Good To You (a marianas trench fanfic) characters

yes im making another story... this only has to of the characters... since i think that you would know what matt webb and what josh ramsay look like if your reading this

Created by ThisIsMyMasterpeice on Saturday, October 23, 2010


Name - Nicki
Nick - Name – Nick

Personality – Hyper, Lazy, Serious when need be, immature.

Looks – Hair: long, black with blue streaks, Skin color: Pale, Height: 5’5, Eye color: Blue.

Style – Scene, casual

Piercings – ears twice.

Tattoos – no

Siblings – Matt Webb

Best friend – Cassandra Lee

Pass times – Dancing like an idiot, singing, listing to music, and writing

Name – Cassandra Lee

Nick - Name – Cassie

Personality – Happy, Hyper, Not Serious at all, immature.

Looks – Hair: Long, dark brown with blond highlights, Skin color: Tan, Height: 5’10, Eye Color: Green.

Style – casual

Piercings – Ears, eyebrow, nose.

Tattoos – angel devil heart on shoulder.

Siblings – None

Best friend – Nicki Webb

Pass times – reading, dancing like an idiot, listing to music, writing, chewing on coke zero bottles.

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