To Sin With An Angel (A Castiel Love Story) No: 7 -L.e.m.o.n

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Created by DBZandroid17DBZ on Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Castiel glanced up at me nervously and I gave him a half smile than walked over and sat down next to him. “Is what Dean told me true?” I asked him.

“What did Dean tell you?”

“That you’re a virgin?”


“And that you will only loose your virginity to me?”

Castiel paused for a moment “…Yes”

I blushed a bit and looked down at my feet “Why me?”

“Because you are the most beautiful, kindest Human I have met…And I like you”

A smile came to my lips. “I like you too” I lent over and gently placed a small kiss on his lips. He didn’t kiss back, I could feel him tense as I did this so I pulled away and smiled at him “It’s ok” I ensured him and lent back in so our lips met once again. I began to slowly kiss his lips and after a moment he too began to kiss me back. The kiss was amazing, his lips were so soft, and it made my heart beat faster.

I slowly parted my lips from his and stood up pulling him with me. I held his hand in my own and pulled him over to the bed. Castiel breathing came heavier and I could tell he was very nervous. I would be too if it was my first time, but unfortunately I had already given my Virginity to someone. Sam.

I lay down on the bed pulling Castiel beside me, and I turned to face him. “Do you really think you are going to die” I asked, sadness filled my voice.

“There is a chance. Raphael killed me once. If he gets the chance he will do it again”

I hugged Castiel and he was surprised for a moment but hugged me back anyways. I rested my head on his chest while hugging him, he was warm and the hug was gentle and loving. I could hear his heart beating inside his chest. It was soothing and I could feel tears coming to my eyes. This could be the last time I ever see Castiel again I thought sadly. Maybe I should go all the way with him, I might regret it if I don’t, and than never get another chance to again.

I slowly pulled my head up of his chest and Castiel’s eyes followed a tear that slid down my cheek. He put his hand up to the side of my face and wiped it away with his thumb. I lent down and kissed him softly while I sat up and pulled one of my legs over to the side of him so I was now sitting on top of him.

A smile came upon Castile’s lips as he looked up at me. I had never seen him smile like that before; he’s normally such a serious guy. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked him

“It may be a Sin, but it will be worth it with you”

He’s always saying things in a complicated way, a simple ‘yes’ would have been fine’ I thought than laughed I’m about to Sin with an Angel

“What’s funny?” Castiel asked me curiously

“Nothing I smiled and pulled him up into a sitting position and wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him, more passionately this time. Castiel’s arms found there way around my waist and he held me close to his body. I began to lick and bite gently at his bottom lip during the kiss, a small moan came from Castiel’s throat and he opened his mouth up slightly. I took my chance and slipped my tongue into his mouth, running it against his own. I could feel Castiel smile again into the kiss and it made me smile to.

When our lips parted I grabbed on to his trench coat and took it off throwing it to the ground. I undid his tie, took of his jacket, than unbuttoned his shirt throwing them all to the ground.

“You think you can wear any more layers?” I joked and he smiled. I was about to take off my own shirt but to my surprise he did it for me.

I ran my hands down his chest it was very strong. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was. Than I thought struck me this isn’t even his body I looked down sad.

“What’s wrong?” He asked me concerned

“I wish I could see the real you” I said. Castiel frowned slightly.

“I wish you could too” He said and placed his lips on mine. I wanted to see what he looked like so badly but I wasn’t going to risk my eyes burning out.

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“I lied to you” Castiel said as he rolled off to the side of me looking up at the ceiling

“What?” I asked confused

“I lied to you” He repeated and turned to me “I don’t like you”

My heart froze…

“I love you!” He said looking into my eyes. A huge smile came to my face. “I love you too Castiel”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek “We should get dressed now, Dean will be back very soon”

I nodded and got up, very slowly. I was sore and tired. Castiel had really taken all my energy from me.

I clasped back onto the bed after getting dressed and Castiel sat on the edge.

“I got a question for you” I eyed Cas suspiciously

“What is it?” He asked

“How did you know how to do that?” I asked

“Do what?”

“What we just did”

“Oh, Dean showed me a few videos on his Laptop, to help me out” Castiel said like it was no big deal.

I frowned Stupid Dean, he better not of shown him anything real dirty or pervy like he normally watches

A knock came on the door “Is it safe to come in” Deans voice came from outside.


Dean walked in with a huge grin on his face. “You kids have fun?”

I frowned at him and he smirked at me.

“We better go” Cas said getting up and heading for the door.

With what’s left of my energy I quickly got up and ran after him, turning him and kissing him on the lips. Hoping that I would get to do it again tomorrow.

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