Lifeless Eyes and Starless Skies {1}

Over five decades ago, the arrogant city-dwelling humans thought to make themselves immortal with the help of the super virus Zomidine, an experiment that they said was for the good of many. An experiment that went horribly wrong. Now the relentless dead walk the streets of deserted cities, searching for the few survivors that have managed to escape the tide of death and decay. I am one of their ever-diminishing number, and this is my story.

Created by StrawberryPwnsickle on Saturday, November 13, 2010

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The day dawns bright and cold. The black night slowly fades to grey and I open my eyes to the chaotic world around me.

"good morning, Rosamund"

"whats so good about it?" I grumble, pulling myself off the cold, hard ground.

"well If you're going to me a pessimist....." Clara mutters as she pulls away, and I instantly regret distancing myself from her, my only companion in this wilderness. To make up for it, I try my best to give her a smile as I pull myself to my feet. "come on, lets get moving" Her hurt expression remains, and I know that my feeble attempt at cheer hasn't worked. Smiles are so hard for me these days, even fake ones, but at least I try. "Cheer up. Today could be the day"

"yeah right.." she mutters, and althought I don't want to admit it, I agree with her. But than again, why not? It could happen today. We could finally reach civilization.

It is drizziling today, which is good. The fog and rain hide our human scent from the undead tha lurk in these marshlans. But soon they are going to find us, surley we are the only source of meat for miles. Smell us, the will. And soon.

Privatley I dread the moment when they will catch our scent and come to us, bashing themselvs against the fence in a inhuman desire for our flesh. They will line up on either side of the fence, moaning with desire as we walk the long pathway tha is our only salvation.

The girl, Clara, and I have been walking along a narrow, fenced in pathway for almost a week now. Our food ran out two days ago, and we would truly be dead if it weren't for the rain, saving us from dehydration.

We used to live in a small village along the edge of the bog, made of farmers and traders mostly, We recieved no word form the outside world, and lived compleatly on our own behind the fences. Fences are a must here, the relentless stream of undead that congregate whenever human flesh abounds means that I have always lived in their protecive shadow.

Protect the fences as they do unto you, that was the motto. Should they ever fall into disrepair, well, you can look at what happened to our home to tell that.

Back in what used to be our home, the pounding of the undead upon the gates was always a constant noise. Ever growing in number, they became so populus that they began to wear down the fence. The few repairmen we sent were all Turned, and then, one night, it happened.

While we slept, the tide of dead crashed through the fences. It was a rainy night, not unlike last night, and the falling drops muffeled the sound of their approach untill it was too late. Half the village was murdered in their beds before the others awoke screaming. But the ones that had been turned outnumbered the survivors that there were soon none left among our population, the entire settlement Turned. I awoke that night from the worst nightmare I had had since my Brother was turned. I went for a walk to cool my head, and when I returned to main street found the massacre.

I was chased by my own father untill i baracaded myself in the trader's pathway that had long since been out of use, I hadn't even ever seen someone walk it. I think it was then that I went insane. Eventually I slept, and when the morning sun arose found that there was norhing left to live for, to stay for.

The I heared a sob from behind. I turned and recognised her at once, Clara. The young, delacate, sweet blonde girl, built dainlty, like a flower. We had never really known eachother, she was, after all, three years below me in school, but the few memories I had of the girl were fond ones. Her entire life had been slain too.

Vaugley I remember Holding her and promising that everything was going to be all right.

I doubt that even she believed me.

That day we started down the path and have been walking ever since.

The undead arrive slowly, then grow in number as they catch our scent. Clara whimpers, and I hold her colse to me. We keep walking, trying to stay clear of the hands that reach to us from the chain links, attempting to ensnare us from behind.

We are faint from hunger, and as our shadows lengthen even I begin to lose hope, realising that our demise is inevitable. I stumble onto the ground, and lie there, wondering if it would be easier to give up, to die here....

"Rose....Rose, look!!!"

Wearily I lift my head, and I see it. Buildings. The ones from the before times that they tell me about. There are people there, or at the least, food. I pull myself up and in the dying sunlight hold Clara close.

Everything is Going to be Alright.

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