{Love After Lust A Sasuke Uchiha Story Chapter 31- The Fabulous Rescue}

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(Sasuke's Pov)

For two days No one had seen Nami.

Every one of team seven was finally allowed to move back into their own houses, So it should've taken him awhile to notice her unexplained absense. At first, He thought she was just enjoying the time she had to herself. But than he began to worry.

Of course he didn't show it, The only real thing he did was look for Nami alone.

"Nami?" He called, Opening the door to her house, She had given him and everyone else a spear key, Just in case.

Just in case-

"Nami?" He called again, No answer. He walked upstrais, And looked around the hallways, The T.V wasn't on, Which was extremly not like Nami. He turned a corridor and headed to her room.

Nothing was on.

Now, Sasuke began to feel extreme worry, If the T.V's were not on, And the air conditioning wasn't on, Than that meant that they were programed to shut off if automatically if no one had touched the remote.

No one had touched the remotes in two days.

When Sasuke thought, He hadn't seen Tenshi in days either, He ran down staris and picked up the phone, And dialed Tenshi's number.

"What?" Her voice echoed through the phone.

"it's me, Sasuke." He answered her, Obviously now wasn't the time for small talk.

"Sasuke? All teams were scheduled to move back to their own houses, Why are you still there?"

"I called to ask something, Have you seen Nami?"

A silence came between the two. And Sasuke figured she was thinking, As she always did.

"N-No i haven't..Strange..You haven't seen her?" Tenshi asked, Sounding alittle intrested.

"NO i haven't, No one else have seen her either, I'm at her house, Nothing's on." Sasuke answered.

"....Nami told me that if she wasn't in the house for a period of time, She had everything automatically shut off, So nothing would burn out. Are you sure everything's off?"


"...I'll be over in a second."

And a second it was, Tenshi had arrived at Nami's house in only acouple of minutes. She was wearing a "Happy Kiba's Gone" Shirt. And if Sasuke weren't so uneasy, he would've asked why.

"First, We should go to Naruto." Tenshi stated, Comming back from up staris. She spotted Sasuke.

"For what?"

"Just..Trust me."

(Naruto's Pov)

Oh...Something was wrong..So very wrong...

But he couldn't, Nor did he know what. It was unknown, He hadn't had a bad feeling like this in quite some time. But it was only getting stronger, Yet it stayed stable. Naruto sat at his dinner table, He had been having touble sleeping.

Because something was just to wrong..

"Naruto! It's us! Open the door!" He heard Sasuke's voice yell from outside his door. He got up and ran towards the door.

"What is it? Do you have any id-"

"Nami's gone."

Right then, His heart stopped, And it all made Perfect sense.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, Frowing in concern.

Tenshi walked in, Giving him a serious look. "She's gone, has been for two days, Have you seen her?"


"No, Somethings wrong..But it's making sense..." Naruot trailed, His heart beating harder in his chest.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke questioned.

"When Nami's in trouble, She'll usually send me a connection..But she hasn't done that, She would've already done that." He explained, Tugging at his white pajama shirt.

Tenshi touched her mouth in realization. "If she can't do it, That means she's to weak to do so. She's in trouble.."

Sasuke was lost, Connection? It made no sense to him, He watched as Tenshi grabbed Naruto's shoulders, Forcing him to look at her.

"Listen Naruto.." Tenshi spoke assertively. "You have to try and contact Nami, We need to find her."

"But i can't contact her! I've never been able to do it!" Naruto argued.

"I never thought i'd hear the great Naruto Uzumaki, Whine about not being able to do something!" Tenshi coutered. "You can do it." Her voice got softer.

Naruto thought for a moment, But nodded. He opened the door wide for them all to sit, Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, Tenshi, And him crowded the small living room.

"Okay Naruto.." Tenshi said, Looking him in the eye. "You have to focus on Nami..Than try and speak with her."

Naruto nodded, Took a deep breath, And focused all his thoughts on his sister..

Nami..... He tried, No answer.. He thought about her harder, Her appearance, personality, And traits were burned into his head as he tried once more.

