Ruffnut And Tuffnut Are At It Again!

This story is about two of our favorite twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut! As usual the twins are fighting, but this time Hiccup decides to do something about it. He tells his friends about a certain viking their age named Dirttongue. Disclaimer:I do not own Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, or Snotlout. (But I wish I did! That would be so cool!) Dirttongue is my own character who I made up. Special Thanks:I'd like to thank my grandma for helping to turn my idea into a story and for writing it.

Created by jahnae on Sunday, October 17, 2010


The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and it was a beautiful day, but as usual they can hear the arguing from across the field. Curious as to what the arguement is about Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout slowly go to where the arguement is coming from. There they are, Ruffnut and Tuffnut wrestling, arguing, and pulling each others hair.
Hiccup asks, "What are you fighting about this time?"
"I don't remember, "Ruffnut turns to Tuffnut and says, "What are we fighting about?"
Tuffnut says, "What do you mean what are we fighting about you idiot, can't you remember?"
" Well no moron!" Ruffnut anwers angrily.
Tuffnut yells, "That's what I mean! You're crazy!" and they begin to fight again.
Hiccup stops them one more time and Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout sit the twins down on the grass and tie their hands.
Hiccup says, "Now listen! This has got to stop! I want to tell you a story about a bully who always fought with people and maybe you can see where this kind of behavior will lead you. It has got to stop now!"
Hiccup begins to tell them about one of the worst bullies who ever lived.
"His name was Dirttongue, he was the dirtiest most evil viking alive. Evertime he opened his mouth his tongue whipped out the most vicious words you ever heard. He was a bully! Then the fighting began over and over with anyone in his way. He put fear into everyone he met. Dirttongue got a lot of attention and thought he had everything he ever wanted and kept fighting just like you do."
Then Ruffnut and Tuffnut started arguing again.
Tuffnut says, "We do not always fight, we're twins."
Ruffnut says, "Well I never start it, you do!"
At that point Hiccup loudly says, "Stop it! I'm not finished!" and Astrid and Fishlegs cover their mouths.
Hiccup speaks, "Dirttongue kept using his vicios tongue so much that he couldn't talk. He began to feel helpless but kept using his fists to fight. Everyone still feared him. He had the most powerful arms and hands of all in his village. It was a shame not to use them for good. Never speaking a word Dirttongue just kept swinging those arms and hands at anyone and everything. One day Dirttongue was sitting all alone with his hands and arms swinging when suddenly a dragon appeared out of no where. The dragon's eyes got furious and he attacked Dirttongue thinking he was trying to attack him. Dirttongue could not even offer some kind words because he couldn't talk. When the dragon attacked Dirttongue he fell on him. Dirttongue felt totally crushed.When the dragon got up and left Dirttongue could not move his arms. He got up lowered his head and walked away."
Ruffnut and Tuffnut look at each other with sad eyes for the way they have been.
Hiccup says, "Well let that be a lesson when you continue fighting. You lose in the end. Dirttongue couldn't talk or swing his arms and hands anymore, it was a disaster, his life was ruined. Is that what you want to happen? Dirttongue ended up also with no friends. Now what do you think? Are you ready to stop this constant fighting?"
Ruffnut and Tuffnut look at each other and shake their heads yes. As Astrid and Fishlegs let go of their mouths Snotlout unties them.
"Ewwwww!" Astrid says loudly, "Tuffnut! You drooled on my hand!"
"It's your fault for putting it over my mouth." Tuffnut anwsers laughing.
Snotlout says, "Let's go eat!"
"Okay, I'm starving!" agrees Ruffnut.
Tuffnut says, "I'm hungrier than you are!"
"No you're not! I'm hungrier!" yells Ruffnut.
Hiccup says, "Okay guys, stop it! Now!"
So, the twins get quite and head to the dinner hall.
As they get to the dinner hall Tuffnut says, "I'll get my food first."
But Ruffnut doesn't agree, "No, I'll get my food first! You always get your food first!" and she slaps him on the arm. Then Tuffnut hits back. The twins get up, pick up their chairs, and throw them at each other.
Snotlout enters in saying, "Ruffnut, hit Tuffnut with your shield!"
Fishlegs yells, "Hiccup, stop them!"
Then, after seeing what is going on, the cook orders Ruffnut and Tuffnut to leave the dinner hall.
They leave, arguing all the way home.
Frustrated, Hiccup says, "There is no hope for those two! No hope!"
Astrid laughs, "Better get used to it, you know they're never going to change."
(Sorry I didn't put their dragons in the story. I couldn't think of how to add them. By the way, no, I did not try to make Tuffnut seem gross on purpose. Drooling on Astrid's hand is just something I thought he would do. Besides, the twins immaturity is why people like them. They're hilarious! I absolutely love Tuffnut! He is so cute! Anyways, hope you liked the story and thanks again Grandma! I love you!)

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