I Will Always Love You (A James Maslow Love Story) Chapter 1

Created by ILuvvJamesMaslow on Monday, October 11, 2010

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"Hey Shakira wanna come to the pool with us?"Asked James
"Sure, Ill be right out!!!"Yelled Shakira from her room
I changed into a White Strapless Bikini with a white cover up dress

I randown the stairs to where the guys were

"Ready?"I asked

"Yeah"Said the guys

we headed towards the pool together talking andn cracking jokes
finally we arrived. i decided to go swimming so i took off my cover dress and entered the pool
the guys just gawked at me i giggled and rolled my eyes playfully
i got out of the pool to go tan for a while
"Where are you going"Asked Kendall
Going out to tan for a while"I called back
"Ok"He called back
a few minutes passed and Logan got out of the pool and headed towards me
He cracked a joke and i laughed so hard my tummy hurt
"You know whats funnier"He asked
"No what is it??"I asked
"This"He said
He carried me bridal style and threw me in the pool and when i went down he went down with me >:)
"What was that for?"Logan asked
"Um,Hello you were gunna throw me in the pool and you know when i go down you go down with me Sir!"I said
The guys just laughed
after some time passed we went home we went home to go watch My Neighboor Totoro My favorite anime movie of all time!!!!!!!!
so after the movie we all fell asleep thing is when the movie ended it was like 2 pm so we all fell asleep where we were
I fell asleep on James
Thank you Jesus i said in my mind

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