There's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You just have to look to find it.

Hey, I wanted to write this story for AGES!!! Enjoy the intro, messages, banners and ratings will be much appreciated!! xx

Created by Mohiniangel on Thursday, November 04, 2010

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And this is my banner which I made for this story!:




(Idealy portrayed by Bonnie Wright, or a redhead, with glasses, or maybe Hayley Williams.)

Name: Jessie Foxe

Age: Almost seventeen (16 ¾)

Likes: Running, basketball (those are her favourites, but she likes sports overall), chocolate, pizza, loyal people, straight forward people, honest people, understanding people, writing, reading and romantic movies/dates/speeches, playing the piano and singing (dancing a little bit).

Dislikes: Cheerleaders, cocky people, people who think they are better than everyone else, milk, maths, players, disloyal people, make-up, fake people, people who make fun of others, fish, meat.

Appearance: Short (5’3-5’4, but she is very fast and strong), wears glasses, but doesn’t need to wear them, wears no make-up, light brown eyes with flecks of green, pale skin, freckles, really long wavy dark red hair.

Background information: Has trained fighting for seven years, but quit last year, and keeps herself fit. Lives with her brother Zack in a big house, because they inherited loads of money from their loving aunt, and she was rich herself (married to a millionaire) so gives them lots of money. No clue about their parents, or other family apart from their Aunt Maisie and Uncle Simon. She is a quiet girl, with a protective, caring best friend, Queenie. No one really pays attention to her.

Her Car:



Name: Zack Foxe

Age: Twenty- six years old

Likes: Comedy movies, food, sports, TV

Dislikes: People who annoy or hurt Jessie, flirty, fake people

Appearance: Floppy, silky blond hair, muscular chest and arms, light brown eyes, tall build

Background information: Lives with Jessie comfortably and easily in a big house. He has a best friend, Oliver, and a girlfriend who he loves, Penelope. Has a great job, really easy, and earns a fair amount.


Name: Queenie Carter

Age: Seventeen

Likes: kind, generous people, food, romantic comedy films, sports, dancing and singing (though she is not as good as Jessie), honest people, helping people, make-up, clothes

Dislikes: players, cheerleaders, fake people, ego-full people, cocky people, orange juice, boring outfits, boring people

Appearance: long brown hair, with blonde highlights, dark eyes, dusky, soft skin.

Background information: Loves her best friend Jessie, and likes to care for her and make her happy. Her parents don’t care whether she is at Jessie’s house or her own, and she has a little brother, a year younger than her, called Derek.

Her car:



(Portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens)

Name: Sandy Rowlett

Age: Seventeen

Likes to flirt with all the boys and is Head Cheerleader.

Dislikes Jessie and Queenie because they always have a quick and clever comeback ready.

Her car:



(Portrayed by Alex Evans)

Name: Collin Greene

Age: Seventeen

His car:



(Portrayed by Chace Crawford)

Name:Jason Grover

Age: Seventeen

His car:


Name: Penelope Sawyer (Zack's girlfriend) (Portrayed by Ashley Greene?)


Okay everyone, I just started a new story which I wanted to write for a long time. That means, unfortunately, that ‘I don’t know what you did, but you just found the key to my heart’ will be less frequently updated, but if you prefer it more than this one, then just message me. Sorry, and also, I was thinking of shortening it, so it ends at Chapter 20 or something? I don’t know.

Luv, chocolate and hugs,

Mohini xx

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