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Jeffree Star Quotes-
"DO WHATEVER THE FUCK you want because you only live once and if I die tomorrow, I wanna die HAPPY. I don't wanna WISH I did something... I DO it every day. I'm ME and no one is gonna tell me I shouldn't do this or that.. and this goes for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're family or friends don’t truly understand you. YOU have to be happy. Because who else matters in the end?"
-Jeffree Star

“Just because I'm skinny doesn’t mean that I'm not fucking crazy” - Jeffree Star

“This girls Mum was really rude to me, so I beat her over the head with my purse” - Jeffree Star

“Being popular is a fucking JOKE and all those people that think they're hot shit now will soon be pregnant and work at Walmart. Beauty doesn't last forever" -Jeffree Star

"The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open." Jeffree Star

“Sorry if we can't all be unoriginal, but I have a mold to break.”

Jeffree Star

"I am the living Barbie Doll, how are you?" -Jeffree Star

"The appearance of my own body is cut and dissected every time I breathe. My horror of beauty is not when I’m laying naked on the bathroom floor, but when I’m staring at myself, wondering what’s underneath the painted-on feelings and made-up eyes. I’m not a fucking beauty queen. When I walk into the bathroom, I’m not getting pretty.. I’m destroying myself. Repairing myself from the damage I’ve done. Whether YOU like it or NOT. The ceiling of fear crashes down on me..." -Jeffree Star

“Hi, my name’s Jeffree Star and one time God told me it was unhealthy to be so popular, that’s probably why I’m sick all the time” -Jeffree Star

“Your famous last words were forgotten because no one was listening. Quite time now, surgery isn’t an option” -Jeffree Star

“I’m a billboard, advertising your aging confidence, self-destruction, and sagging self esteem.” - Jeffree Star

“I want out of the labels. I don’t want my whole life crammed into a single word. A story. I want to find something else, some place to be that’s not on the map. A real adventure. A sphinx. A mystery. A blank. Unknown.” -Jeffree Star

“Go and buy some sunglasses because the future is bright pink, bitch.” -Jeffree Star

“Sure, everyone wants to play God, but for me it’s a full-time job. What you don’t understand, you can make mean anything.” -Jeffree Star

“Lipstick being applied, liposuction, mirrors breaking, JonBenet Ramsey laughing, botox injections, Louis Vuitton shopping sprees, Scott Peterson faking, and the noise it makes when a mascara brush is being stabbed in your face.” Jeffree Star

“You need someone like me to make you feel wrong.” Jeffree Star

“My plastic surgery face is just a reminder of what I’m walking away from. My music is a reminder to shut the fuck up and take your clothes off. My life is just a reminder that I’m the reason teenage girls shove their fingers down their throats and little boys question their sexuality. ” Jeffree Star

“Parading in Prada when you’re so fucking punk and XXX to the fucking core that you’ll damn the system and bitch when your sisters pants rip at the seam because YOUR ASS DOES NOT FIT, UGLY SCENE BOY.” Jeffree Star (Um...)

“Everything is monotone like my dead fucking eyes and I’ll say ‘I’m the only Miss America. I’m what your mother was supposed to be. I’m perfect.’” Jeffree Star

“I know you all want to stand around and look pretty, but I’m actually a real person. Barely. No. I don’t expect you to leave me the fuck alone, to erase the word enigma from your minds and think me unimportant. I can hope, but we all hope for silly things, don’t we? I don’t expect you to understand a word or see me as anything typical. No. I’m not na├»ve enough to think the words ‘fag’ or ‘attention whore’ are below your state of mind for me. No.” Jeffree Star

“I’m pregnant. LET’S PARTY!” Jeffree Star

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