Academy Days (Hitsugaya Toshiro One-Shot) [Contest Entry]

For meijichoco,, and narutoavenger's "Back to School" contest. Though I think I messed up the theme. Oh well.

Created by EverStarDream11 on Thursday, November 18, 2010

I couldn’t think of any other title, forgive me. >_> Anyway, this is for meijichoco,, and narutoavenger’s one-shot contest~ I hope the Soul Reaper Academy counts as a school? Because it’s a school to become Shinigami, right? XD

Disclaimer: I do not own anything here~


Nee-san: Older sister
Shinigami: Soul reaper; death god
Kosode: Shirt tucked under the pants
Gotei 13: 13 Court Guard Squads
Hakama: Kimono-like pants
-chan: More casual way of a honorific, usually for girls
Haori: Kimono jacket
Shinou Academy: Spiritual Arts Academy
-san: More formal way of a honorific, for both males and females
-sensei: Teacher
Senkai Gate: Gate used to pass between Soul Society and the real world


“That’s amazing, Nee-san, you’re going to be a Shinigami soon!” Itsuki exclaimed as you adjusted your kosode. You looked over at him and smiled, nodding.

“Just watch! I’ll be part of the Gotei 13 after my sixth year in the academy!” you exclaimed, grabbing your sword that was lying on top of your shelves. “And I’m really lucky that I’m in the advanced class again! This year will be a piece of cake!”

A hand tugged on your red hakama, and you looked down to see Miyuki, who was younger than Itsuki by about a year.

“Will you come home to visit?” she asked in a timid voice. You smiled at her, kneeling down to pet her small head.

“I will for the holidays. I promise, Miyuki-chan,” you said. She nodded and hugged you one last time before you set off for the academy. You hugged Itsuki as well before you left your home. As you were walking to the academy, finding some other students going there as well, though at a faster pace than you were, you found a boy who was a bit younger than you were, with silver-white hair and bright green eyes. His hair caught your interest, but the fact that he was wearing a Shinigami outfit also caught your interest. It was weird; how could somebody younger than you be wearing a Shinigami outfit? Sure, he may look younger and be a year older than you, but if you had seen him before, there’s no mistake that you wouldn’t forget about him.

“Ah, damn that Matsumoto,” he mumbled to himself as he searched the area. “Why did she take my cap—”

“Hey, you!” you exclaimed, walking up to him. He looked up at you. “Why are you wearing a Shinigami outfit? You possibly can’t be one, can you?”

“What are you saying?” he asked. “I am one. Go away, I’m busy.”

You twitched. For a little boy, he was certainly rude.

“Hey, you, is that a way to treat a lady?” you asked. He looked back up at you, this time with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were a lady,” he said. A rage mark appeared on your forehead and you glared at him. People passing by swore that there was lightning emerging from your and his eyes as you two started a glaring showdown.

“Hey, [Name]-chan!” a voice exclaimed, jumping on your still body. You glared at the person who just jumped on your back, ending the heated battle of the green and [eye color] eyes. “Did you miss me?!”

“No, I didn’t,” you said, which was honest but had sounded sarcastic. “Get off of me, Minamoto.”

“That’s no way to treat your classmate!” Minamoto Ayumi exclaimed as she just tightened your grip on your neck. Shooing her arms off of your skin, you sighed and turned to the little guy, who was staring at you two weirdly.

“Sorry, I have to get to the academy early. I’ll finish this showdown next time we meet, and I’ll definitely win,” you said, glaring at him one last time before leaving for the academy.

“Ah, [Name]-chan, wait for me!” Ayumi exclaimed, running up to you.

“Don’t call me by my first name,” you said bitterly to her. The white-haired boy looked at your figures as you walked off. Then two hands came on his shoulders.

“Guess who!” a female voice exclaimed. The small boy sighed in annoyance.

“Stop doing that, Matsumoto. And give me back my captain’s haori.” He took the white jacket back from his lieutenant, and put it back on his small body. “You have work to do. Don’t go off running with my captain’s haori or else people won’t take me seriously.”

“Sorry, Captain, but I’ve always wanted to wear it once!” Matsumoto exclaimed.

“That was it?!”

She laughed as he sighed again, crossing his arms.

“Captain Hitsugaya, who were you talking to before?” she asked.

“Oh, just this girl from the Shinou Academy who didn’t take me seriously because I didn’t have my haori,” he said, glaring at her. Matsumoto just whistled “innocently” and looked off to the side.

“By the way, Captain, weren’t you headed to the academy?” Matsumoto asked, looking back at the small captain. “You know, you’re substituting for Onobara-san. I remember that he teaches the advanced class.”

“He does,” Hitsugaya said as he started walking to the academy as well. “And I would’ve been there sooner if somebody didn’t run off on me.”

“OK, I’m sorry, Captain.”


“How many times do I have to tell you?” you asked, your eyebrow twitching as you snapped your eyes open to glare at the other girl. “Don’t call me by my first name, Minamoto.”

“If you say please, I will!” she exclaimed. “Otherwise, I’ll keep calling you [Name]-chan!”

“No way in hell,” you said.

“Then [Name]-chan it is!”

“At least make it a bit more formal! I’m your upperclassman after all!” you exclaimed. You were a sixth year, and Ayumi was a fifth, but she was skilled, being in the second best class every year. It took you three years just to get into the advanced class.

“Then [Name]-san?” she asked. You blinked before sighing, waving a hand in exasperation.

“I guess that’s fine enough,” you said as she stopped in front of her class. “So, good luck in your classes this year, Minamoto.”

