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Today when I woke up I was in a surprisingly good mood and I am not a morning person. It was Friday after all and Liverpool's first game is tomorrow. My days always go better when I have something to look forward to. My feelings about the game are a mix of excitement and nervous.

When it is eight thirty I decided it is safe to leave for work. It is so cold out I can see my breath. But Im happy that i will be working in my warm office today.


Again when I get there I am greeted warmly by the team. They are starting to become my second family and it's only my first week.

After I get settled in my cozy office I start on my work which is filling out paper work for Uncle rafa. About halfway through my paper work I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in!", I shout so who ever's out there can hear. It is Steven. "How's It going Stevie. What can I do for you?"

He smiled and said,"I know I havent known you for very long but Me and my wife alex really need a night out,and we have two children. There is no one available to baby sit them and we dont want to hire someone we dont know so I was wondering can you baby sit them for the night?" I smiled.

"Of course I will watch your kids for you. Im great with kids." He looked relieved.

"Oh good Alex will be thrilled!" ,

"My pleasure just tell me where you live and I will be there when you need me."

He told me all the information and left my office. I had to be at his house at seven.


Work passed in a blur like always and I looked forward to watching little Lexi and Lilly Ella. He told me he an Alex were going to a hotel for the night and he will be back for the Liverpool game in the afternoon. I go home and Carmen is there because Fridays are her day off. She works for a local news paper. It has always been her dream to be a writer and when we came to Liverpool it became reality.

I was only staying for the night so I decided to play it safe. I packed Pajamas,all my makeup, and New clothes for tomorrow. I took a shower because I couldnt take one at Stevie's house and then waited until seven came.


"Hello!! Im Alex!", a beautiful blonde woman greeted me."Please come in!"

"Hi Im Adonia.", I said as I walked in the door. Steve came to greet me also.

"Hey, thank you so much for this I owe you one."

"Oh no problem Steve, It's my pleasure.",I said sincerely.

When I walked into the living room two little girls ran up to me. They were just as beautiful as their mother.

"Hi! Im Lilly Ella!" she said energetically. "This is Lexi. Are you are the babysitter?"

"Yes I am, Im adonia." I said with a smile.

"Your pretty.", she said grabbing some of my hairs.

I smiled again,"So are you."

Out of the corner of my eyes I see someone sitting on the couch. I turned my haed a little more so I could see. It was Fernando. What is he doing here.

"Fernando, Why are you here?" He turned his face from the tv and looked at me.

"I always come here on fridays." I was confused.

"Then why cant you watch the kids?" I said.

Lilly Ella cut in,"Because the last time Uncle Nando watched us he gave us candy and let us stay up really really late and mommy and daddy got really mad and yelled at Uncle." I laughed, Typical Nando.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "What can I say they are just too cute."


When Alex and Steve left Lexi came up to me with a big huge bag of barbies and said, "Will you play with us?" With puppy dog eyes, i just couldnt resist.
I nodded and she said ,"Good you can have this barbie because it has your curly hairs."

She handed me a tan barbie with brown curly hairs and hazel eyes. I just adored their little accents of british. I just had a normal Spanish one.

So now I am on the floor playing with barbies. I never thought this would happen after the age of eight. We were having fun when she suddenly dropped her barbie and said, "We will do makeovers now!" she grinned and said,"I will have you and Lexie will have uncle Nando!" she clapped her little hands.

Fernando looked stricken and said, "Oh no. Not me." Lexie and Lilly Ella put on their best puppy dog faces and said,"Pleeaassee Ucle Nando," and fluttered her eye lashes.

He grumbled and said,"fine,but not to much." Lilly Ella looked over joyed.

"I will make you look beautiful Uncle Nando!", said Lexi while dancing around the room.

So Lilly Ella started to work on me and I could feel her putting lip stick all over my face I just knew I was going to look a lot clownish.

I decided to sneak a look at Fernando, and almost died laughing., He had mascara all over his face and eye shadows on his mouth a lipstick on his forehead.

"What are you laughing at? You should see yourself." he said.

"I bet I look beautiful!", I said and smiled at Lilly Ella. She returned the gesture.

After a few more moments Lexi And Lilly Ella declared that they were done and told us we could look in the mirror. Fernando and I walked to the bathroom together and looked in the mirror. WE looked crazy clownish. I swear we stayed there laughing for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes.

I got out my camera and we took a bunch of pictures together. Then we went out to see the girls.

"Dont you love it?",she said looking at me with moony eyes.

"I look gorgeus Lilly Ella! Thank you.", I smiled at her and she yawned.

I looked at the clock and it was nine oh five. I decided it was time to go to bed.

"Ok guys It's time to go to bed."

They sighed a groaned and of course protested but eventually I got them to go to sleep.


"Adonia can you help get this makeup off me please?", Fernando called from the bathroom.

I got off the couch and into the bathroom. I saw himm struggleing to get the lipstick off hid forehead and grinned.

"Here let me do it.", i took the towel and wet it with soap and warm water.

I wiped off the make up with care and all the time I was doing it we talked.

All different questions like how was Greece, Do you like Liverpool, why did you chooses to move here.

Until the difficult question came. "How is your mum?", I stopped what i was doing. I really didnt want to tell him she died. I could feel the tears in my eyes but I wiped them quickly and hoped he didnt see. He brought my face up with his hand to my chin and wiped mmy tears. I had to tell him.

"Umm she uh actually she died a couple years ago." I couldnt control my tears now. He stayed silent and pulled me into a huge hug. I cried into his shirt for a while then pulled away,I couldnt break down anymore.

"Im sorry Fernando.",I and and wiped the last of my tears.

He scoffed,"You dont have to be sorry she was your mum and I know you loved her.", I smiled at him.

"Let's go to bed." I said and with that I walked to the couch and fell asleep with my head on his lap.

Adonia's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/outfit/set?id=22962397

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