Nami...... He repeated, Once again, No answer. He frowned, He thought even harder, Desperate to reach her.

Nami! Answer me damnit!


He heard the faint voice of his sister, He smile. "I got her!"

Tenshi nodded. "Ask her where she is."

Nami...Where are you?

Shizuka...Clan....Kid...App....Me.... She replied in a frail tone.


No answer..


He got no answer. He stopped trying. He looked around, His team mates and friends looked at him. "Well?"

"She said the Shizuka clan kid apped her..I don't get it?" Naruto replied.

Tenshi put it together in her mind, Than, Her own heart stopped and her eyes widened. "The Shizuka Clan kidnapped her! And probably Kaien to, We have to go find her."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Who are they?"

"The Shizuka gang are a gang of rebellions that Nami used to hang with, Until she quit when she was thirteen. They probably want to hurt her now that they've found her again." She explained, Standing up and heading for the door. "Let's move people!"

(Nami's Pov)

It was hard to move, The annoying shivering lights above her were blinding her vision. And her body felt cold and numb, Like the snow itself.

She was laying on a steel service, Right across from her was Kaien, Who still looked guilty. They had zapped away their energy, Nami was feeling overuled.

And man, did she hate that feeling...

"K...Kaien..." She called, Their eyes met when he raised his head to look at her. "What did you do?" Even though she hadn't seen him for three years, She still knew him quite well.

"Nami...I have to confess...-"

"NO! Let me do it for you!" Night came around the corner, Wicked smile on his face. "It all started acouple days ago."

"Night! Stop!" Kaien shouted.

"We decided to have Kaien here go find you-"


"So we could trick you into comming back-" Night was cut off again.

"PLEASE! STOP!" Kaien begged.

"So we could kill you." Night smiled.

There was a silence, Nami looked over to Kaien, She could tell that Kaien could look at her because of the sudden shame that hit him. "Is that true? did you know they wanted to kill me?"

Kaien looked away from her, with a tear running down his face..Before he nodded.. "I'm sorry Nami..."

Nami layed on her back, Looking away from her previous protege. She didn't want to say anything to him, She didn't have anything to say. "Night..?"


"Who is you're boss?"

Night froze, But than smiled slightly. His cold black eyes peering into Nami's. "Boss..I think you can come out now..."

Nami heard footsteps edgeing closer to her, She felt herself unable to turn her head, And the suspence was killing her. Who was behind this? Who wanted her gone? When the mysterious face hovered over Nami, She felt colder, Colder than she was before, Colder than the ice lier that she was being held hostage in. "Kabuto?"

(Sasuke's Pov)

A genjutsu....

Once everyone had split to find Nami, Sasuke went in a unfortunate direction, And was caught in a genjutus, That seemed impossible to break.

'Damnit...How would a gang of rebellions know how to create a barrier?' He thought to himself, Getting impatient. He made more handsigns.

He was trapped on a certain street on Konoha, It was deserted, And everytime he ran, He found himself comming back to the exact same spot he was before.

This was getting troubled, What if he couldn't break it? He was a genin, Even though he was an Uchiha, Mostly someone of Chunin level could break a genjutsu that was taken place.

"Having trouble!?" A voice called out, Sasuke jumped and looked up, Seeing a man land on the ground swiftly. "What's up?"

"It's you!" Sasuke pointed.

Akito flicked his hair back, Before flashing a smile in the youngest Uchiha's direction. "You're out here for her aren't you lover boy?"

Sasuke fought a blush, Rolling his eyes at Akito's teasing. "I'm looking for Nami, But i can't break down this barrier!"

Akito raised an eyebrow. "It's alright done, I got through. Let's go." Akito began to move, Sasuke following.

Sasuke frowned, Moving besides Akito. "Why are you trying to save her?" Yeah Akito, That's Sasuke's job...

Akito turned his head to the side. "Even though she was part of a gang that terroized most of Konoha, I don't belive she needs to die because of that. And plus, She owes me acouple of bucks. Not just gonna let that go."

