Mitsukuni 'Honey-Senpai' Haninozuka (OHSHC) Baby Daddy for KITTYxxxCATTYxxxGIRLxxx's sis ?

101Raven101 was the one that gave me the idea on the "How He Told You" part. To all of my requesters I am sorry if you have to wait so long for your requests to be finished. But I do have alot of other requests to do, you'll just have to be patient. I do not own Ouran High School Host Club.

Created by XShadowofavampireX on Friday, October 08, 2010


Name: Dallas Mullins
Age: 16
Personality: Nice, Hyper, Shy At First But Adapts Quickly To Others, Great Friend, But Can Get Annoying To People She Doesn't Like


(Light Brown Hair With Red Highlights & Brown Eyes)

High Or Low Class: Low Class, Got A Music & Arts Scholarship

Family: Vince (Older Brother; 3 Years Older), Ausitn (Younger Brother; Elementary), & Mother. Brothers Are Very Over Protective of Dallas
Friends: Haruhi, Tamaki, Hikaru & Kaoru, Bossanova, Mori-Senpai & Renge
Likes: Anime, Sweet Things, Sour Candy, Some Drinks, Manga, Cosplay, Drawing Manga, Being Happy, Reading Romance or Mythical Stuff Etc.
Dislikes: People Who Think They're Everything, Needles & Kyouya
Dream: To Be A Voice Actor
Past: Dallas's Dad Left Their Family When She Was Little, So Her Mom Worked Over-Time To Help Her Kids Get What They Needed. Vince Kept Dallas & Austin From Getting Into Trouble Or Hurt. She Had Some Tough Times But Got Through With Everything Okay

How You Met:
The rain poured heavily as you were closing up the Anime/Manga store where you had been working for the last 3 months. It was nice to know you could help out your family pay for food & all of the other neccessities. An extra bonus was the employees' 30% discount off everything in the store. Your best customers were Renge & Bossanova. Renge loved cosplay more than anything, although she wasn't anywhere close as to you. Bossanova usually came to talk, your shop being the only place where he could be himself. Usually Vince or him picked you after work to keep you safe. Sadly Bossa-kun was busy and your brother was running a little late. "Aw the heck with it! I'm not going to wait here all night for my older brother to show up! Home is only a few blocks away and its too much of a nice night to let it got to waste." Soon you were about 10 minutes away, whistling a very merry tune (not caring if you looked crazy XD). When you felt someone grab you, pinning you againist the wall, giving you a clear view of his face. He was plain looking, had baggy eyes and reeked of weed. "Listen here girly you're going to give me all of your money or I'm going to tear you a new belly button." "Make me why don't you?" "*Frowns* You're going to regret saying that to me." About when he was going to grab something from his pocket, you kneed him right into his lower area. As your attacker was groaning in pain, 2 other figures had kicked him into a wall. One you could tell was Bossa-kun, the other had sympathetic brown eyes. "Are you okay?" It was there you realized that you had been saved by Mitsukuni Haninozuka (or "Honey-senpai"). A boy from your school who looked like an elementary student. Though somehow he was still popular with the girls. U:"Uh not to be rude but how do you guys know where to find me?" Bo:"Vince called us to ask ifI could pick you up cause he was going to be stuck at the college for another hour. The host club kind of followed me here, which turned out to be a good thing since I couldn't find you anywhere." Hon:"We volunteered to help find Dallas-chan!" U:"Thanks you guys I really did need someone to get this creep away from me." Bo:"I'll walk you home." Hon:"See you at school Dallas-chan!"

