Girl you have no idea (A Seth Love Story) Ch.9: Edited? YES!

Sorry for the delay in time ive been veeerrrryyyy busy with school and stuff.... and also NO ONE IS MESSAGING ME OR GIVING ME ANY BANNERS :( :(. that makes me have no motivitaion for the story so if you like the storyf... *Hint* *Hint* ;). So this is like a filler but you know the next one will be waaayyyy cuter and better cause they actually go on the date. So again, sorry for the delay... enjoy :) (Edited) -Sky

Created by skyflower100 on Monday, November 01, 2010

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"AH! What'd you do that for?" I screamed at my brother who had just five starred me on my leftcheek, waking me up from a deep sumber. He giggled.

"Well.... I didn't know how to turn your stuupppidd alarm off and so I just thought that... you know... if i slapped you,you could turn it off?!" He said back to me, still giggling.

My alarm was blasting and I admit it is a pretty annoying alarm clock. I slammed down on the back of the clock and turned to smile a devilish grin at my brother.

"I... owe you one!" I snapped and he ran out of the room screaming.

I quickly ran over to the door and slammed it... locking it from the inside. Ahh... peace at last.

A jolt of excitement ran threw me as i remembered what had happened last night. "Oh and wear something fancy." "Fancy..." "Fancy"

My thoughts brought me to the one question in need of answering...."WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!"

Shit! What should i wear? What should i wear? He said fancy.... fancy, fancy do i have anything fancy?I thought as i ran down the stairs to grab my cell phone off the counter so i could call Kim to come over.

My ribs didn't hurt that bad anymore thank god! I hated doctors, now i wouldn't have to see one. I mean they still hurt... but whatever.

"MOM!! I need my-" I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh... the visitors.

"Hey... um mom could i talk to you for a minute." She was standing next to a man with black hair and a thick mustache, and a girl maybe a few years older then me who looked kind of awkward.

"Yes hun what do you need?" My mom asked calmly. "You said they were coming at 6:00 how long are they here for?" I whispered angrily. "

They'll only be here a little longer, they know the landowners very well and wanted to stop by to say hi. The girls name is Bella you two should hang out."

I scoffed at the idea. Imnotclumsy and I donotwanna catch it from her.

"Nah.... i just wanna know where my cell phone is... fashion emergency." My mom smiled and took out my green LG neon from her pocket.

"Here sweety, next time i'm keeping it though.'' She said jokingly. "Mhm sure.'' I ran back up to my room fast so i could call Kim.


K: Hello?

A: Kim its me Ana. Look.. so i'll tell you the details later but i need you to come over so we can talk about some FASHION emergencies... i need something fancy and i need it fast.

K: hahahaha okay Ana i'll be right over..

A: BYE!!

K: Bye!! JareBear Imma go over too Ana's-


Oh wow. Jarebear. I'd have to ask her about that.

I grabbed my Ipod off of my dresser and started to listen to "Beautiful -By Eminem." I loved Eminem....

It was about five minutes before I heard a ring at the door...Ding Dong....


I woke up at around 6:00 in the morning for patrol. All i could think about the whole time wasAna. Ana. Ana. Ana. ANA!!

P: Dude will you shut up? We get it okay?Paul said annoyed.

It was only Paul and Me and Jake. We had all known her for about a week and a half now. But i still couldnt believe it took me 3 weeks of her being in Washington for me to meet her and ask her out...she said yes though.

JB (Jacob Black since theres a Jared too): Finally dude... she be gettin restless.He laughed in his thoughts. So did Paul.

S: Yeah yeah guys can we just go home?I asked. We had been running around for 2 hours and I needed to call Jared... who else?

P: Hahahahahahaha Jared? Okay dude its your own funeral.

S: Dude he's Romantic as shiiitt! I need him to help me set up my plan.

P: Whats your plan?

S: I ain't tellin!I yelled to them before quickly fazing back to my human form before Paul could say anything.

I grabbed my pair of shorts from under the tree near Sams' and ran down to Jareds' as soon as i could.

2:30, he doesn't have patrol and i'm off, good Sam can't get mad at me or him now.

I thought. I knocked on his door slowly.

"COME IN!!" He yelled. He sounded a little bit happier then usual... I slowly walked in. He was naked on the couch holding a rose in his mouth.

"Hey there sexylic- WHOAH WHOLY SHIT DUDE AHHH!!" I covered my eyes and screamed.

"See I knew you were the most romantic." I said in mid-laugh. "Now cover up." And i threw him my extra pair of jeans.


"Hey Kimmy!" I said as i hugged her tightly.

"Hey-Ana-Choking-Me!" She said in-between gasps. I let go of her quickly and brought her up to my room.

''So why am i here?" She asked. "Whats the fashion emergency?" She added as she jump-sat on my bed. I laughed and then got very VERY serious. This was a big deal after all.

"Well... last night this weird guy caught me in the woods and was supppperr creepy and right when He was about to do stuff to me Seth came out of no where and got him to go away and then he walked me the rest of the way home and then-"

"JUST GET TO THE POINT!!!" Kim said laughing. I smiled a sarcastic smile and ran to sit next to her.

