You're my Tabboo-Jayy Von Monroe One Shot for Duck.Tape.Rocks 1/2

I finally finished it! :D Hope you like it! and I don't know why, but my computers bein an ass so, i have to publish it in two parts :/

Created by tasukiluver95 on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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"Scream for my Ice Cream! Tell me all your dirty dreams!" The crowd, including me, sang as Dahvie and Jayy sang it up on stage. I loved those two crazy sex pots. I've known Jayy since we were still in the womb and met Dahvie when Jayy did. They're my two best friends and i'm their biggest fan. They're tons of fun and both totally gorgeous. Dahvie's a maniac idiot, who is like my brother, but Jayy...he's a whole other story. He has to be the sweetes, funniest, most caring sex pot i've EVER met. And I love him more thsn any other man on the planet. I watched as the two moved to the middle of the stage. I knew exactly what was about to happen.
"You can taste my ice cream, we can be a sweet team." Dahvie sang as Jayy ran his right hand through Dahvie's hair, down his neck, over his shoulder and onto his chest. I felt a twinge of jealousy towards Dahvie. Jayy sang the same line as Dahvie pulled Jayy in by his belt loop. Their lips were amost touching and they were singing into the same mic. There was a slight pause and they kissed quickly, causing many screams and squeals from the crowd. They sang the lines again, in the same order and seriously kissed. I'm sure there was tongue. I'd seen this happen a million times, but it's still amazing. Jyy pushed Dahvie away and skipped to the other side of the stage, Dahvie singing.
"Scream for my ice cream! Tell me all your dirty dreams!" He sang. i smiled and danced the rest of the song and concert away.

A few hours later, Dahvie's at the club, no doubt blitzed, and me and Jayy were sitting on my bedt at the hotel, a bottle of Yaegerister and a deck of Uno cards between us.
"Drunken Uno?" Jayy asked.
"Yeah" I nodded, scratching my pink skinny jean-clad leg. "Whoever loses has to take a shot of Yaeger." I shook the bottle
"Ooooh, sounds interesting" He smiled.
"Anna play? I asked, shuffling the cards.
"Sure" he layed on his stomach, his perfect legs stcking up in the air.
"Awesome" I dealt the perfectly shuffled cards.
"You don't want to play this just so you can get in my pants, so you?" he asked as he looked at his cards. I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah, and after I'm done with you, I'll rape Dahvie" I shook my head.
"Ew! Incest is illegal, y'know!?" He replied jokingly, laying down a card.
"Sadly." I laughed, laying down my cards. I knew i was gonna win. My whole hand were draws. I had the best luck when it came to Uno. He layed down his card and I hummed Here Comes the Sun as I thought about my next move.
"Let's play truth or dare while we play this" He suggested as I lay down my draw 2 of that colour.
"Ok" i repied as he added another draw 2, making it a draw 4. "You first" I added another draw 2, bringing it to a draw 6.
"Fuck" he muttered as he drew his cards. "Ok...uhm...truth or dare?"
"Dare" Him having to draw made it my turn again and pt down another draw 2
"I dare you to...yell 'ohmigod baby, yes' really loud like you're having sex" I rolle dmy eyes. Typical Jayy.
"Ok" I put down another draw before yelling my dare. This made him laugh uncontrollably. I couldn't help but smile at his cute laugh. So full of joy and bubby. Simply adorable.
"ok, truth or dare" I asked as hew drew. "Uno" i put down another card. How is it he didn't have any draws?

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