His frown intensified, But he choose not to say anything in a reply, Saving Nami was the most important thing at the moment.

He just hoped he'd get there before...

(Nami's Pov)

'Okay Nami, Get the hell up! I won't tolorate being a demon of a damsel in distress!'

Shisui's upset voice rang loudly through Nami's head, Making her cringe.

'What the hell do you want me to do?' She replied irritated. 'You act like it's so damn easy. YOU DON'T DO ANY WORK!'

'....Have my chakra...'

A silence took place, Nami was going to reject..But that would mean she would die, She wouldn't let that happen, She couldn't. On the other hand, Shisui's chakra was to powerful to control for long, If she couldn't defeat them before the chakra depleted, Than she would die anyway...

Troublesome decision indeed, But Nami wouldn't accept dying here. 'Okay..Do it.'

It wasn't long before Nami was covered in the silver chakra, Her fangs grew back, Her fingernails we're longer and animal like. And she was enhanced with the energy she needed to leave.

With hope..She would leave alive..

"What the hell is this!?" Night screamed.

Nami screamed out a vicious growl, Facing Night with blood thirsty silver eyes, That used to be a green color. She split the ropes that were holding her, And In a blink of an eye, She zoomed towards Night, She fliped and kicked him clear in the face.

"Gahh!!" He flew backwards, Breaking through the wall.

"Nami! What are you!-" Kaien yelled, Before he felt himself being picked up by the hosted konoichi, But before she could fly out, Kabuto stepped in her way.

"Oh no..I can't let you go anywhere now.." Kabuto made handsigns, And his hands began to glow with blue chakra.

"Don't get in my way Kabuto, I won't hesitate to kill you!" Nami growled, Setting Kaien down.

"Try it!" Kabuto ran towards her, Focusing on her waist.


His head went flying into the wall, Silver eyes glared at the body that layed infront of him, Limping slightly.


"Akito!? What are you doing here!?" Nami growled.

Akito looked over his shoulder, His eyes went wide when he saw Nami's transformation, But gained his composure. "Are you okay?"

"Fine.." Nami's fangs grew back in, Her eyes turning back into Green crystals they once were.

"Nami!" She turned at the sound of her own name, Tenshi and Sauske ran into the lier. "Are you okay!?"

Nami's eyes got softer when she saw that most of team seven had arrived. "I..I'm fin-"

"NAMI!!!" Night screamed, His eyes glowed with anger and revenge. "YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT!"

"Don't think so buddy!" Naruto yelled back, He made some handsigns, And a clone of himself appeared beside him. However he didn't attack Night.

'Naruto...What are you about to-' Nami didn't have time to think until she saw a blue spinning ball of chakra appear on Naruto's palm. 'Naruto!'

He began to run towards Night, Who was to shellshocked to move properly, Something was holding him in place. He looked to the side, As much as he could. Tenshi had her hand up.

"Don't worry, You'll be dying soon." She said with a innocent smile. She smiled at Nami. "Two minds think alike i suppose."

"RASENGAN!!" Naruto yelled, The blue orb of chakra connected with Night's stomach, Flying him back into one of the steel walls,

Killing him....

Nami's eyes widened as she saw the scene unfold infront of her, She felt hands on her shoulders, She looked up and saw Kakashi. "What's up?"

Nami frowned, Before turning back to her team mates. "Haha! The plan worked! Get Nami back! Is a sucsess!" Naruto yelled, Jumping up and down.

"You know Nami.." Tenshi began, Letting her hand fall to her sides subconsiously. "For someone who is a lazy ex-yankie you get in trouble far more than you should." She flashed one of her rare, Real, Friendly smiles at her.

Nami smiled back. "So...You all planned this?"

"You bet you're ass we did." Sakura replied with her fist in the air. "We all came together to save you."

Nami's heart fluttered at hearing those words come from her. She didn't know what to say...

"Seriously, We don't know what we would do without our precious blonde-haired bitc-" Akito paused when he saw the look Tenshi was giving him. "Bitchen best friend."

