Eternal Snow [Itachi X Reader] 02

You, a former member of the Akatsuki decided to do all it takes to protect your family - 'Akatsuki', even knowing you would be defeated by your enemies. However, after being badly injured and lost consciousness, you found yourself in the Konoha Hospital after waking up. However, you couldn't remember anything about your past, including your name. Pairings: Itachi X Reader X Kakashi

Created by eternal29snow on Monday, September 13, 2010

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything that does not belong to me.

Kakashi stared at the girl who was lying on the hospital bed. Team 7 found her injured in the woods. He told Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke to go home as visiting hours were already over. On the contrary, he was in charged babysitting her till, she wakes up.

Kakashi shut his book, not being able to concentrate on the pages. He dug his hand into his pocket only to take an object, which he found earlier. It was a ring. However, he found two. One was obviously looked like the Akatsuki members always wear. He recalled during the time when two Akatsuki members, Itachi and Kisame, both of them were wearing the same ring. Could she be an Akatsuki member? He didn’t manage to see the Chinese character on the ring as Tsunade kept it with her before he could even analyzed it further. The other ring, which he was staring at now, was just a normal ring - it had a blue topaz on it. Kakashi assumed that this was probably a normal couple ring, but the question was, who had the other one? Kakashi sighed as all this thinking lead him to nowhere.

~ The next morning ~

You slowly opened your eyes only to see a white covered ceiling. You shifted your head to the left and right, trying to figure out where you were now. You slowly sat in an upright position. You looked around – is this the hospital? You touched your head and face, only to find out it was covered by bandages.

You frowned a little, feeling a little dizzy from the headache you’re suffering right now. You didn’t know how you got into such situation as you rubbed your sore head. You suddenly saw a man who had a mask covering the lower half of his face and a ninja headband covered one of his eyes. You cocked your head to one side, wondering who this man was.

The man shifted in his sleep as the book that was on his lap fell onto the tiled floor. You slowly got out from the bed. As your bare feet made contact on the cold floor, you shivered. You quietly made your way to him and placed the book back to its place. You smiled as you saw the stranger murmured out something in his sleep.

You, feeling a little weak, you slowly made your way to the door. You gave the man a final look before opening the door. You looked around; there was no one – weird. You were amazed by the structure of the building, it was huge.


Kakashi felt his blood froze as he saw the bed in front of him was unoccupied and the sheets were tangled – there were no signs of her. He looked around frantically. “I’m going to be in so much trouble…,” he muttered, imagining how the hokage would react.

“Kakashi-sensei!! We’re here!” Naruto’s loud voice exclaimed as Team 7 entered the room energetically. He sighed – talk about great timing. “You looked pale sensei, is anything wrong?” Sakura asked, seeing Kakashi’s expression. Sasuke raised a brow before scanning the room and noticed the patient was nowhere to be seen. “Kakashi-sensei?” Naruto poked his sensei’s arm as Kakashi gave no sign of response.


You smiled to yourself as your feet made contact with the snow. You didn’t know why but, you really enjoyed it. You aimless wondered on the road, ignoring the looks from the others. They must be wondering why you’re walking bare foot and a pajama.

You stopped on your tracks as you saw an interesting looking stall – Ichiraku Ramen. You sniffed the air. It smelled delicious. You popped your head in, only to see a man and a girl working. “Welcome!” The browned haired girl smiled at you. You blinked a couple of times before smiling back at her. “What would you like?” the girl asked, wiping her hands with a white cloth.

“Found you.” You heard a voice from behind. You turned around, only to see the silver hair stranger smiling under his mask. You stared at him, wondering why he was following you. “You shouldn’t run off like that, you know?” he said, patting your head.

You didn’t know how to respond but only to smile warmly at him. “Kakashi-san! Is that your new student?” the ramen waitress asked excitedly, eyeing you from head to toe. “I’ve never seen her before…” the older man said after boiling hot water. “Well…, you could say that… but we’ve got to go.” The stranger who was named Kakashi said, as he took your hand and brought you outside from the small stall. “Please come again sometime,” you heard them said before you left with the stranger who you identified as Kakashi.

“Ah…” Kakashi saw you walking bare foot on the snow. He wondered did you actually walk out wearing nothing but pajamas in this cold weather. “Are you feeling cold?” He asked, noticing you body was shivering slightly. You nodded, feeling your feet were getting numb from the frozen snow.

Kakashi sighed as he knelt down, his back facing you. You blinked as your lips formed a small smile. As soon as you wrapped your hands around his neck, you felt yourself being lifted from the ground. “I’m Kakashi Hatake, and you are?” Kakashi introduced himself as he started walking. You kept quiet, not knowing how to answer. “I… don’t know…” you responded, feeling your headache started to kick in. Every time you tried, you felt a pang of pain in your head that prevents you from remembering your past. “I can’t remember anything ever since I woke up…” you continued in a small tone. This place was so foreign to you. You couldn’t remember anyone you knew, even yourself. “Just take it easy, okay?” you heard Kakashi said in a soft tone. “Okay…” you smiled, resting your chin on his neck. Somehow, you felt you could trust this person.


“She lost her memories huh?” Tsunade sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She sighed heavily, Kakashi just informed her that the injured girl losing all her memories. She took out a ring from the drawer. After analyzing Jiraya’s information, all Akatsuki members wore this and each of them had different Kanji character on it. This ring had (any kanji character you want) on it.

Tsunade eyed at the small silver object – that girl must be one of the Akatsuki. “What are we going to do with her?” Shizune asked worriedly seeing the hokage to be in a deep thought. “We can’t let an Akatsuki member wondering around the village,” Tsunade started. Shizune nodded in agreement to herself.

“I don’t know whether she’s just faking it so that she could enter the village… and even if she really lost her memories, what if she remembers it one day?” Tsunade asked in a firm tone, eyeing at the ring again. She knew that the Akatsuki were planning to capture Naruto , but for what purpose? If that girl was really a spy, the Akatsuki would have an advantage here – the village layouts and weakness will all be known.

“But, we can’t just leave her like that either.” Tsunade said.

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