Bully Plus Hate = Love? [Itachi X Reader] 2

Summary: He just loves pulling pranks on you and one day, you'll definitely pull the ultimate prank on him!

Created by eternal29snow on Thursday, October 07, 2010

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You glanced at the alarm clock, which was beside a snoring Deidara – it was one o’clock in the morning. An anime vein popped out from your head. Deidara and Tobi actually fell asleep when you were busy complaining about Itachi being a bully. You sighed, you shouldn’t really bother them too much. Your lips formed a small smile, seeing how adorable both Tobi and Deidara’s sleeping form. They were just like children.

You got up from the wooden covered floor before heading out the room, closing the door quietly. A few lit candles illuminated the hallway dark. You yawned, feeling tired already. Just before you took a step forward, a wonderful idea struck your mind. That bully was surely be sleeping by now.


You opened the door slowly as you poked your head in, only to see Itachi sleeping with his back facing you. You let a relief sigh before signaling Deidara and Tobi to enter. You actually woke them up in the middle of the night. You could see Deidara was having a difficulty carrying the ladder along with Tobi because their footings didn’t match. “Slow down, un!” Deidara whispered, trying not to drop the heavy object. “Sorry, Deidara-senpai! ” Tobi whispered back.

You placed a finger on your lips, signaling them to quiet down. “Don’t you think this is a little underhand, un?” Deidara sweat dropped, passing you a rope, which you took it. “Being in Akatsuki, there’s nothing wrong using underhand tricks,” you smiled evilly. Deidara mushroom sighed. There was no way this trap was going to work. Everyone here was a light sleeper, he was sure of it. It was unimaginable for an S-Rank ninja to be a heavy sleeper.

“Reika-senpai, what our plan again?” Tobi asked excitedly in a low tone. You grinned and happily explained to the orange masked boy. When Itachi actually opened the door next morning, a bucket of water would splash on him. Great plan from a girl like you right? Deidara sweat dropped as Tobi just nodded and praising your brilliant idea.

“Reika, I don’t think this would do. Seriously, he would definitely see this through…un,” Deidara said, placing the bucket over the door. Itachi was an S-Rank ninja after all. It would be a laugh if he actually fell for this children’s prank. Tobi on the other hand was supporting the ladder, below Deidara. Before Deidara could jumped down, Tobi sneezed causing the ladder as well as Deidara to fall. You squeeze your eyes tightly. Itachi would surely be awakened upon hearing the loud noises.

You opened your eyes, seeing Tobi was above Deidara. You didn’t know how they got into such positions, not that you’re really curious anyway. Deidara’s eyes were spiraling and stars circling above both their heads. They quickly recovered from their fall and everything became silent. All eyes were on Itachi. You gulped as he stirred in his sleep.

“No way! He’s still asleep!?”the three of you sweat dropped. Who knew Itachi was such a heavy sleeper? This was something new.

~Next Morning~

You, Tobi and Deidara were currently at the corner outside Itachi and your room. Tobi held a camera, preparing to snap a shot of Itachi falling into your trap. “Soon…” you said, getting impatient already. Deidara sweat dropped, the trap was definitely obvious. Even a little five years old would not walked into such obvious trap. Deidara may looked bored for the moment but he too, was excited to see the progress.

At the same time in the room, Itachi was staring at the trap in front of him. This was obviously Reika’s work. “This is definitely an obvious trap…” Itachi said, sweat dropping. Itachi chuckled at your naivety, there’s no way he will be kind and pretend to fall for this prank of yours. He sat on the end of the bed with a chuckle. Knowing your personality, you would definitely enter this room soon forgetting the trap you have set.

Back to the three of you, you were tapping your foot impatiently. What’s taking him so long? He should be awake; after all, he was an early riser. You quickly dashed towards your room, forgetting completely about the trap. “Oii! Reika…” Deidara failed to catch your arm in time and…


You twitched your brows. Itachi was in front of you, reading a book. Water dripped down from your bangs as you sneezed. “I think we should stay here until Reika calls us, un.” Deidara suggested which Tobi agreed. Deidara really wondered what was going on in the room. The door was closed, all they could hear was Reika’s voice.

