When You Kiss Me, I Wanna Slap You!-_-Damon Salvatore-_-Chapter 1~Re-Done

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~Dear All Of You Who've Wronged Me, I Am, I Am A Zombie~





I sat on the dirty floor of whatever bar it was my band and I would be performing at tonight, staring at the stage curiously.

My long blonde hair was pulled back into a messy bun type deal and I was wearing a flitted black tank top that ended just below my bum and a pair of faded ripped jeans.

My feet were bare and my toenails painted black to match my fingernails.

My eyes were coated in black makeup that I hadn’t bothered washing off the last three days, just kept layering on more and more. Surprisingly enough, it still looked pretty good.

As I stared up at the stage, watching the boys set up their instruments and contemplating tonight’s show, I felt a gentle hand come down on my shoulder.

“I so wouldn’t be sitting on the floor of this place if I were you…Its disgusting.” My good friend Elena informed me with a friendly smile as I looked up at her curiously.

I smiled, taking the hand she now held out for me and letting her help me to my feet. “Aw, Elena, I’ve missed you so much!” I told her, wrapping my arms around her neck as I got to my feet.

“I missed you too.” She told me, pulling out of the hug. “So how long before your show?”

I looked to the clock above the stage. “three hours or so ‘til I have to be back for sound check.”

“Good. You can go with me to meet up with Stefan for coffee.” She told me happily, linking her arm with mine.

I chuckled and nodded, resting my head on her shoulder and letting her lead me towards the door.

“Oh, you need your shoes!” She said, looking down at my feet for the first time.

“Oh, yeah!” I laughed as we exited the building. “The bus is just over here…” I said, leading her around to the side of the club where our rather large tour bus was parked.

“Wow….You’ve really upgraded since Bertha!” Elena laughed as we climbed onto the bus.

Bertha was the extremely small white van the boys and I used to tour in before we got signed to our new major label last year.

“Yeah, but I kind of miss sleeping on the amps in the back…” I told her truthfully, making her laugh as she followed me to the back of the bus where my bags lay piled up in the corner of the back room. My eyes automatically went to the small black fridge resting beside the bags and I quietly contemplated grabbing something to eat as my stomach gave a quite growl from hunger, but decided to eat after the show.

Pulling out a pair of shiny black six inch platform stilettos, I slipped my feet into them and hooking them around my ankle.

“Wow! Those are some shoes…” Elena said, eyeing my feet with a lifted eyebrow. “Can you actually walk in those things?”

“Honey, not only can I walk in them, I can run, jump, and dance around stage like a maniac!” I told her, wrapping my arm around her shoulders and leading her off the bus as we both began to laugh.


“What time does Stefan get here?” I asked, sitting back in my seat at our outdoor table at Starbucks.

“Present and accounted for.” A familiar voice said from behind me.

With a sigh, I turned to see Stefan and his brother Damon walking up.

Damon was the one who had spoken. “Awe, whats the matter Everleigh, Not happy to see me?” and apparently he was never going to shut up…

“Damon, when am I ever happy to see you?” I shot back as he took the seat beside me.

“That’s was a bit harsh…I think I’m hurt. Oh, wait…no. I’m not.” He replied, his all too sexy smirk coming to his face. “And I can recall at least once when you were more than a little happy to see me.”

I hated that look. That look is what had always gotten me into trouble.

I rolled my eyes, getting to my feet. “And on that note…I’ll see you tonight, Elena.”

“What’s tonight?” Damon said, cutting Elena off before she could protest my leaving.

“Ever’s got a show tonight at the grill.” she told him.

“And you weren’t going to invite me?” He asked, mocking hurt once again.

“Why would I waist a pass on someone I hate being around?” I asked, arms crossed as I stared at him questioningly.

“You used to like me. We used to be friends.” He reminded me.

“’Used to’ being the key words.” I replied, turning my attention back to Elena and Stefan. “Elena, Stefan, it was great seeing you guys. I’ll see you tonight.” I turned to looked at Damon who was looking at me with an unreadable expression. Turning on my heels, I walked away without another word.