"BASICALLYSeth asked me out...."

I heard a large squeel coming from next to me and then i was getting shakin and turned and twisted in every direction.

"HE ASKED YOU OUT!!!! EEEEKKKKS!!! And you said yes right?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah i did... but that is not the problem." I said dead serious. It really wasn't. The problem was my outfit.

"Well whats the problem? Why would you have a fashion emergency now? Your just hanging out!" She giggled at the end.

"Yeah... but he said wear something fancy and i dunno if i have ANYTHING fancy enough for what he's talking about. I don't even know where we're going!" I said as i realized he didn't tell me where to go and now i would look ugly and stupid... i started to hyperventilate.

"Calm down Ana!!! Its fine... lets just pick out a dress! Dresses are fancy..." I smiled at her. She was right, dresses are VERY fancy, depending on the dress. I stood up abruptly and ran to my closet.

"A Dress huh? Well I could wear this one..." i pulled out a red sequined dress. She put a thumb down.

"Or this one." I pulled out a gray dress that flowed down longer then most of my dresses. She gave two thumbs down.

"This one?" I pulled out a very short dress that would cling to me in all the right places... but it was not fancy.

"Blehhhh." She said while sticking hr finger in her mouth and pretending to barf.

She slapped her hand to her face.

"Oh god you really do need my help." She quickly ran up to my closet and started throwing out clothes.


"See dude, i got the suit and the flowers. And i have these lights i was gonna hang from a tree and i was gonna bring spaghetti and we were gonna eat and talk and-"

"What if you two danced?" Jared said smiling. He was really enjoying being in on the date.

"Umm.... i don't dance." I said awkwardly. Jared laughed.

"You know how to waltz... i got a stereo and you could bring it and make it all romantic music and you could DANCE!!" I smiled. Perfect.

"I like it... but i only waltzed once at a wedding....''

"And you rocked it dude! Just do that with her and she'll be swept away!" He said excitedly. He was right. Waltzing would be very fun.

"Okay... lets go grab that stereo." I said and we both went out into the garage....


"Oh my gawsh... Ana i think this is it." Kim said. She slowly pulled out a simple white dress with a blue ribbon in the center. I smiled. "That's the one." We both hugged each other tightly before Kim parted...

"What time is it?" Kim asked.

"6:45" I said casually. Wait. "6:45!!!!! We've been picking out my outfit for like 5 hours!" We both giggled.

"Well now we better get your make up done quick!! We only have like an hour to do stuff!" Kim screamed. She ran into my bathroom with a bag and scraped every last product off of my counter. She pulled up a chair for me and one for her.

"Lets do this..." She said almost like she was a secret agent and this was her newest mission


"No no no step back then forwardthentwirl her!" Jared yelled at me.

"Pssshhhh i knew that! Why can't we just waltz? I don't need anything else i can just wing it!" I said. I was really excited that i was finally gonna hang out with her... her.... my girl Ana. She would soon be my girl.

"Yeah yeah sure go ahead wing it. See how it works out....Hey what time is it?" Jared asked.

"7:45." I said casually. Wait. "7:45!!! NOOO!! I have to pick her up in 15 minutes!!" I screamed. "Good thing your all ready!!" Jared said. "Yeah but the date isn't!! What am i going to do? I was planning it to be so romantic and i wanted the dancing to be just right and now its not gonna-"

"Dude chill... i'll take care of the picnic table you just go pick her up. It'll be ready I promise." Jared said calmly.

"Thank you SOOOO MUCH jared!! Your the best friend a guy could have." He mumbled a don't mention it and then i left.


I slowly pulled up to her house about to go knock on her door.Does my hair look okay?? Do i look okay??? What is going to happen? What if she ditches???

Thoughts kept running through my head like this. I slowly got out of the car and grabbed the flowers on the way. A dozen roses. I heard she loved roses. It was her middle name after all. I walked up the steps toward her house taking one deep breath before...


''There... Perfect." Kim said while smiling and holding back the brush from my face. She looked like an artist. I giggled.

"Can i see now?" I asked.

"Yeah of course, geez ,what kind of person would i be if i didn't let you see the makeup?"

A bad one.She brought out a mirror and made me close my eyes.

"Okay... ready... 1.... 2.... 3" I opened my eyes to see a girl i didn't know. I saw myself under a thick layer of makeup that made me look beautiful. The eyes were light and glittery and the lips were red and plump. My cheek bones seemed to be outline so well and everything combine just made me look... It made me look...

"Perfect." I whispered while touching my lips.

"Why thank you..." Kim said as she took a bow.

Knock knock.

"Shit he's here!! Stall him!!" I screamed. "I gotta get my shoes on!!"

I grabbed my blue heels from the corner of my room and clicked them on fast.

"Kim!!!! Stall him!!" I said again.

"Im not supposed to be here!! I cant stall him!!" I heard shuffling down stairs. My mom had taken my brother to the arcade thank god!!!

Knock Knock.



HEYYY GUYS!!! So here is her final dress:


And Heres her and shoes:

Soooo next time it'll be the date... this one just got too long and was like a filler basically!! Don't forget to rate message and subscribe!!! I love you guys! And it was edited.... <3


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