You mentally scolded yourself for being impatient. Once again, your revenge on Itachi failed. “Here,” Itachi chuckled placing a towel over your head. He had already prepared the towel beforehand. “You should better get change, Reika.” Itachi smiled warmly at you. You blushed, seeing his smile. “Of-of course I know that, Uchiha. So out you go!” you yelled, pushing him out.

You sighed after pushing him out you threw your soaked cloak aside, and changed into your normal everyday clothes. An anime vein formed as you saw what Itachi had read earlier. It was you notebook which contained all your ideas on revenging Itachi. You called it – Reika’s Plans on Revenging Uchiha Itachi. He saw it and now you have to plan everything all over again.

That Itachi, you told him not to touch your things and he did. You’re seriously not in a good mood. You immediately stomped your way outside after placing your notebook back into the drawer. Just as you grabbed the doorknob, the door flung opened by itself and hit your face hard.

You clutched your injured nose. Good, it wasn’t bleeding. You saw the culprit – Deidara. He was sweat dropping. “Sorry…, un…” Deidara’s face paled. You stood up, dark aura surrounding your form. “Deidara!” You growled, seeing him running away with all his might. You chased after him. “I said I’m sorry, un!” Deidara exclaimed in chibi form and quickly applied chakra on his feet, which made him run faster. He didn’t know you would be in a such terrible mood.

He was fast. You too concentrated chakra on your feet and sped off. Deidara’s face paled as he saw you catching up. Just when he turned into the corner, you accidentally slammed against the wall. Small cracks formed as soon as you made contact with it. Deidara sighed in relief. That would slowed you down a little.

He looked around, finding a place to hide. Unluckily, he saw Kakuzu passing nearby. For now, he was glad Hidan wasn’t around. “Don’t tell her where I’m hiding, un” Deidara said before proceeding to hide behind the curtain. “That depends…” Kakuzu said with a shrug before extending his hand towards the clay user. Deidara frowned, knowing what Kakuzu wanted – cash.

“Ten dollars,” Deidara panicked, knowing your would recover from the impact earlier. There was no response from Kakuzu. “Twenty? Thirty?” Deidara now, looked annoyed seeing Kakuzu who was showing no signs interest. “Here! Fifty dollars! That’s all I’ve got, un!” Deidara slapped the money onto Kakuzu’s palm before concealing himself behind the curtain.

You stopped on your tracks. You definitely sensed Deidara’s chakra around here. You smled, seeing Kakazu who holding a black suitcase. Looks like he just got back on a mission with Hidan. They were after all are responsible for the Akatsuki’s finance by collecting bounties. You scanned the area, everything was silent. You walked up towards Kakuzu.

“Where’s Deidara?” you asked, knowing the blonde would be hearing. “I don’t know,” Kakuzu replied. You quirked a brow. You took out your wallet, seeing how much you’ve left. “I don’t really know how much he just gave you, but here… one hundred dollars,” you said, giving him your money. You smirked seeing Kakuzu’s eyes flashed before pointing his finger at the black curtain behind you. “Hey! That’s cheating!” Deidara accused, forgetting the fact that he was hiding from you.

Just as you managed to grab Deidara, you saw something sticking on your sleeve. You immediately jumped into Deidara’s arms, yelling. “G-get it off me!” you screamed, pointing at your left sleeve. It was a bug. You didn’t know how it actually managed to stick itself on you.

Deidara took a glance at the small harmless insect. He smiled seeing your reaction. He wondered why you were so afraid of these things. “Get it off me!” you repeated, shivering as it moved. You seriously wanted to faint. “Well, I’ll help. You have to do one simple thing for me in exchange, un!” Deidara grinned, knowing you will not reject his offer in this situation. “Sure! Sure! Whatever, just get it away!” you said in a frantic manner.

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