Next morning turned out to be alot better than last night. Except for the fact that your mom & Vince had grounded you for a month. Vi:"How could have you been so irresponsible & stupid?! What would happened if Bossanova or Haninozuka didn't come to save you?! From now on you don't go anywhere without calling me or havingsomeone with you at all times!" Youignored himand went to school like nothing ever happened.Butright at lunchperiod your life had become a little more interesting, after the entire host club sat down at your table. Tam:"Hello Dallas-hime do you mind if we sit down?" "*Shrugs*Sure its a free country!" The boys sit down with a smile as you ate your sandwhich. Hik:"*Grins* Honey-senpai told an interesting story this morning-" Kao:"That he saved your life last night-"Both:"From apsychotic killer."Is that why they were being nice to you? All because they maybe thought you owed them? Har:"Would you guys knock it off? Honey-senpai did a deed that any good citizen would do. Dallas-chan doesn't really owe us anything." Ky:"Much as I would hate to agree on that statement Haruhi, you're positively right. We can't charge for something that happned outside of the school." Har:"Glad to see you have a change of heart Kyouya-san." "On the other hand Honey-senpai did save her life thus she is in his debt." Hik:"We knew it was too good to be true." U:"Hold I don't-" Ky:"Of course we can't charge you money seeing that you are a commoner. Perhaps you could offer us a discount to that store you work at. Seems like a fair deal to me wouldn't you say?" U:*Growls* You sneaky money grabbing son of a-" Hik:"Language please." Kao:"We would like to keep this story PG-13." Tam:"Don't listen to Kyouya Dallas-hime, he merely doesn't want to spend alot of money. Blackmail is the only way he knows how to get a bargain." Hon:"Dallas-chan would you like to spend a period break with me at the host club? We can serve you anything you want." U:"...Even sour gummy worms?" Har:"If that is what you want then yes." U:"AWESOME!!! I love sour gummy worms! Not as much I love anime, manga or cosplay but its still on the top 10 list." The boys just blink at your hyper personality. Although somewhere inside Honey-senpai's head he was thinking how adorable & innocent you were. Unlike the other girls at Ouran. Most of them were spoiled, conceited and obsessed with the Ouran Host Club boys. From that day on you kept your promise to Honey-senpai of seeing him evey school day during the club hours.

How He Told You He Loves You:
You were waiting for Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Bossanova and Haruhi to arrive at the Anime convention. They said they would help you out with your store's booth at the convention to boost sales ratings. Renge was dressed as one her favourite video game characters. While you were Rin from Naruto Shippuden (hey its an anime convention what did you expect?). U:Come on come all for the greatest sale on Anime & Manga you had ever seen! Buy 2 books get the 3rd one absolutely free!" Re:"Hurry this sale only lasts once in a lifetime! Get them before they are gone!" Random kids surround your booth, "Great deal!" "And those girls look so cute in those outfits!" "Wish my girlfriend would wear something like that more often." Re:"Whoa if thise keeps up Dallas, you'll run out of merchandise sooner than you had expected!" "Yeah hopefully I'll get that that raise I have been waiting for!!" "When do you think the others will get here?" "I don't know they said they would be here to help us." Just then you were hugged from behind on your back. "Dallas-chan you look so cute!" "*Turns around and hugs him back* Thank-you Honey-kun! Glad you could make it!" "Wouldn't miss it for the world! Right Takashi?" "Yeah"Honey-senpai was dressed up as Momiji from Fruits Basket (me:come on don't tell me they don't look alike!). And Bossanove was cosplaying as Renji from bleach. Haruhi was Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melchancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; and Mori-senpai... was just Mori-senpai -_-' . U:"Where is the rest of the gang?" Har:"They're uh busy!" 'Strange Haruhi is not usually so nervous.' ~Meanwhile Not Too Far Away~ Hik:"Man this is borning." Kao:"I agree why can't we wonder the convention?" Tam:"Cause we are not here for our own amusement! We're here on a mission to help Honey-senpai admit his feelings! Now be patient or I'll make you go back home!" Hon:"Dallas-chan... do you want to check the manga art with me?" U:"*Nods*Let's go right now! XD" You took the blonde-haired boy's hand whild shouting to your friends, "Take care of the booth while we're gone!!!" Har:"Okay see ya in a while." Ren:"*Squeals* They're so cute together!" In a flash you were gone faster than Britney Spear's last ounce of dignity. Barely noticing your friends' smiling faces, puzzled passerbys and and an extremely blushing Honey.

