Gaara Love Story (Chapter 123)

Haha! Chapter 123, Am I the only one who is amused by that? "Ding dong the snake is dead!"

Created by WhyDoesEveryOneIgnoreMe on Saturday, October 09, 2010

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You felt someone shaking you lightly & instantly recognised the presence of Sasuke. Shit!

Orochimaru had taken over his body already?!

‘Sasuke? Or is that Orochimaru.’ Your eyes were still closed.

‘Sasuke.’ Well, it sounded like him, but that didn’t help. Then again, his hand was against your arm, giving you a link. That was stupid of him, but maybe he didn’t think you had enough chakra to be able to hurt him. Foolish, as long as you were alive you had chakra left.

You quickly checked his brain & found that he was really Sasuke, you sighed & opened your eyes

‘What is it?’

‘Am I right in assuming you can draw that chakra in your Katana out?’

‘Why should I tell you?’

‘Because I’m going to kill Orochimaru & I want you to help me.’

This made you sit bolt upright, or it would’ve, if the metal chains & leather straps binding you weren’t, well, binding you.

‘And why would you do that?’

‘Because I’m stronger than him now & there’s no need for me to give up my body now, it won’t bring me any closer to Itachi’s death.’

‘Oh Yippee, Naruto & Sakura will be thrilled.’ You said dryly

‘Hn.’ You sensed some real amusement out of him from that.

‘Ha! Was that actual emotion I felt just then? Maybe there’s hope for you yet.’

He scowled, ‘This is why I hate you.’

You grinned, ‘Tends to be the reason most people do. Now, if you’re serious about killing that snake bastard then can you cut me out of these straps & chains? Or better yet, pass me my sword & I’ll do it myself.’

‘Probably not the best idea as it’ll most likely kill me.’

‘Oh yeh, I’m still thinking of you as a threat. Sorry, can’t help it. No offence meant.’

He rolled his eyes, ‘None taken.’ He drew out his sword & cut you free in two strokes. You stood up, albeit shakily, & rushed over to your sword. Securing the sheath to your back & absorbing some of the chakra in the blade. There was enough chakra in that thing to refill your entire chakra supply over 10xs, but you normally avoided resorting to drawing it out.

‘Ready?’ he asked impatiently.

‘Sure, but just to let you know. If this is some elaborate scheme that’s meant to somehow disadvantage me, then I can assure you it won’t work. There’s enough chakra in this blade to refill my entire chakra supply easily about 20 times over.’ Okay, slight exaggeration but oh well. ‘So if you are planning something like that, I suggest giving up & running away now.’

‘Would you stop suspecting me & get a move on.’

‘Alright, alright. Let’s go.’

You followed him as he ran around corners & through hallways & you were just about to ask if he was lost when he motioned for you to be silent & stopped in front of a door. You activated your vision & looked inside, Orochimaru was sitting in a bed. Kabuto wasn’t with him. You looked at Sasuke, who nodded. He readied a chidori & so did you, you watched him carefully manipulating his chakra, ah! So he was planning on moulding the chidori? You copied him & you both shot identical Chidori blades through the door at the same time. Both of which Orochimaru blocked with his arms. You sighed & blasted the door away, you & Sasuke stepped inside.

‘Ah, so you came. But you brought Kyouri?’ his eyes hardened, ‘you traitor.’

‘I’m stronger than you now. I don’t need you.’ Sasuke replied.

‘And I just hate your guts.’ You added cheerfully.

‘What about Itachi?’ Orochimaru asked Sasuke, ignoring your comment

‘I was willing to give up my body if it brought me closer to his death, but now there is no point; I’m stronger than you anyway.’

‘So you’re going to try & kill me. But, you’re not too sure how well your confidence is grounded so you brought Kyouri along as well, how cowardly.’

‘No, he brought me along because he knew I’d kill him later if he killed you without letting me have some fun as well.’

‘Either way, in your current state you are useless, it has been but an hour since the curse mark left your body. You have no chakra left.’

‘Except Sasuke knows more about my powers than you do & realised something you didn’t.’

‘Which is what?’ He demanded.

‘That I can absorb chakra, & with his sharingan he saw that I’d stored a huge amount of chakra in my sword. All I had to do was touch the sword & I was instantly replenished.’

‘Bastards, the both of you.’

‘That may well be. But we’ll be alive by the end of this and you won’t.’ You cracked your knuckles, leaving your chidori hanging in the air by itself.

You stretched & yawned, ‘God, being strapped to that bed has cramped up all my muscles. But don’t worry; killing you will be the perfect work out for them. Nothing too hard, just something nice & simple to ease them & give them a bit of a stretch.’

‘Always with the showy speeches.’ Sasuke noted, rolling his eyes again.

‘Hey! You shouldn’t underestimate the value of winding up your opponents. They attack out of anger & don’t think before flinging themselves at you.’

‘Really? I thought you just liked to annoy people.’

‘Well, that as well.’

‘You two really think it’ll be so easy to kill me?!’ Orochimaru demanded, head extending from his body, thick & white & scaly.

‘Erh...Yeh.’ you replied as if he was stupid.

‘Argh!’ Suddenly he had risen up into the air, completely in snake form.

‘So this was your real form? All those bodies & this is how you end up really?’ Sasuke asked him, Orochimaru didn’t reply, just attacked. You set up a chakra shield around you & Sasuke then leapt into battle. Slashing with your sword, dodging snakes & laughing at how easy it all was. In a matter of seconds you & Sasuke had severed the snake body.

‘Is that it? Is that all you have Orochimaru? How disappointing.’

‘No, the bastard’s not dead yet.’ You corrected as a thin red mist rose into the air. Probably some form or paralysis or poison, either way it wouldn’t work with your chakra shields in place.

‘Ah, it’s about time. The blood from this snake body turns into a paralysing mist when it is exposed to air.’ Orochimaru’s severed head spoke

‘Ah, the bastard did always have an ace up his sleeve didn’t he?’

‘It won’t matter.’ He replied confidently & suddenly you were thrown into some weird dimension.

‘Great. Where are we now?’ You rose yourself above the level of what looked like intestines with a small disc of chakra & activated your vision, the entire place was pulsing with chakra, oh just brilliant.

‘You are in a dimension I have made. It is where all my reincarnations take place. Now, which one of you wants to become my new body?’

‘Mm, how about neither?’ You asked, ‘Is neither good with you?’

‘I’m afraid that isn’t an option, in this dimension, I control everything.’

‘Is that so?’ you asked, not impressed.

‘Yes, it is. Watch.’ The weird intestines rose up out of the floor to cover you & Sasuke

‘Ew. Gross.’ You stated but didn’t move; instead you changed your vision so your sharingan was dominant & started up an interweaving genjutsu, this would give Sasuke a chance to kill him.

Orochimaru broke through the first one easily, like everyone else, but was fooled by the second one, like everyone else. ‘Ha! You thought a regular genjutsu would work?’

‘No, that’s why I didn’t use one.’ Sasuke had already countered Orochimaru’s jutsu so there was no reason for you to maintain the genjutsu. You let it fall & let Orochimaru see the truth. The truth being that you & Sasuke had just taken over his precious little dimension. You both struck at the same time & Orochimaru fell, & fell for good this time. He wasn’t coming back. You broke away from the dimension’s hold on you & sheathed your sword.

‘Hello Kabuto.’ You said from within the room

‘Kyouri!? So that is Sasuke....’ he trailed off, his eyes wide. His shock & horror emanating out from him, ‘So Orochimaru-sama is dead!? No. . . . not like this.’

‘Good bye Kabuto.’ Sasuke said & left the room. You walked out as well.

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