“What are you doing here, Damon?” I asked as I climbed onto the bus later that night to find him sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine with me on the cover.

“This is a great shot of you.” He said, flipping it closed to show me the picture after looking at it again himself.

In the picture I was wearing a deep blue , strapless corset with a short black pleated mini that barely covered my ass and a pair of thigh high black wedge boots. My hair was down and my makeup perfect needless to say, I looked hot!

“What are you doing here, Damon?” I repeated, tossing my purse on the table in front of him. I could feel my hands shaking a little but I hoped he wasn’t paying enough attention to notice. I really should have eaten before Elena showed up.

My stomach cramped in agreement.

“I came to see you, of course.”

“Why?” I asked, ignoring the hunger pain and clenching my hands into fists to stop there shaking.

Before I could even get out my sigh, Damon was standing before me, looking into my eyes. “Why are you being like this?” He asked, his voice near a whisper as his hands gently cupped my cheeks.

“Being like what?” I wondered, playing dumb.

“I missed you, Everleigh Falls.” He whispered, “I know you missed me too.” he finished, his lips softly coming down to meet mine.

The moment his lips left mine, my hand came up to slap him as hard as humanly possible.

His head turned back to look at me with confusion. “What the hell is your problem?” He asked, confused.

“I hate you.” I told him, jerking out of his grip.

“What the fuck did I do to you?” He questioned, completely confused.

“Oh, that’s rich! You don’t even remember fucking me!”

“Of course I remember the sex! I just don’t understand why you’re so combative now. That was six months ago!”

“Call me crazy Damon, but I don’t really take too kindly to guys using me. Especially when its to make my best friend jealous.”

“This is about Elena catching us? You think I did that on purpose? You think I would do that?”

“Of course you would do that, Damon! That’s all you do! You plot and you scheme to get what you want. And you want Elena. You have for a long time now.”

Damon shook his head. “That’s not true.”

“Oh, fuck you, Damon. I’m not stupid. I know you still have a thing for her. I can see it every time you look at her. And I knew it then too. I just hoped you would realize it was me that was waiting for you. Not her. She’s Stefan’s, and I was yours.”

“Then why aren’t you mine now? Why are you treating me like I’m shit?”

I crossed my arms over my chest as I took a step closer to him, looking into his eyes so he could see I meant my next words. “Because you killed me that night, Damon. I’m just a shell of a girl now. I don’t love you anymore, I don’t love anyone. I can’t feel anything. I’m empty.”

Damon scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at me like I was stupid. “You’re not empty. You’re just so full of anger you can’t see anything else.” he told me, taking a step closer and getting right up in my face. “But news flash, I didn’t set you up.”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief, crossing my arms over my chest and starting to walk away, Damon Grabbed my arms and forced me to look at him.

“The minute your lips touched mine, my world shifted Ever. You were all I could see of tomorrow. And then you ran away and I had to sift through the pieces you left behind. You broke me!”

I looked into his eyes, “You were already broken, Damon. I just re-scattered the pieces I had been trying to put back together all year.”

“Then help me! Put me back together! There has to be some part of you that still believes in me…”

I looked into his eyes, tears filling mine. “I can’t. You’re just going to hurt me again. You always hurt me, Damon.”

“Please…Please, Everleigh…” He begged, taking my face gently in his hands. “I need you.”

“There’s something I have to tell you first…Something that happened that night…”



“Everleigh, the shows about to start. We gotta go.” Declan, the drummer told me as he walked onto the bus. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

I pulled away from Damon, turning to give Declan a forced smile. “Don’t worry about it.” I turned back to look Damon up and down once more. When our eyes met and locked I spoke again. “We have nothing else to say to each other.”

“That’s not true.” Damon said, grabbing my arm as I began walking away.

“Back off Damon.” I warned, jerking my hand free and walking away.

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