~ Awhile Later ~
"There are some pretty talented artists here wouldn't you agree Honey?" "*Nods* You're right." "So many different techinques to draw manga. I'm going have to work on my own drawings then maybe next year I can enter one of them in the contest!" "*Smiles* Something tells me that you'll be the best one in the show Dallas." You stopped dead in your tracks. "What's wrong?" "Honey-senpai you called me Dallas, never have you called me by my first name with adding chan before." Your friend was acting very strange, normally hewas cheerful, sweet and very youthful. Yet now he was serious and in deep thought. "Dallas-chan... what do you think of me?" "Well I think you're sweet, kind, fun to be around and really cute." "Do you mean boyfriend cute or little brother cute?" "I don't understand." "*Sighs* Nevermind I was just being foolish. Here I thought I could be with the perfect girl next door; if I wasn't so small. Maybe if I was charming like Tamaki, serious like Takashi or funny like the twins you would see me in a while different light." "...I like you just the way you are Honey-senpai." "...What did you say?" "Everyone shouldn't have to pretend something they're not. If people don't like you for who you really are then their opinion shouldn't matter. It doesn't matter to me if others think I'm too hyper or a commoner. Whose opinions really do matter are my family & friends. Most of all though is what I think of me." "...Thank you Dallas-chan it has been so long since I have heard words like that again." "Anytime Honey-senpai!" He motions for you to kneel down as you did so. Although you weren't expecting the high school senior to kiss you. "I love you Dallas-chan." "*Smiles* Same goes for me Honey-senpai." "No not Honey-senpai when we're alone... call me Mitsukuni." "Okay Mitsukuni." That's when you heard voices yell out: "Finally!" You turned your head to see the entire host club smiling widely at your guys' moment. Hik:"About time youtwo got together." Kao:"We were tired of you making puppy dog eyes to each other." Both:"At least we have a new toy to play with." Hikaru & Kaoru hug you tightly while giving you the occassional noogie. "Let me go this isn't funny!" Kyo:"I don't know I find it rather enjoyable." "Shut up mom!" "*Anime Vein* My what a rude little daughter we have raised." Tam:"Don't worry Dallas-hime Daddy's here! Let her go you devils!" "Look whose talking boss!" Har:"Do I really hang out with these guys?"

How It Happened:
Honey-senpai invited you to his house where you could meet his father & brother. He said they wanted to meet his new girlfriend (aka: you). To be honest you were nervous as hell. You had heard from Haruhi that Yasuchika wasn't very supportive of his older brother's love for sweets or stuffed cuddly animals. Even though you still liked Honey-senpai just the way he was, as he liked the same way you were. During dinner was apparently the most awkward moment you had ever experienced. Out of the blue the Haninozuka head broke the silence. "How long have you two been dating?" U:"Only for a couple of weeks sir. The both of us decided to take things slowly but still seriously." "Hmm very good choice my dear. You know when Mitsukuni told me that he had a girlfriend I was a little skeptical at first that he should be dating period. But now that I got the chance to meet you I think you're exacly the type of girl that my son should marry." "...Pardon?" "You know strong, energetic, someone who is sure to keep my son happy. Probably conceive active healthy grandchildren." Hon:"*Blushes* F-Father please you're embarrassing Dallas-chan." Yasuchika scoffs at his brother, "I think you're the one that's embarrassing her Mitsukuni. Here I though there was no chance that you could get an weaker. That was before you bring home a girl and show emotional attachment to." For the first time you had snapped, "You think showing love to another is a weakness? What about a mother who gave up everything to help her family? A sibling who would risk their life to keep his sister & brother safe from harm? Would any of those considered weak to you?" "N-No but I don't see how-" "Exactly that's what my mother & brothers did for me when my father left us; who is the weak one now?" You excused yourself from the table, leaving a shocked Yasuchika but a smirking Mr. Haninozuka. Honey-senpai follows you into his room, as you both sat on his bed. "Sorry about my brother Dallas-chan." "There is no need to apologize Mitsukuni I shouldn't have lost my temper back there. It's just that what he said made me so angry how he talked about you like that." "Um Dallas-chan I know we said we wanted to take things slolwy; but there is one thing I would like to try." "Yes what is it?" The blonde lies you down onf his bed, hovering abov you. "I think you know."

