Dangerous! [Portgas D. Ace One Shot]

Created by RevolutionLeftOverGirl on Tuesday, September 21, 2010



I was running. My long, infamous, silver hair trailing behind me as I sprinted down the halls. I could hear distant shouting coming from all around me, but for a moment I thought I heard 'him' instead of 'her'. It must've been my imagination and I couldn't bother with that now anyway. I had to get out of here before I got caught. I had stolen a lot of valuable things from this marine base and I'd like to get out of here to tell the tale and sell this junk to people who want it so I can get some money and buy what I want. However getting wrapped up in my plans wasn't the smartest thing at the moment and I ran right into someone. We both crashed to the floor, bouncing off and away from each other. I yelped and crashed, hard, to the floor. I quickly shot back up to my feet, grabbed my loot, and turned to run when I stopped and stared. The person I had just bumped into. . .he was no marine. He was wearing an orange hat, and some black shorts. He had no shirt on at all, but that was okay. . .he was toned, nicely toned, hot actually. He had messy long black hair, that made him even hotter. But then I noticed the adorable freckles spattered across his face. That was fucking cute. I shook my head and pulled myself form my thoughts as I heard shouting getting louder. I grabbed his wrist and ran. I didn't give him time to protest, but as I turned down the hall to get out of there a squadron of marines took aim at us. They had been waiting for me. Fuck. I turned down another corridor at the last minute, dodging the bullets and pulling the man I had crashed into to safety to avoid the bullets as well. I could hear them coming after us. Footfalls echoed ours. I turned another corner and then pulled the two of us into a broom closet, which I proceeded to close the door to and lock. I covered his mouth with my hand, urging him not to make a sound as my heart beat against my ribcage, adrenaline sitll surging through my veins like liquid fire still humming and abuzz with life. I heard them shouting in confusion and soon they ran past the door. I could hear their footsteps get softer and softer as they got farther and farther away. I let out a small sigh of relief as I removed my hand from the man's mouth. I grabbed my sack of loot and unlocked the door. I was about to open it when the man placed a hand over mine and pulled my hand off the doorknob. He was standing behind me and he was close. It made my cheeks tint pink, especially when his hot breath tickled my ear when he exhaled and began to speak.

"Thanks for saving me, Missy.", was all he said. Oh god even his voice was hot. It was deep and rich and velvety smooth.

"You're welcome. . .but I have to ask, who are you and what are you doing in this marine base? You certainly aren't a marine.", I replied.

"Nope. Not a marine. Not me.", he grinned and chuckled slightly before saying, "The name's Portgas D. Ace, other wise known as Fire Fist. Commander of Whitebeard's second division. I came here to get information on Blackbeard for the Captain, but a little chef girl caught me. Heh. So now it's my turn. Who are you and why are you in this marine base?".

"Oh my god. . .Portgas D. Ace. THE Portgas D. Ace. . .I never thought I'd actually meet the infamous Fire Fist himself one day. It's an honor. My name is Mercury Nitro. I came here to grab some valuable thigns the marines were keeping here to sell on the blackmarket for some money.", I answered his questions.

He suddenly took my hand in his and lifted it up until it met his lips, "No, no, it's an honor for me to meet the infamous female pirate Mercury Nitro. I never though I'd meet you in person.".
I blushed. He was such a gentleman. The sirens were still going off and people were still running around shouting and I was calm, so calm begin with Ace. . .even if we were squished in this little broom closet, but I had to get out of here before I was caught. I fought the urge to stay as I turned so my back was facing him and I placed a hand on the door knob again. He wrapped an arm around my waist this time. I blushed a nice shade of dark crimson before turning to him with questioning golden eyes.
"Ace I have to get out of here before they find us and we both get caught.", I said, but my tone clearly stated that I wanted to stay with him.
He smirked, "Well the since it seems we're not going to see each other for a while, I want to give you a proper goodbye, Mercury.".

"Wha-?", I couldn't even finish my question, he gave me no time. His lips had crashed on to mine so fast. I dropped my bag of loot and kicked it into a corner of the closet as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

His other arm wrapped around my waist and pressed my body closer, up against his. His tongue shoved its way into my mouth and I didn't care at all as my tongue challenged his. He accepted the challenge and in the end his tongue onw, but I had come close to victory! He snickered as he pulled away and placed fleeting butterfly kisses up and down my neck, making me squeak every now and then.

"Ace I really need to get out of he-!!! Ooooh~", I tried again to protest, but he had hit a soft spot and he knew it. He worked on it with his teeth and his tongue, making me moan.

"Stay.", was all he said to me as he bit down hard on my soft spot and began to suck, leaving a nice red mark that told everyone that I was his.

"Fine.", I tried to sound annoyed, but it didn't work at all and we both knew it. He was smirking at me. I just grabbed his hair and pulled to crash my lips back on to his.

He welcomed the action as he pushed me up against one of the walls in this small closet. His hands went roaming and soon enough I found myself shirtless and chest to chest with Ace as he pinned me agains the wall while licking and nibbling along my collarbone which made me whine in response. God, it felt so good to feel his skin against mine and he knew how to please a woman I'll tell you that. I was hot. I felt hot. I felt like I was burning up. Every little touch, lick, kiss, nibble, it sent a new wave of liquid fire shooting through my veins every time. I couldn't take it anymore. I squirmed free of his grip and got my hands back as I traced his perfectly sculpted abs before my hands went farther down to undo the button of his shorts and I slowly slid those off. He shifted for a second and then I heard something clunk against the floor. He had taken off his boots! I was on fire by this point and I helped Ace tug off the rest of my clothes while he pinned me back up against the wall, kissing me hungrily which I only returned too eagerly with the same ferocity and passion. I'm pretty sure any patroling marine officer could've found us easily after our clothes came off. Thankfully no one ever came snooping. I was moaning so loud, but I couldn't help it. Ace was talented in a lot of things and pleasing women was definately one of his strongest talents because my brain was scattered from being in so much pleasure just a few moments before. I was clinging to him, curled up beside him as we rested in the broom closet, trying to catch our breath after losing it from what we had just done. I don't want to leaveAce's side. I subconsciously clung to him tighter and I could feel his arms give my small frame a gentle squeeze. He was thinking the same ting, but we both knew we had to get out of here. Getting out would be hard enough, getting out together was impossible. We would have to escape on our own and find each other later, some time. I kissed him once more before standing up and beginning to get dressed. He watched me for a second before getting to his own feet and getting dressed as well. When we were both dressed and I had my sack of loot again we looked at each other once, but immediately regretted it. Ace swiftly closed the gap between and had me in his arms again in less than a second. His onyx eyes staring directly into my golden ones. I was getting lost in those beautiful onyx eyes.

"Come with me. . .", was all he whispered to me as he closed the few inches between our lips.

He lingered for a few moments before pulling away so I could answer, "I want to, but-. . .".
Ace stopped my protest by crashign his lips back down on to mine, passionately, "Please.".

"You're so dangerous, Ace.", I giggled slightly and he looked at me cutely, curious, "First I crash into you and almost get caught, then I have to drag you with me and dodge bullets. I had to drag you into a broom closet so we could escape the marines waiting for us and then I drowned in you. Now, you want me to come with you. Ace we both know that getting out of here on our own is difficult enough, but if we try to escape together it'll be impossible, but. . .I feel like nothing is impossible when I'm with you, so I'll come with you.".

I smiled up at him as he grinned down at me before crashing our lips together one last time before I put my hand on the doorknob and finally got to open it this time as Ace stood beside me, ready for whatever may greet us on the other side of the door.

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