Dirty Little Secret [Student/Teacher Love Story] Chapter 1

This is my first story, so bare with me! Andddd as this is the first chapter, it's not all that action-filled, but trust me, it shall get better! It's about Vanessa Gilbert, who falls, like every other girl in her year, completely and irrevocably in love with Mr. Blake, the new History teacher. But is the dark, muscular and handsome twenty one year old all he seems...?

Created by LosingxMyxSanity on Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ah. The joys of returning to school after a lengthy and well-deserved break. True, there were some good things about the first day back after the holidays. You got to re-connect with those people that you didn't get the chance to speak to during your time off, you could pick up lessons that you had missed and familiarise yourself with the school surroundings.

But as with everything, there were also those bleak things that you really weren't looking forward to on that very first day. Having to see the people you hadn't missed for the first time in so long, digging up all those hateful feelings. Forcing yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn, andhaving todrag yourselfto school at such an early hour on what was certain to be a long, and very cold, journey. In fact, there was so much not to look forward to, that when my alarm clock trilled its disheartening tune that very first school morning, I hit the button on the top of the machine so unenthusiastically that it slid off the edge of my bedside table and fell on the mahogany wood floor below, shattering into a hundred pieces.

"Shit." I groaned, throwing aside my bed covers and kneeling beside the mess on the floor. I'd have to get a new alarm clock by the next day; I couldn't just rely on myself waking up at the correct time to get up early enough for school. I scattered up the mangled remains and hastily threw them into the waste paper basket, before my bedroom door flew open. I looked up just in time to see my older sister, nineteen year old Josie, stride through the entry.

"What's going on in here Vanessa?" she whined, throwing back her head of glossy brown locks. Josie must have been the only person I knew who always woke up, every single day, without fail, looking like a supermodel. She was tall, with curves in all the right places, and long eyelashes, and dark eyes, and beautiful features. I was almost her complete opposite. My hair was jet black, like Dads, and while I wasn't ugly, I never considered myself to be pretty, either. I was too skinny, with barely any boobs and a boys butt, and at 5ft3", I was at least a head and a half shorter than my sister. I had always secretly envied her, but of course,I never told her that. Now, she was throwing me daggers.

"My alarm clock broke." I replied heavily, going over to the window and flitting open the blinds. The weather didn't look great; the sky was cloudy and a light drizzle had started. Typical first day back weather.

"Well keep quiet," she muttered, "some of us don't have to be up at the crack of dawn."

I laughed.

"That's because some of us aren't in university," I shot back, folding my arms over my stomach, "and some of us are gonna be stuck in the same dead-end job for the rest of our lives."

"At least some of us have a job." she snapped, and turned, slamming the door behind her. What a bitch, I thought pleasantly, eyes moving to the clothes that I had already placed over the end of my bed. A yellow tank top sat neatly upon a pair of folded denim shorts. I should have known that the weather would suddenly take a turn for the worst. Sighing, I pulled open my wardrobe doors and threw my clothes into the bottom, where a messy pile of mismatched outfits had already accumulated.I ravaged through the coat hangers with such force that half my clothes fell from their hangers and into the mess on my wardrobe floor. Finally, I settled upon a plain black, tight fitted, sleeved t-shirt, and denim skinny leg jeans, the ones that were slightly fraying at the knees. I got dressed hurriedly and then exited the room, not bothering to make my bed.

Now was the real challenge. I crept down the corridor and reached my sixteen year old brother Nathan's room. I pressed my ear at the door, listening for any sign of movement. My guess was that he was still fast asleep. I smirked, and reached for the handle. Despite the fact that I could have just left him asleep, so that he didn't wake up in time for school meaning he ended up late, I found that waking him up myself was much more entertaining. I kind of got a kick out of annoying my siblings, but I couldn't help it, as I just couldn't stop.

The room was dark. I shuffled slowly across the floorboards, taking care not to step in anything. I couldn't see the carpet-less floor, but I knew that he dumped everything he owned on those boards. Luckily, I made it over to the blind without any serious incident. I slowly pulled it upwards, shedding light over the tip of a room. As usual, it looked like a tornado had ripped through it. Clothes, books, electrical appliances, CDs, DVDs, pizza boxes, and all sorts of other random crap covered the floor. I moved my eyes over to the bed. I knew that somewhere, beneath the bed covers, his body lay. I carefully peeled back the heavy duvet. Sure enough, he was right there. Dark hair covered his features so that I couldn't see his face. I spied his iPod on the bedside table, along with all the other mounds of trash that sat along with it, and sped through the artists.

Nate listened to a lot of bands I preferred not to, heavy bands that, if I had to confess, scared me a little. Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, System Of A Down and HIM were just a few that fell from the top of my head. Not knowing which song to choose, I clicked shuffle. 'Psychosocial' by Slipknot sprung to life. I guessed as long as it was heavy, it didn't matter, so I cranked up the volume and paused it. Then, I carefully moved away some of Nathan's hair, so that his ear was exposed, and slowly pressed the headphone into his ear. Chuckling, I pressed play.

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