Switching bodies with...Justin Bieber?! Part 5

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Created by HIgHQueen1 on Sunday, September 12, 2010

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"Well...." I started. "Omg!JustinandIwenttoseetheprofessorandheswitchedourbodiesand-" Shahira was freaking out and talking way to fast. "Slow down!" Christian stopped her. "Ok, Justin and I went to see the professor after class and he sprayed thid wierd thingy in our faces and somehow it made us switch bodies!" Shahira explained. Christian looked at us blankly. "Wait, so what your saying is...Justin is in Shahira's body and Shahira is in Justin's body? Because of the Professor?" Christian asked. We both nodded. Christian crossed his arms. "I don't beleive you." Shahira and I exchanged looks. We both grabbed Christian's arm and dragged him to the professor.


~After getting proof from the professor~

"Dude? Are you serious?! That is wierd! That is wrong! That is sick! That's that's..."

"We know." Shahira and I interupted Christian. "So, how long are you guys stuck like this?" Christian asked. We both shrugged. "The professor said untill Justin and I discover our feelings or something." Shahira explained. I nodded. "Ooh! I bet I know what he means...wink wink!" Christian nudged us. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "I bet he's expecting you two to fall in love. "What?!" shahira and I yelled jumping away from eachother. Just then the bell rang and Christian burst out laughing walking away to class. Shahira scoffed. "Like that'll happen." I munbled. "Dude, he's just trippin' is all." Shahira sighed. I sighed. "Let's get to class."




"Ok, I hope you all brought last week's assignment." The teacher announced. He was collecting the papers when he stood infront of me. "Shahira, may I see your assignment?" He asked. I looked up at him. I had no idea "Shahira" was supposed to hand in anything! "Uh...my cat ate it." I lied. The teacher crossed his arms. "I'm very dissapointed in you Shahira, I'll see you at lunch." He said before walking away. Crap.

Shahira's POV (in Justin's body)

Christian and I caught up at lunch and was heading over to the cafeteria (sp) until he stopped walking. "Hey...why are 'you' in detention?" He asked. I gave him a look. "What?" I walked over to swee me, (well Justin) in detention! "Ack! What did he do to make me go in DT?!" I exclaimed. Christian shrugged. "Let's go ask!"

"Dude, we can't just walk in there, there's a teacher!" I pointed out. Christian sighed and thought for a moment. "I know what to do!" He said before walking into the DT room. "Mr. Maxinn?" Christian asked. The teacher looked up at Christian who was now standing at the doorway. "Yes, Christian?"

"You have a gray Volvo, right?" christian asked. Mr. Maxinn nodded. "Yes why?"

"Well, because I just saw a group of kids hot wiring it a few seconds ago." Christian lied. I had to keep from laughing. "What?!" The teacher exclaimed soon running out of the classroom. We rushed in. "Dude, what happend?" I asked. Justin shrugged. "Well, I didn't know a math thingy was due so I said your cat ate it so now I'm in here." He explained. "What cat?!" I shouted annoyed. Justin shrugged. "I had to say something!" I sighed. "Great..."

"I'm sorry Shahira." Said Justin. I looked at him and smiled. Being a little shocked at first but accepted the apology. "See! It's love! I've never EVER heard Justin apologize to Shshira, or call her by her FIRST name!" Christian exclaimed. My face grew hot, knowing Christian was right. Justin glared at him. "Run." He hissed. Christian's eyes grew big as he took off for the door with Justin chasing him. I sighed. I'll be eating lunch up town today.

I took some money from my (or justin's) locker and headed out the school doors. As I was about to enter Subway, I heard a sudden scream. "JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!" Oh shit! That's right, I totally forgot! With that, I ran out of the restaraunt having about 15 girls chasing me and screaming my name. Well...Justin's name. I ran to the school, knowing they wouldn't be allowed to be on school property. Just then someone placed a hand on my shoulder making me jump. "Whoa! A little jumpy today are we?" I turned to see Ryan. "Oh, sorry man." I apologized. Ryan shrugged. "No problem. You ok?" I sighed. "I hate being chased by fans." I mumbled. Ryan laughed. "Come on, I hear their serving pizzas at the Cafeteria (Sp)." Ryan lead me to there.


JUSTIN'S POV (In Shahira's Body)

"Ok dude! I'm sorry! I take it back!" Christian exclaimed. I smiled letting him go. "Hey, how long have you and Shahira been like this?" Christian asked. I shrugged. "Uh......A week." I guessed. Christian nodded. "Well, I'm going to go get a pizza, you coming?" Christian asked. "Might aswell." We soon met up with Ryan and Shahira and all sat down for lunch. Shahira stood up. "Christian and, Shahira can I speak with you two for a minute?"

