Remember Me (A Harry Potter Story) 16: Tea At Hagrid's

sorry it's so short. The next one will be longer, I promise, but I've got exams coming up on thursday and lots of homework, so I'm not sure how soon it will be up (saying that, I'll probably post another chapter tomorrow :P). anyway, hope you like and if you do, message me please. And thank you, as two of my chapters have appeared on the top rated list, thank you so so SO much xx

Created by purpleberries28 on Friday, November 05, 2010

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Harry sat in the common room, taking his time on a long Herbology essay, at five in the morning. He was desperately, achingly tired, but he was scared to sleep. He would hear Voldemort’s voice in his dreams, and there was always the chance that Harry would one day let slip the information about the prophecy, about Hogwarts, about Dumbledore and the Order. Harry would not let that happen.

Cassandra’s kitten, Yolanda, rubbed her head against his hand and Harry rubbed her warm fur absent-mindedly. He was fighting against the tiredness now. He longed to go to sleep.

Harry’s quill scratched out sentences into the early hours of the morning, and still he did not sleep.


“Wait a second.”

Cassandra, Ron, Harry and Hermione were walking down the grounds to visit Hagrid. Snow had begun to fall, and flakes were melting in their hair, making it damp so it stuck to their faces.

“Hagrid is Grawp’s brother?”

“Well, half-brother,” said Hermione; Ron and Harry had gone on ahead. “But Hagrid is much more human than Grawp, don’t worry. He’s as if he was hit by an Engorgement Charm or something.”

“Oh, well. Does Grawp live with him?”

Hermione stifled a smile at the thought of the sixteen foot tall Grawp living in Hagrid’s small wooden hut with him.

“No, Grawp lives in the forest.”


They passed the Herbology greenhouses before Hermione opened her mouth to speak.

“Don’t,” warned Cassandra before Hermione could start. “I know I should be doing the Transfiguration homework, but I’ll have time to do it when I get back, and my Astronomy homework isn’t due in until Thursday-“

“I wasn’t going to say about homework!”

“Oh!” Cassandra blinked, surprised. “Well, go on then.”

“I was going to say have you thought about trying Occulmency to stop your dreams?”

Cassandra sighed. “Hermione, Debbie taught me Occulmency at home. It’s not preventing someone from getting in my mind, like Harry. It’s something that’s inside me that causes me to have the dreams.” She stopped and changed the subject. “Bless! Is that Hagrid’s hut?”

They caught up with Ron and Harry, who were already knocking on the door.

“Thought yeh’d forgotten when I lived!” Hagrid crowed delightedly, throwing open the door. “C’mon in…”

“Hey, Hagrid,” grinned Cassandra. “Sorry, I just kind of tagged along with everyone…”

“Oh yeah, Hagrid, this is Cass, she’s a friend of ours,” said Ron.

“Nice ter meet you,” said Hagrid politely, shaking hands. Cassandra’s small palm was completely lost in Hagrid’s giant expanse of skin. She went into Hagrid’s small hut, where the fire was blazing so fiercely it felt like a sauna, and was immediately pounced upon by Fang. He slobbered over her welcomingly, refusing to stop even when she was sitting down, so the girl and the dog ended up curled together in one of Hagrid’s large armchairs for most of the afternoon.

It was very peaceful. The conversation was full of complaints about school, laughter at something funny that had happened in Charms, memories of Ron, Harry and Hermione in their first year. Cassandra spent most of the time snorting with laughter at Ron’s excessive pantomime of how he had got bitten by Norbert when he was trying to settle him down for the night while Hagrid was reading him a bedtime story (even Hagrid chuckled a bit) or stroking Fang rhythmically, resting her head against his warm body.

“He has such sex appeal,” she grinned when Harry asked her if she was going to spend all the time cuddled up to Fang.

Hagrid cooked them some food, which Cassandra, not having been warned about Hagrid’s cooking ability, dived for ravenously, before having to spit her mouthful discreetly into a tissue then vanish it as a cracking sound came from one of her back teeth.

Eventually, Hagrid got up to show Hermione the twelve fir trees he was growing for Christmas and Fang followed them, leaving Harry, Ron and Cassandra alone in the warm little hut.

“Does Hagrid eat his own food?”

Ron laughed. “Yeah. It’s a mystery why he doesn’t poison himself to death.”

Cassandra smiled and began to walk around, examing Hagrid’s hut.

Unicorn hair?


“Are these Bowtruckles?”


“Wow, these are Hippogriff feathers!”

“Yeah, Buckbeak’s.”

“Oh, Flobberworms.”

“Don’t give them too much lettuce.”

Cassandra came back and sat next to Harry. He grinned as he put his arm around her.

“Is this just because Fang went?”

She smiled, resting her bright head on his shoulder. “Yeah. Fang’s nicer than you, but you’ll do.” She raised her eyebrows at him, laughing.

“Thanks, Cass.”


Hagrid and Hermione came back in, so it was almost a relief for Harry for Cassandra to lift her head off his shoulder. It was as if a monster had suddenly awoken in his veins, and it had been roaring with pleasure at Cassandra’s touch. Harry shook the feeling off quickly, but he kept his arm around her tightly.

They left soon after that, walking quickly towards the Great Hall so they could eat something, as tea at Hagrid’s never failed to be a hunger-causing event.

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