---A Week Later

Not long and some meals made by Sakura, Was Nami's health (Normal health) finally back on track. Kaien was in worst of shape, But soon, He was able to get healthy once more. Nami didn't say it outloud, But...She was happy, for the first time in her life she was sincerly happy with her life, She had her friends, Real friends that cared for her. That went as far as to risk their lifes for her. She didn't know how and when she left such a powerful mark on them all, With her insults, And rudeness, Along with daily habits. But she was glad she did.

Unfortunetly, Night wasn't dead as everyone had hoped, oh but he was getting his time in the slammer, And wouldn't be removed from it for a Long time comming.

A week later, After acouple of hours of kicking, Yelling, And arguing, Kaien had finally decided to quit the gang and aimed to become a ninja. Nami had forgived him for his betrayal when he explained the full situation. That the gang had planned to kill him if he did not go through with it.

And a week later, Nami decided to drop him off at the best place she could imagine him staying, Where he would be able to get a good role model, And goals.

The Ninja Academy, With none other than Iruka-sensei.

"You here?" Nami knocked on the door.

The door opened, Iruka's eyes widened alittle. "Nami? Wha-What are you doing here?"

Nami stepped to the side, Revealing Kaien behind her. "I'd like you to do something for me."

Iruka raised an eyebrow.. "What is it?"

"Would you take this boy under you're wing? Like you did with Naruto? It would mean alot to me." Nami replied, With soft green eyes.

"I..I suppose i can do that." Iruka smiled. "A friend of yours is he?"

"Yeah.." Nami turned to Kaien. "A old friend." She smiled slightly when he smiled back.

"Okay..Hes in good hands, Well don't just stand there! Class is in section! Get to a seat!" Iruka exclaimed, Opening the door so Kaien could go in. He jumped and scurried in the classroom, But not before looking back at Nami.


"No problem, And trust me, You're in good hands." Nami waved to him. Before the classroom door shut, She smiled and walked away.


The way home was lonley, But finally, Nami made it back to her house. She never thought she would see the day when she didn't like her house crowded with her team mates, It was so...Quiet.

Now it was back to the original routine, Getting up, Going across the street to wake Naruto up, And trying to find something to do during the day. And it didn't sound like the heaven it used to be..

Suddenly, The phone rang, Nami raced to get it. "Hello?" She answered it.

"Nami..It's Sasuke, Will you meet me in a hour?" He asked, He sounded very rueful.

Nami frowned at the idea of having a alone conversation with the youngest Uchiha again, With what basically being called a needy boy-loving whore the last time. "Sure..I'll be there."

"Good, See you." He hung up the phone. Nami let out a large sigh, She hoped she wasn't digging another hole in the ground of mistakes. But than again, Who the hell was she? A fortune teller?

(Sasuke's Pov)

He felt his stomach turn when he saw Nami comming up the street, And towards him. Oh god, He'd have to kill himself if he met Nami's 'You're a jerk' Face again.

Nami faced him, And leaned agains the wall, The sunset's rays reflecting off her face. "Okay, What do you want?"

Sasuke took a silent breath before answering her. "I wanted to say that i'm sorry, For all the stupid stuff i said to you. Most of the time, I've been feeling like Naruto, Always screwing up my words."

Nami nodded. "So..What did you mean to say?"

"Truthfully?" Sasuke began. "I meant to say that, If there was anyone i was going to kiss like that, Or at all. It would be you."

Nami felt a blush crep on her face, As his words continued to buzz through her head. What...Was he saying? "So..What? You weren't going to kiss any girl? And that the only one you wanted to was me?"

Sasuke nodded, Looking away from the blond girl. "Yes..I never meant to say all that other stuff, I got nervous..I was trying to cover that fact up."

"Guys are always so stupid." Nami breathed. "It's fine, I was waiting for you to say something anyway."

"Are we making up here?" He asked, Arms crossed.

Nami nodded, "Yes. Forget about it."

Sasuke smiled slightly. "Good.."

No one knew than, That the ticking sound in Nami's back mind was going to go off soon....And all everyone could do was wait for the disaterous boom...

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