& Even Though She Doesn't Believe in Love, He's Determined to Call Her Bluff.

Newww storyyy! Despite the titles, this is NOT an Alex Gaskarth story! Sorry!

Created by KaylaxKannibal on Thursday, October 28, 2010

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I sat cross legged on my bed and slowly strummed my guitar. I've been playing ever since I was 12. I'm 16 now. I'm not exactly sure what I was playing, just noise I guess. Music is my passion. Whether I'm having an amazing day, or a horrible one, I always find time to play.

Anyways, my name's Alexandria Marie Love. Yes, that's actually my last name. I go by Alex. The only people who call me Alexandria are my parents but, that's when they're extremely pissed at me. My bestfriend's name is Jaquelyn O'reily. Jackie for short. We've been bestfriends since grade school, and I love her to death. Coincidently, my phone started ringing. It was Jackie.

I set my guitar down to answer her phone call.

"Aye bitch," I joked.

"Hey whore." She replied.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Zackary just asked me out!" She squealed.

"Who?" I asked completely oblivious.

She sighed, "You knoowww! Zackary Hernandez. He's in our P.E class!"

"Hmm, I'm not good with names, you know that. But when I see his face, I'll know who you're talking about." I layed back on my bed.

"Yeah haha. Our dates on friday! Today's Tuesday soo," She paused. Probably counting on her fingers, "That's three days from now!" She exclaimed.

"Aww you're so smart." I laughed.

"Shut up! Anyways, I heard-- WHAT MOM!?... I'M ON THE PHONE!!...ALEX! DUH!... UGH! FINE I'M COMING!.. Alex darling, I gotta go. See you at school tomorrow! Love you!"

"Love you too, slut." I hung up the phone.

Zackary Hernandez? Let's see.. Who's in our gym class?....

[After 5 minutes of thinking];

OH! that's him. He's always with that Shane fellow. They we're cute I guess.

I carefully put my guitar away, and got under my covers. I played my iPod quietly and fell asleep to If the Moon Fell down Tonight by Dear Juliet.


I was rudely awaken by my alarm clack beeping at me. I groaned and slapped the button to get it to shut up. Eventually, I sat up and rubbed my eyes trying to get used to the brightness. I got ready for school in under an hour and walked to Jefferson High. The best highschool in Colorado! Not.

As soon as I was in the gates of the school, I was tackeled by a small little frame who I later discovered was Jackie.

"Alexxxxx!" she sang.

"Jackieeee!" I mocked her cheerful tone.

"Oh c'mon! Be happy!" She grinned ear to ear.

"You're only happy cause you're one day closer to your date with what's his face." I said matter of factly.

"True," She agreed, "Oh!" She jumped up as if she had an idea, "Let me introduce you to him!"

I inwardly groaned but, followed her to make her happy. We walked to the back of the school and I spotted 2 guys sitting on a bench. Zackary Hernandez and Shane Tilley.

Zack was the first to see us, "Hey Jackie! Hey Alex." He greeted. Jackie sat next to him and I just smiled awkwardly. Jackie and Zack were chatting amongst themselves and I was just standing there. Jackie noticed this soon afterwards,

"Umm Alex darling.." She began.

I turned towards her with my arms folded across my chest, "Yes Jackie dearest?"

"Umm," She nudged Shane, "This is Shane!" She said.

"I'm aware." I said sarcastically.

"Make conversation!" She grabbed my arm and made me sit next to him.

"Hi." I said sweetly.

"Hi." He replied bitterly.

"Okay?" I said turning away from him and taking out my iPod. I turned the song to For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only by Bring Me The Horizon. I felt one of my headphones being pulled out of my ear. It was Shane.

"The bell rang." He said annoyed.

"Okay?" I said stuffing the earphone back in my ear, he pulled it out again. I noticed JAckie and Zack were gone already.

"What the hell?" I said irritated.

"The bell rang." He repeated.

"I never go to first period." I got up, and walked away. I heard footsteps behind me.

"Trying to be a little rebel now, are we?" Shane teased.

"Get lost." I said still walking.

Shane scoffed, "Whatever, bitch." I flipped him off.

I just met this kid and I already hate him. Greaaaatt.


Tell me what you think? Give me ideas, make me banners etc. C:



Alexandria Love [Alex]^ ; Jackie's bestfriend.


Jaquelyn O'Reily [Jackie]^ ; Alex's bestfriend! ; Soon to be Zack's Girfriend <3


Shane Tilley^ ; Zack's bestfriend!


Zackary Hernandez [Zack]^; Shane's bestfriend! ; Soon to be Jackie's boyfriend <3

*(Minus the piercing and tattoos!)

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