna know how i became a slut? hell ya!
it all started on my 16 birthday, i had all my bffs over and we were i my room just waiting for our pizza to arrive. it was also my parents anaversery, so thy were gone on a romantic trip. the pizza was takeing forever so we decided to skip it and go home, after all my girls left i was alone in my room. thnking of wat a great time i had. and my doorbell rang, disturbing my thoughts. the pizza finaly came? i asked myself sarcasticly. i opened the door to find a smileing face. not just any face. my boyfriends face. he looked down at me and smiled, hands behind his back, and rocking on his heels. happy birthday! he held out his hands t reveile a small box. i opned it to see a black bra and a thong. i had an ediot grin on my face. he carried me off to my room and threw me on the bed. softly, dont think hes abusive!he kissed me repeditly and humped back and forth. he reached for the bottom of my shirt and when he found it, he lifted it up rapidly. i felt a cold bree on my chest as he took my bra of, slowly. he unbottoned my pants, still sataring at me brests. and tried to find my cute pussy. he ripped of my underwere reaviling, (my cute pussy lol) he kissed me hardened nipples before biting down. and took his hands to my pussy, and shoved in a finger. i moaned once more. he looked up at me and said "ready baby?" i nodded in a sexy way. he pulled of his clothes and slowly pushed his incredably large cock in my pussy. my sperm was gonna explode! he took it out after few humps and lay there.i slowly reach for it. with two fingers i went up and down his cock. this drove him mad! he eventualy took my hand and held it above me, sliding his toung in my mouth, and reaching for my pussy. he tickled me, gently, before vilontly pushing his hand in me, and humping repedtedly. well thats all i have today pplz see u later thx for lisnin ohhh ya u ppl rule rock the fuck on! tell me wat to rite bout next!!!!!!

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