How He Found Out:
The entire host club (with Bossanova & Renge) listened to you tell the story of how you became pregnant with Honey-senpai's baby. Haruhi gives you a comforting hug, "Everything is going to be fine Dallas you will get through this." "How?! My mom & brothers are going to kill me when they find out! And Honey-senpai will never want to speak to me again." Tamaki smiles, "You're more than welcome to stay at my house Dallas-hime. I wouldn't mind the little one at all." Hik:"Are you sure Boss?" Kao:"Kids can be alot of work to take care of." "Completely sure! Dallas-hime is one of my best friends. I should be considered stupid if I didn't offer her to stay with me." U:"*Hugs him tightly* Thanks Tama-kun!" Hikaru & Kaoru smirk, "We'll be more than happy to babysit." Ren:"And I can't wait to dress it up in cosplay clothes!" U:"*Laughs* Or read manga to it every night!" Kyo:"You know the baby won't understand anything that you say to it." U:"Don't ruin my fun! >_ < " A few minutes later Honey-senpai walks in with Mori-senpai. Kyouya, seeing how nervous you were with the blonde haired host, decided to get his revenge. "Dallas why don't you tell Honey-senpai about your trip to my family's hospital?" U:"*Growls* Shut up" Hon:"*Gasps* Are you alright Dallas-chan?" Ky:"Sureshe will be fine. Butshe had to get a few needles, run a few tests and came back with only conclusion." Hik:"Hey leave her alone Kyouya" Kao:"We promised we wouldn't tell" Hon:"Tell what?" Mo:"...She's pregnant..." The whole host club's mouths drop to the floor. As if saying 'how did he know that?!' Hon:"Is that true Dallas-chan? Am I really going to be a daddy?!" After you nodded your head he hugs you tightly, "I love you Dallas-chan!" "Love you too Honey-kun! XD" Renge holds a handkerchief to wipe her eyes, "This is one the most beautiful moments I had ever seen. Most likely to best couple since (favourite anime couple)!" As you predicted you predicted your family was dissappointed in you. Nevertheless they got over it and helped you with the pregnancy any way they can. Austin was probably the most excited about being an uncle more than anybody. Your friends helped as well. They dealt with your constant mood swings, strange food cravings and the bullies who tormented you for being a teenage mother.

~ 8 Months Later

~Mori-senpai, Honey-senpai & Bossanova were training out in the backyard. How badly you wanted to practice with them. For the past few months the doctors wouldn't let you do any physical activity where it could harm the baby. And it was tearing you up; what were you going to do to keep yourself from getting bored easliy & doing what you normally did. You were eating a whole tube full of sour gummy worms when you felt the baby kick. U:"Odd..." Hon:"Nani?" "The baby has been kicking non-stop today, should it mean something?" Mori gives a blank stare, "You're in labour." U:"Oh that's no-WHAT?! Holy crap I need to get to the hospital now!" Hon:"*Nods* Takashi, Bossanova-kun you carry her! I'll call the hospital!" 8 hours later after many screaming & pushing, you were blessed with a beautiful baby boy who looked like you. Vin:"*Smiles* Great job sis he's adorable" Aus:"I'm an uncle now! XD" Honey-senpai gives you a kiss on the forehead while your friends/family got a chance to hold your son Leon. 3 years later after graduating from Ouran and achieving your dream job, Mitsukuni & you were married. On your 2nd anniversary you found out that you were pregnant again with twin boys, Kyeo & Leo. They both had blonde hair and brown eyes like their father, with the same personality. Leo however was more like you. Another 3 years went by, when you gave birth to a baby girl named Phoenix. Like her twin brothers before her had blonde hair and brown eyes, with a mix of her parents personalities. Finally 3 years later you had your 5th/final child May, that was mostly like you but had her father's love for stuffed animals & sweets. After your 2nd daughter was born, you agreed with your husband not to have any more children cause each of them had already brought enough happiness into your lives. All of your children loved martial arts and joined the Host Club when they were in high school. Haruhi got together with Tamaki, had a few children of their own, living somewhere off the coast of France. Every summer your family visits theirs, and Leon even had a crush on Tamaki & Haruhi's daughter Renee. Thus it is the end of your perfect romantic fairytale.

Leon (Meaning: Brave) Age: 12

Kyeo (Meaning: Approval) & Leo (Meaning: Lion) Ages: 8

Phoenix (Meaning: Deep Red) Age: 5

May (Meaning: 5th Month) Age: 2

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