Jake Pitts; a love story. {Through pain of heart or loss of mind.} Chapter seven.

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Created by BiersackPercy on Saturday, October 16, 2010

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jake_pitts1.jpg[Just thought I would emrace you with a tad bit of Jake's godlyness :D]
So my stuff came, and Kiana and Sandra came over, and helped me make my room. It's just amazing looking, if I do say so myself. Kiana was over, and she was spending the night. My 'rents love her to death. We haven't really been out of the house, so we decided to go over to Sandra's housein sweats, v-neck shirts, and adidas sandals. My 'rents love her, too. ^_^
We went up and knocked on her door, and her mum answered.
"Oh hey, Spencer. You comin' in?" She asked. She was a super cool lady.
"Yeah. This is my friend Kiana. She can come in, too, right?" I have her a puppy dog look, and she started laughing.
"Of course, any friend of yours is like a daughter of mine." she said, giving us space to walk in. It was a two story house, just like mine, but Sandra had the only room on the first floor. We heard massive amazing drumming, and we walked in.
I ran in front of the drumset and started moshing, until Sandra was on the floor laughing.
I gaped."What? My moshing isn't bad" I squeeked.
"No. But it's funny. You're fun sized like me, and your just jumping all over the place" She said as she continued laughing.
"Whatchaa dooooooin?" Kiana dragged on as we sat down on Sandra's bed.
"I was just drumming. I got really bored." She said, sitting in her desk chair.
"Well. You know you can come over any time," I said, looking at her.
"Yeah, but I have to keep in tune with my mad skillz." She said with a giggle.
"Well," Kiana stated,"You should most definetly be in a band."
"I was. I was in one with Ash, Andy, Jake, and Jinxx."
she said, with a smile.
"What happend?" I said, thinking she may have gotten kicked out.
"Wasn't really my type of music, so I'm gonna start my own band, which is kind of my dream." She said, proud of herself.
"Well. Did they get a new drummer?" Kiana asked, playing with Sandra's fluffy pillow.
"Yeah, CC. He came to SVH like a week after I resigned. VERY fortunate. He's an amazing drummer." She said, she obviously was still good friends with them.
"Haha. It's good that you're still good friends with them." I giggled.
"I don't know what I would do without them. Oh yeah, did you know, I think Ash likes you." Sandra said, giving me a wink.
I blushed, and Kiana cooned,"Oooooh. He's really cute." I hugged her. I love my Kiana. She has bright green eyes, and snakebites. We were almost exactly alike. She was like my California Mackenzie.
I mentally slapped myself.
Nobody could replace Mackenzie.
Which reminded me, I still had to look up her blog.
"Sandra, can I use your computer?" I gave her puppy dog eyes. She got up and let me sit down.
Hello dear readers,
I just have to say that momentarily, I'm dying inside. I have lived in Sydney, Australia all my life, and so has my bestfriend in the world, Spencer. She's lived right next door to me since we were babies. We've never gone a day without eachother, and I mean that, literally. We go everywhere together. And earlier this morning, she's moved. She's moved to fucking California. That's an ocean away. I can't even explain all my feelings. Sadness, and depression knowing I won't be able to see my twin that much, until we have visits. Very rare visits. The only happiness I seek is I'll be more happy than I usually am when I see her. And more depressed when I leave her again. Hate towards her mum's boss for making her move. Sympathy towards all the guys that liked her, and told me to keep it a secret. And Spencer, I know you're reading this. Aiden, he liked you, a lot. And he had shit he was going through. So he told me not to tell you. He showed up right after you drove out. He cried, along with me. I'm so sorry. I'm really fucking sorry. Please don't be mad at me, because I know you really liked him, too. But soon I'll text him your number, at least you two can be friends.
But there's what's inside my head right now. Now, I'm going to go listen to our song, Your Gaurdian Angel, by RJA. I'll think about her and start crying.
Your's truly,
Mackenzie Lee Rhodes. <3
