A Very Supernatural Snow White (A Dean Winchester Story)

Created by miss.triple.threat on Sunday, November 14, 2010

A/N: This is my new Supernatural story. I wanted to write something tonight but I'm just postponing the end to "Kings and Queens". This is just an introduction. I actually got a message about my Sam Winchester story and how I should do more fairytales so here it is. Hope you like it!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful woman. She was a famous fashion designer and her husband was a famous fashion photographer in New York City. The two were unstoppable, the king and queen of the fashion world. But they had a secret. The two had met many years ago when hunting an evil spirit. The two were hunters. They protected the innocent but had finally retired when they decided they wanted to pursue careers in the fashion industry, a wish they had for a long time. They also wanted to settle down and start a family together.

One cold, snowy night, the beautiful woman was sewing by her ebony window. She pricked her finger and a bit of blood dropped onto the snow that was lying on her window pane. The woman did not flinch, but instead smiled. She said to herself, “I wish that I would have a daughter with skin white as snow, hair dark as ebony, and lips as red as blood.” And her wish came true. The two lovers brought a beautiful baby girl into the world but at the mother’s expense. The poor woman died in child birth, only to leave her daughter in a cruel, harsh world. They named the little girl Serena White.

After the tragic death of the queen, the king completely left that life. He moved his family to upstate New York to raise his little girl. Although his wife was dead, he did not blame the girl for the mother’s death. He loved and cherished though, just as he knew his wife had wanted. But his wife had one other wish for him. She prayed that he would find someone else, even when she died. She wanted him to be happy so the man looked for another wife, finding himself entranced by a new woman. But she also had a secret. Little did the king know, but the woman was a witch, everything that his wife and he had fought against for the past fifteen years. She had put a spell on him so that he would do her bidding and never find out what she was.

The witch had a mirror that she had cast a spell on. She would look into it and say ‘mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ ‘You are my queen,’ the mirror would reply. She was happily content until one day when the young girl turned seven. The witch asked the mirror and the mirror instead replied, ‘you may be fair, but Serena White is the fairest of them all’. Outraged, the witch paid a hunter to kill the daughter. He failed, not being able to kill her, and instead faked his death and took Serena White in with his own family. The hunter had known that the Whites had been hunters for a long time and his family had been close to the young girl’s mother. It was his duty to them to raise and protect her.

The young girl grew up free, and careless. The hunter and his wife trained her well in hunting to make sure that she could be protect. They also put a protection spell on her that could shield her from harm. The spell would keep her away from the witch and not even her magic mirror would know that Serena was alive, that is, until her eighteenth birthday.
If things couldn’t get any more interesting, the young girl would be returning to New York from the small town in Connecticut that the hunters, her adopted parents had raised her in. She had been found in a mall, but had been doing some model work. She would fly up to the work during the weekends and go on go-sees or photo shoots. She had already done fashion ads for Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Elle Girl. She had even walked a couple of runways for New York’s fashion week. Her parents were a little bit concerned but knew that the protection spell would protect her. Now, she lived in New York for good and was going to NYU. The modeling was paying for her education and she was studying creative writing there.

The witch on the other hand still had the king under her spell, and had been using other black magic to kill others to keep her youth. If she killed others and drank their soul out, it would keep her young, which was what she wanted. This happened to attract the attention of the knights in shining armor, the Winchesters. The father was determined to kill any supernatural being that was harmful to society while his eldest and eighteen year old son was eager to please his father. His youngest, fourteen year old son was being dragged along on this ride, but was looking for a way out.

This is one fairytale that is going to go down in the books. What happens when hunters collide?

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