I'm A NERD!So Why Are These Emo GODS Paying Me So Much Attention??!?? ::15::

Created by guiltyofohhnevermind on Saturday, September 18, 2010

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School was over and I hadn’t talked to anyone all day. I struggled through my exam, I mean,I knew all of the answers, but I kept zoning out.
Lo was on my mind the entire time. What’s going to happen when he comes back? I walked around campus slowly. I lurked around the student parking lot and saw her car. I stood there for a long time, just watching her car, wishing that on the first day we met, I had kissed her. I’m starting to think that being a gentleman won’t get me much in life. I shook my head and looked away from her car, and there she was, she was walking with a pained expression on her face. I thought about letting her go, staying out of her way for a while. Maybe I could make her miss me. I shook my head again, I need to talk to her. I started walking to her.

“Rhapsody!” she kept walking. “Rhapsody! Please, Rhapsody, stop!” I started running. I saw her lights flash,she had just unlocked the car. “Rhapsody!” I got to her car before she did. She threw herself at the car and crashed into my chest, I grabbed her upper arms to keep her from falling and to keep her from trying to run. “Please.” I pleaded.

She looked me dead in the eye, in a way that made my skin crawl, and ripped off all of my wristbands. “Is that what this is about?” I asked. I could feel myself getting angry. Could the thing that made us so alike be scaring her away?

“Honestly?” She said quietly. “I’m not sure.”

I sighed and let go of her, “I want to tell you, I just don’t….know how….” I replied.

She took a step back from me and pushed me away from her car door. “get in.” she said. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek. I wanted her to know how much I needed this. I was so close to her when she shoved my chest hard.

“Just—get in the car.” She sad. My smile slid off of my face and walked around to the passegnger’s seat.

I got in the car and examined my arm. I thought of what Marjorie had done when she had found out. She left me to deal with it all by myself. She said he lovevd me and she just left. I covered out my scars before I broke down. I couldn’t stand the look of them. They made her leave. They make everyone leave.

I looked at rhapsody who had started driving already. She kept her eyes on the road. She was so beautiful. I wish she were mine.

Pearce said what now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I gave you guys 3 extra words!
I thought you deserved it!
This series should have a few more twists in it.
I can't believe i don't write for a month&all my views go up 2,000!
i love you guys SO much!

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