I felt the tear escape down my cheek. All of the sudden, I had long arms around me. Long, manly arms. I turned around, Ashley. He must have walked in while I was caught up in ready what Mack wrote. What made me feel like extra shit is I haven't been talking to her, much. And it's even harder, because I have Kiana here, trying really hard to become close with me. And, Aiden liked me. Oh how I've always liked Aiden. He was beautiful. But right now I had Ashley, so I hugged him back.
If I had Ashley, then, why was Jake the only thing I could think of now?
He kissed me on the forehead, and went to sit next to Sanra. I could see Kiana staring at him.
"Ashley said he was coming over about, 4 HOURS AGO!" Sandra said, punching him in the arm.
"Ow!" He yelled.
"Gosh, Ash, you're so weak!" I pointed at him and laughed.
"Stop making fun. Before I tickle your brains out." He smirked.
"I. AM. GOING. TO. KILL. C. C." I yelled. He told them. They had that against me.
They all started joking around. I was somehow depressed again.
"Hey, guys, I'm going to go to the bathroom," I said, getting up. Sandra pointed in the direction towards that bathroom. I thanked her, and then headed towards the front door.
I walked to the park, and sat on a swing. God, what the hell am I supposed to do? I really didn't want to get back on medication for this. I've been like this ever since...that...happend. I've never told anybody what happend. Not even Mack. I touched my side. I flinched, I had a massive bruise there. Automatically, I was being pushed on the swing.
"What happend to the bathroom?" I heard Ashley.
"You followed me," I smirked,"Why?"
"Well, the way you went wasn't towards the bathroom. Then I heard the front door open and close. Sanrda and Kiana were about to come out. But I said I'd do it. I've always had a way with helping people." He sat in the swing next to me, and I let the motion of my swing subside.
"Anything you'd like to talk about?" Ashley asked with a concerned look on his face.
"I'm...I'm just a messed up person, Ash. I have so many problems, I can't even explain it." I said, shaking my head.
"You can tell me a little bit at a time." I liked the idea. I needed to get some shit off my chest.
"I really miss my bestfriend in Austrailia. I read her blog, and it's all about how she misses me. And then there was this guy, named Aiden, that I really liked. I found out he liked me. Nobody told me. And then about a month ago, I-" I stopped abruptly. I wasn't ready to talk about that.
"You?" He said swinging side to side.
"I...um...got in a big fight with my mum. I still feel bad about it." He didn't believe me, I could tell.
I could tell she wasn't telling the truth on that last thing. I could see it in her face. But I decided it would be best if I didn't push it. It was obviously something she didn't want to talk about. So I just left it at that.
"That doesn't make you messed up in any shape, form, or colour." I said, trying to boost her self confidence.
"Thanks. You make me feel so much better, Ash." That touched my heart. She was moving in the same motion as me on the swings, side to side, and our hands bumped. She took her hand away immediately. She blushed. I thought it was so adorable, so I entwined my fingers with hers. She blushed harder.
"Awuh. You're so cute. You're showing me new shades of red that I haven't even seen before." I teased her. She smacked me on the arm. I guess it was well deserved.
"But, I wouldn't want Kiana and Sanrda to be worried about you. Maybe we should go back," I stood up, and she followed. As we were walking, I realized we still hadn't untwined our fingers. I looked at her, and she blushed again. I stopped her, and got her to face me. I bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. My stomach started doing flips, I don't even know how to explain it.
When Ashley kissed me, it was like, I wasn't depressed anymore. He still was holding my hand, and we walked back to Sanras house. When we walked in, hand in hand, you could hear Sanra's loud 'AWUHHHHHHH." And honestly, Kiana looked a little sad. I sat down next to her.
"What's wrong, babe?"
She looked up at me. "Nothing, why?"
"Well, durr, you look sad as shit."
"It's no reason, I was just worried about you." She hugged me, and so did Sanra.

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