sasuke love story (the party part one)

finally the partys here juciy secrets unwraped can you take the heat find out yourself

Created by jay11159 on Tuesday, October 05, 2010

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recap:styed over sasukes house again.

sasuke: katara get up you got guests.

you: this early in the morning it better be good.
you got up and did your daily rotine and went down stairs
temari: hey katara you ready to go.
you: go where
tenten: to the mall silly to get a swimsuit.
you:how did you know i was at sasukes house.
temari: we just had a feeling you would crash at your boyfriends house.


tenten: ok calm down were just kidding now lets go.
yo all went to the mall and looked around for a while then you found the perect store.

temari: hey do yall like this one she pulled out a red and black one pieace with a dimond in the middle and whole on the sides.
tenten: yeah that looks great. now how about this one. she held up a two pieace pink and black zebra stripedswimsuit.
temari: ya that looks just like somethingyou would wear and wheres katara at.
tenten: shs trying on hers now.

you: so what do yall think. you steped out the dressing room with a black bikkini withdiffrent colorpaint drops on it.

temari: sasuke will defintnally like you in that you look hot.
you: in not trying to look hot for sasuke im doing it for me,myself,and I.

tenten: yeah yeah now lets just check out.
you: ok but im getting these white shorts to wear over my swimsuit.
you all left and headed to temaris house to change.
temari: well here we are.

you:wow girl i know there your brothers and all but i coud not live in a house with to boys.

tenten: yeah me either.

temari: its not so bad when you get used to it .......sometimes anyway lets go change in my room.
yall got changed and then yall went into the livingroom towatch t.v. till 1:00.

you: hey wheres garra and kankuro
kankuro: were right here i didnt know you cared so much.
you: i dont i was just gonna ask yall were yall going to sasukes birthday.

kankuro: yeah were going wouldnt miss it by the way nice swimsuit he said eyeing you up and down.
tenten: uhoh i dont think sasuke will be happy when i tell him your getting invaulded with someone eles.

garra: your dating sasuke?

temari: chill ki will stop calling you sasuke.

you: thank you thats all i ever wanted.
tenten: i guess we should be going now.

all of you left and walked to sasukes house. outside you saw everyone was there but a few boys so you went inside.

you: sasuke im here. you heard laughing up stairs and went up there it was coming from sasukes room you walked in and saw naruto,kiba shika,neji,and sasuke.

you: OMG guys what are yall doing to to sasuke he looks like a girl. you got the make-up and and everything right.

naruto: were just giving sasuke his birthday gift its not like he looked better before and we sent photos to eveyone.

you: wow yall are meaner than yall look. you untied sasuke. and was holding him bck whle the guys ran outside.

sasuke: there a bunch of ass holes
you: sasuke chill they were just plyg now come on lets get you cleaned up and into some swim trunks.
sasuke: fine

once you got done with that you checked your cell phone because you had it off and you looked at the picture of sasuke.

you: hahahhahha this is gonna be my screensaver.

sasuke:oh no its not. he ran after you and you ranoutside and hid behind garra when sasukecame hes sand shield came up so he coulnt touch you. when that when sasuke finally cooled down you got on the mike and started singing "cooler than me" everyone loved it and was asking for more because you were a great singer. so you did what the crowed wanted and song "rockstar 101" when you got done you jumped in the pool and stared doing water bending tricks since theol was so big you were able to make waves and everyone was so siked. you were haing a great time to until someone pulled your hair. you turned aroung to see ino smirking.
ino: who do you think you are trying to be the center of sasukes party. no one asked you to sing.
sasuke: actually i didask her to sing because she has an amazing voice andi dont mind her having the center of attention shes really popular.
you: yeah so take a chill pill. you made her into a block of ice. you dont mind do you sasuke ?
sasuke:no i like her better like this way anyways.
you: well she'll only be like tis for about fifteen minutes i didnt freeze her that much this time.
sasuke: so you ready to eat?
you: yeah i didnt eat breakfast so im starved.
sasuke: well kiba roasted some hot dogs but i've got some salad in there for you.
you: thanks for thinking about me. i really wish i could eat a hotdog they smell sooo good.
sasuke: well no ones stoping you
you: yeah but its against the ay of my clan to eat meat other than fish.
sasuke: oh that sucks.
you both got out of the pool and got yalls food and ate.
please rate and essage me if you have any questions in anything please.

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