What on Earth, Ben Tennyson Is In LOVE!

Created by ShiningLove on Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Name: Stevie Rae Hale

Age: 15

Powers: Earth


Family: Mother and father (Divorced)


Stevie Rae’s P.O.V

I braced myself and again the force of a huge fist knocked me to the floor.

“Need a hand honey?” My best friend, Tara appeared and took my hand.

“Thanks’ Tara, but I don’t think it’ll be any better if I went home.”

“She has a point T.” said Drake, coming from now where. “Maybe a teleportation spell could help.” just then my dad’s fist collided with the back of Tara’s and Drake’s head.

“Tara! Drake!”

I felt punch after punch on my face. Hardly able to even breathe I was almost defenceless. He lifted me up my throat, strangling me. I lifted up my hand weakly. I felt the ground rumble as a huge vine grew and whipped my dad away.

Dad ran of, frightened. Leaving me to die, when something appeared behind me, it felt kinda like Jelly. Suddenly I was falling.

I landed on a concrete floor with a loud thud. I was getting weaker and everything around me was getting dark.

“Can it be? Oh my, Stevie Rae!” said a panicked yet familiar voice. It sounded like my mum’s. But how? She vanished last year when she got into a scrap with dad. A girl shape appeared in front of me.

“Hello? Are you ok? Stevie Rae, baby you’re going to be alright.”

I looked up into her light blue eyes and gave her a slight nod before passing out happily, knowing that I was with the person I loved.

Back on my home planet was my old life but now on this one, with my mum, was the beginning of my new life.

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