Remember me? I used to be your Best Friend....You did ask me what my name was. Chapter 20

Dun Dun DUUN.

Created by annaley12 on Saturday, October 02, 2010

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Chapter 20

I didn't wake up this morning, because I never went to sleep.

Jake was on my mind, I'd tried to call him again and I don't know where he lives. Something about that phonecall ;ast night was creepy. And I'd bet my life that Seth was involed. My mind wandered over so many questions, questions someone could answer.


I couldn't call him now, it was only 5:00 am and school started at 8:30. I shoved my Ipod on it's dock and A Fine Frenzy - You Picked Me started to play.

one two three,
counting out the signs we see
the tall buildings
fading in the distance
only dots on a map...

The lyrics never seemed to make this much sense before, I listened to the song, taking in every word. Only dots on the map.... Those words rang in my mind.

four five six
the two of us a perfect fit
youre all mine all mine...

Jake blasted into my mind. I'm so worried, more worried than I should be. Jake and I hadn't always been close but..

like an apple on a tree
hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach
but you picked me
like a shell upon a beach
just another pretty piece
I was difficult to see
but you picked me,
yeah you picked me


I needed to know where he was! Something ached inside of me, I knew something horrid was going on. I glanced at my clock, 5:12 am. 12 minutes was enough to realise what I'd been avoiding for so long... Miss Hayes was right...

I needed to do something, but what? Where should I go, to Seth or to Leo?

Quickley I grabbed a peice of paper and wrote down a lie.

"Mum! I just realised I had a school trip todya! Left early, don't worry, be back whenever. Love, Ann."

I drew some kisses and a heart next to my name, snatched my people and softly shut the door, and left.

Jake's P.O.V

Ugh, where the fuck was I? I sat up, my head felt like it was full of stones. I slept on the floor last night? Not good. My whole body hurt, especially my stomach. I looked around the room...I had no idea where the hell I was, the walls where grimmy and the floor was dirty....That's it. A floor and some walls. I'll admit, I got a little freaked out remembering Saw.. But then I remember something else.


Seth that little shit! What kind of game was he playing? I got to my feet and the whole room started to shake as I tried to stand up.

I could barley remeber my own name I'd been hit so hard. I rubbed my temples and tried to remember how I got here...Seth and some other douches beat me up and put me in here...

After he told me...After he told me.....

Ugh come Jake! Remember, it's not that bloody hard! Remember what you where going to tell Annaley and-


How could I forget about her? I was going to tell Annaley that Seth, Seth had...done something..


This was seriously pissing me off, I felt like those dudes from the hangover.

Another noise came from above. Then a voice, a voice I recognised.

"HEY." I shouted, despretely.

"Jake!?" A happy little voice said from above. "W-where are you?"

"I have no fucking idea!" I called back. "Where are you?"

"In Seth's house! In the down stairs bathroom!"

Down stairs bathroom? As I squinted my eyes I could see a very faint different in the paint shade...Something that looked like hatch..

"Jake?" A worried voice asked again.

"Annaley?" I asked back.

"Stop fooling around! It's 5:45 am and Seth is asleep." Annaley snapped back.

"Are you sure he's asleep?" I asked, a little worried he might find her.

"Well I sure hope so." She replied, scared.

"Look, Annaley- do you see a handle or anything on the floor?"


"Annaley?" I asked again.

More silence.

"Annaley this isn't fricking funny."

I heard and scream from above, then a struggle.

"ANNALEY!" I called more frantically, I was so helpless down here.

The trapdoor opened, and I saw a glimspe of Seth's face before he threw Annaley down the shaft, she landed pretty much on her feet, but she had blood dripping down from her nose.

"Are you alirght?" I asked while rushing to her side.

"YES EVERYTHINGS HUNKY DOORY." She snapped while wiping the blood away on her sleeve.

Her nose didn't look like it was going to bleed anymore.

"You shouldn't of come." I said, feeling slightly guilty.

"Are you kidding?" She scoffed "I got you into this mess...." she look at her feet "And..I'm sorry." She kinda whispered.

I grinned, I did that alot when I was with her. I slung my arm around her. "Well," I began "It's just you and me, waiting for the good times ahead." I said thourgh a smile.

"Won't that be a laugh." Annaley replied seriously while rolling her eyes.

"So?" she continued "What did you find out?"

"You'll never believe it."


Note -

If you ever want to check out the song I used in the begin on the chapter, here is the link

It's a great song and I hope you like it!

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