Beach Description

an essay describing a beach for english (: i did mine based on the Maldives, since it was the last beach i went to :P got 19/20 for this :D enjoy! this story got featured in my school's booklet for english essays! (:

Created by cyin on Sunday, October 31, 2010

The sky was still dim that early morning as I walked along the beach alone on barefoot. The feeling of the grainy sand whose colour was so light it had seemed like it was white was as soft and comforting as walking on clouds. Across the endless sea and beyond, the sky was a symphony of purple, blue, orange and yellow colours which mixed into each other. As I stood there, I lost myself in the soothing atmosphere and the sight of the first rays of sunlight. I took in a deep breath, letting my senses take over and fully experienced the brilliance of the sunrise. The scenery was laid out so perfectly like a dream, a drawing of paradise in an art gallery.

I continued down along the shore, comforted by the sound of the ocean; the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves. I watched the waves from the shore as they formed into a crest-like shape and then crash down; I felt a refreshing sensation as a spray of water had splashed against my skin. The salty air blew on my face as I walked; taking a breath, I could taste the salt in the air; the scent of the sea dominated my sense of smell.

The beach was quiet and serene that early morning. There were no sounds of men; the wind howled like a train passing by; the crash of the waves had given a soft, continuous beat. When I glanced behind me, I saw the footprints I left along the path I had walked. Suddenly, a powerful tide crept up along the shore, and covered the marks I had left, dragged them away with it and into the ocean. As my eyes followed the tide back into the ocean, I looked out as far as I could, and saw a never-ending ocean of crystal clear water. The colours of the waters were light against the shore but gradually darkened as it travelled further and further away.

The sun had risen little by little; it came up from the seemingly endless ocean and the edge of the sky, showing its face to the world. Its’ light filled the sky with brighter colours, painting it red, orange and yellow, as if it had set the sky on fire. When its sunlight touched the beach and everything on it, including me, I felt its’ warm touch against my skin. I had begun to return to where I had started and could see other people who had opened their windows and took in the beautiful scenery around them that early morning.

When I had arrived back to where I had started out from, I had sat down and settled myself comfortably into the soft sand. I had scooped a handful of sand in my hands and watched it slip through my fingers slowly, the feeling of it like silk against my skin. I looked up along the shore and saw that people had begun coming out of their small, beachside cottages and were having fun and enjoying the beach as much as I was.

This is the nature of a morning beach which allures me. It’s the quietness you can’t find in a city, sights you’d never see in a city that captures me. The magic of the beach takes away all your built-up stress, leading you into nature like a child stepping out into the world for its first time. It takes over all the senses and, even if just for a moment, I feel like I’ve been taken to heaven.

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