Hetalia Drabbles (Funny Quotes)- Germany

XD! I had to use this one! Taylor seriously made me laugh with it. Hooray for 50 drabbles now! :D I feel so accomplished! And yes. Detergent soap and the Shamwow were invented by Germans.

Created by Ouransgirl on Monday, November 08, 2010

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"You know Shamwow?! That crazy shit that could absorb your dog?! Germans made that shit!"
You stared at your computer screen in astonishment. This couldn't really be true. Could it? Well maybe it was. After all, Germany did invent detergent soap sometime around WWI to replace bar soap. But he invented Shamwow, too?! Does this guy love household cleaning products or what? Still, you decided to go ask him. The internet cannot always be trusted, you know. Just most of the time. Or fifty percent....
"Hey Germany! Is it true your people invented the Shamwow?" you asked, holding a notepad to record the answer for no reason whatsoever.
He turned around to you and answered,"Yes. That is true, [Name]."
You looked at him and replied with, "That shit is crazy, Germany! It can absorb your dog!"
He gave you a blank stare. The kind of stare he gives Italy when he does something stupid,"I don't recall you ever having a dog, [Name]."
"Exactly! That's what happened to my dog!" you pointed in no particular direction at all.
Your comment was met with another blank stare. But suddenly, something hit Germany. Something very important. "Please tell me you didn't Italy about that," he pleaded.
"We were having a discussion about it hours ago at the meeting," you stated, confused by the sudden question. Why would he ask that? Oh! Of course!
"ITALIA!" Germany ran out of the room and throughout the house to look for Italy and his dogs.
"Run, Germany, run!" you yelled after him, making a movie reference. Case of the Shamwow origin: Solved and proven. Case of the Italy disappearance: Pending investigation.

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