We both stood up. "Sure Sha- I mean Justin." Christian said. I nudged him on the shoulder. We walked over to Shahira. "What up?" Christian asked. "Ok, remember Caitlin and Ryan CANNOT know about us switching bodies...got it?" She asked. "Are you sure? I mean Caitlin is my siater and all..." Christian started. 'No, Christian you weren't even supposed to know." I said. "Can we trust you Christian?" Shahira asked. Christian nodded. "Ok."

Then we all sat back down with Ryan. "Hey did any of you see thew game last night?"


"Basketball one? Yeah that was tight!" I exclaimed. Ryan looked at me in shock. "Your into basketball Shahira? Since when?" He asked. I just rememberd who I was. "What? Can't a girl like Basketball?" I huffed acting like a girl. I looked at Christian's smirk. Shahira shot me a glare. Ryan shrugged. "Ok, whatever, I'm going to head out, later guys." he said before leaving. Christisn then burst into laughter. "Justin! I do NOT act like that!" Shahira freaked. This made Christian laugh harder. "Yes you do!" Shahira sighed putting a hand under her chin. Just then, a cellphone rang. It was coming from my phone. shahira took a look at it. "Pass it." I said. She tossed it to me and I answerd. "Yo JB!" It was Usher. "Yo Usher!" I said without thinking. "Who's this?' He asked. Oh yeah...the girly voice. "Uh, JB man, I just have a bit of a cold." I lied. Usher chuckled. "Oh, can't have that." He said. I laughed. "What up?"

"We neede you to preform tomorow night at Wexton's Mall." Said Usher. "Uh..." I hesitated. "I have a cold remember?" I lied again. "Can't back down, we already said yes, now there's 1000's of girls marking their calenders for this day." Said Usher. "Aw..." I began. "To late. We'll see ya at 4 o'clock tomorow evening." He said hanging up. "SHIT!" I yelled. Christian and Shahira jumped. "Problem?" Shahira smirked. I smiled. "Guess who gets to preform tomorow night?"

Shahira's POV (In Jb's body)

"NO! No no no no no no no! I won't I won't I won't!" I exclaimed. "To bad! Usher already signed you - er me in!" Justin said. I snorted crossing my arms. "That's stupid." I mumbled. "It won't be that bad, all you have to do is sing "Baby" "Up" and "One time" Said Justin. "That's the problem! I know NONE of your songs!" I said. Justin looked at me in shock and Christian started laughing. "That's low man!" Christian exclaimed. "What do you mean?" He asked. I shrugged. "I told you - I know NOTHING about your songs." I said. Justin sighed. "This is hopeless - ok, I'm going to teach you." He said. I groaned. "Come to my house Ok?" He said. I sighed and nodded. "Ok, see you guys later." He said leaving as the bell rang. "Great..." I sighed.

Christian laughed. "Good luck Shahira!" He called.



"Ok, First we're going to learn one time, now repeat after me..."

"Repeat after me." I said.

"Not now."

"Not now." I smiled just to be annoying.

"Shahira!" He sighed. "Ok ok ok!" I said.

"Ok, (clears throat) Me plus you Imma - " Just then it seemed as though he was trying to cough up a frog. "What the Heck Justin?" I asked. "Sorry, I'm just trying to clear my throat a little bit better." He said. "Why?" I asked. "Cause you suck at sining." He smiled. My eyes grew big and smacked him with a pillow. "Take that back Bieber!"

He crossed his arms. "And what if I don't?" He threatend. This got an idea into my head. I was no longer in my body, no...not the weak little girl's body I was used to. Now, I was in Justin's body, one that was 5 inches taller than mine, and way stronger too. So I'm taking advantage of it. I threw him over my shoulders. "Whoa!" He exclaimed. I smiled. "Put me down!" He yelled. "Nope."

"Why?" He asked. "Cause your a dork." I said soon walking around the room with him still over my shoulders. "Dude!" He moaned. "Take it back, then I'll let you go." I said. He sighed. "I take it back." He mumbled. "Can't hear you!" I chanted. " "I take it back!" He said a little louder this time. I smiled. "Good." and set him down. He smiled. "What?" I asked. "I never knew I was that strong." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, come on, I still don't know the song lyrics."

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