Monster High: Ch. 13

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Created by XxDeadLoverxX666 on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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"Is this right?" Damen asked as he looked at the picture and then back at the wall. "It looks wrong."
"It always does but let me see first." She said walking over with her pencil. She looked at the tree.
"It has to be more-here let me show you how to do it." She grabbed his hand with the pencil and showed him the sort of strokes that she wanted to have done. She could feel the blood pulsing through him and refused the urge to let out her other personality. Her eye twitched slightly with concentration. She let out a steady breath and let go of him as she struggled to keep her mind straight and away from his vulnerable neck.
'She's going to bite you get out of there man!' Reaper nearly shouted at Damen.
'No she-' Damen looked closer and she was shaking, he dropped the pencil and got out of the room he ran to his room and locked the door.
"Why was she shaking?" He asked letting out a shaky breath.
"Cause you blushed." Reaper said from the mirror. The thing about Reaper is that he can be seen in the reflection but only by other demons.
"So?" Reaper scoffed.
"'So' he says." As if talking to himself first then glares at Damen. "She's a vampire and you blushed. Blood racing to your face? She thought you were tasty and from the way she was shaking, you'd better not cut yourself or anyone around you. Got it? She probably hasn't had human blood in a while now." He said as Damen jumped onto his bed.
"What do I do? I feel bad for taking off on her without saying anything."
"Believe me it's for the best, you go back there and she'll probably lose it." Reaper said shrugging.
"How did I get into this mess?" Damen muttered to no one.
"Tell her about Monster High." Reaper said after thinking for a moment.
"Um, no. She could hurt others there."
"She'll be able to live and survive keeping everything in tact. If she doesn't she'll lose it and anyone who finds about her-" Reaper nodded off leaving the sentence hanging.
"If people find out about her then all other monsters will be found out about. Won't they try and kill her though?" Reaper scoffed.
"Last one who tried to kill her was killed himself. Plus, she's almost as old as I am, she's damn near invincible and almost impossible to kill." He said.
"You said almost." Damen sat up. "How do you kill her?"
"Stab her heart. It has to be stabbed. if it's burned she'll go all demon and kill every mortal and rule the world."
"Great, grab a stake and let's kill her!"
"Whoa, slow down there tiger, try to kill her and she'll go vamp form on you killing you mercilessly."
"But you said-"
"Yeah but it's never that easy, stupid!" Reaper scolded. "The older the vamp the harder the heart, making it near impossible to kill the damned thing." He sighed and stood up walking over to the mirror's reflection. "You have to hit the exact middle of her heart, if you miss by the slightest she'll kill you. Let me out so I can talk to her all right?"
"Uhm, no! That's a really bad idea." Damen objected.
"I swear I won't do anything bad." Reaper groaned. "I only want to make sure I don't get found out about."
"Right, selfishness." Damen sighed. "All right fine do it."
"Finally." Reaper smirked and made the transformation. Damen could hear tribal drums beating quietly. Damen's entire body grew longer as if on a stretching machine but it didn't hurt, his nails blackened and his hair grew longer and black his eyes turning a bright grey as if debating where a soul will be sent, his skin turned pale and sickly but soon the transformation was complete and Reaper stood admiring his staff and stood over 6 feet tall.
"How I miss the smell of dying mortals." He smirked and opened the door to where Alex stood drawing.

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