“Good luck on graduating, [Name]-san!” she exclaimed, waving as you walked to your own class. Sitting down in a seat a fair distance away from the front of the room, you waited as other students came to claim good seats. After about five minutes, you put your head down, just waiting for the teacher to come inside and start the lessons.

“Hey, sit down in your seats. It’s time for class.” You looked up, because the voice was familiar to you, yet it wasn’t your teacher’s. Then your eyes widened as you saw who was at the board.

“It’s you!” you exclaimed, startling almost everyone in the class. The white-haired boy looked up at you and sighed in annoyance.

“It’s you? Are you here to disrespect me again?” he asked coldly. You were just at a loss for words, especially after seeing the white haori on his back. He really was a captain. “Sit down, please.”

“Y-yes, sir,” you said, sitting down with a dark blush on your cheeks as everybody else laughed and took their seats.


“[Last Name] [Name].”

“Here,” you said, but it seems like he didn’t hear you because he called out your name once again. “Here!”

“You need to speak up louder,” he said, looking at you. His eyes narrowed in annoyance as he set a glance at your face, and his eyes totally read “oh, it’s you”. Were you that rude that morning? “Unlike you, Miyazono-san over there has a loud voice.” You sighed as you sent a glance to Miyazono Rika and her friends, who were squealing like crazy. OK, he was cute, and he’s also a captain. But it’s not that big of a deal, is it? Besides, he was just a substitute.

“Hitsugaya-sensei~!” Rika exclaimed as soon as Hitsugaya finished taking role. “What kind of lesson are we going to do today~?”

“Since some people seem to be unfamiliar with each other for now, I’d like you guys to know at least two facts about everybody in this room, friend or not. Nobody is allowed to leave until my lieutenant comes to take over. Got it?”

And so here you were, asking random people in your class what their name was, why they decided to become a Shinigami, and what kind of skills were they good at. You got some pretty amusing and serious answers, and you thought it would go smoothly. That’s what you though before it was time to ask Rika.

“Well, I’ll just honestly say this, [Last Name]-san. Hitsugaya-sensei probably likes girls with a big breast size, since his lieutenant has really big ones. If you’re planning to go after him, first consider how small your chest is compared to mine,” she said, confidently. You looked down at your chest and blushed, covering it with your skinny arms.

“I’m not really going after him…Whatever that is…” you muttered. “If you want him, then have him.”

“Really? Thank you, [Last Name]-chan! You’re so sweet!” And then she skipped off to talk to another girl, probably to say the same thing. You sighed and scratched your head. It looked like she was the last one you had to talk to, considering you were avoiding her the whole time.

…And now that you were finished, you decided that you should apologize to Hitsugaya for being so rude before. Walking over to the teacher’s desk, you coughed to get his attention. He looked up at you with a bored expression on his face.

“[Last Name]-san, right? Do you need anything?”

“Uh, Hitsugaya-sensei, I’d like to apologize for my rude behavior this morning,” you said, fidgeting with your fingers from behind your back. “I was pretty rude back then and I never considered that you were actually a seated officer in the Gotei 13… I’m really sorry.”

“It’s OK,” he said. “I understand how you didn’t know I was a captain. It was partially my fault for being so careless.”


“No, nothing. If that’s all, please go back to whatever you were doing.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”


You sighed as you looked up at the little bits of the sky, sitting on the bench under your favorite tree in the area of the academy. It was nice weather, with birds chirping and butterflies fluttering around. But you were still in a bad mood, at a loss for words.

“I probably messed up my apology also…” you muttered. “Ah, it’s only the first day of school and I’m a mess…”

“So is this where you try to forget about everything?” a male asked, and you looked to the side, startled. Hitsugaya was there, his arms crossed over his small chest. He sat down next to you as you sighed, nodding. “It’s a nice place.”

“Uh, Hitsugaya-sensei, I—”

“I’m only a substitute. I prefer to be called Captain Hitsugaya,” he said. You nodded slowly as he uncrossed his arms and looked up at the tree’s leaves, trying to see the sky.

“Then, Captain Hitsugaya, I’m sorry. I didn’t really consider your age considering how—”

“How small I look?” he asked, interrupting you. You shook your head, confused.

“I meant to say that I didn’t consider your age considering how young you looked.”

“Is that a compliment or an insult?”

“I would say both if I was talking to a doppelganger of myself.”

He smiled slightly, but he hid it by covering his mouth with a hand. Did he think your comment was funny?

“Like I said, your apology is accepted.” You smiled and nodded in appreciation. “By the way, I’ll be back this Friday to choose some of you to go to the real world with some of the members of my squad. I’ll see if I can bring you along.” Your eyes lit up at the sound of this. You longed to go to the real world after the substitute Shinigami from the real world, Kurosaki Ichigo, saved your siblings from a Hollow. “Seems like you’re interested. I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“Thank you, Captain!”


“Why are you here also?!” Rika exclaimed, her hands clenched in fists as you two locked eyes. “I thought I was a special case, getting invited to a special mission! Why are you here?!”

“He invited me as well. Let’s just get along for now,” you said, confused as to why she was making a big deal out of it. “I said that I would stay away from him. But I got invited also.”

“Well, don’t get in my way, OK?” she asked, crossing her arms. “This is one of my only chances to impress Captain Hitsugaya!”

“I won’t. Don’t worry,” you said as you guys entered the Senkai Gate.

“OK, I want you all to split into groups. Matsumoto, you’ll be going with the two girls I invited.”

“Roger!” she exclaimed, running over to you two. “Well, let’s go!”

“OK!” Rika exclaimed, suddenly going in her sweet mode. So she was kind to Matsumoto but not to you?

A couple of minutes passed, and there were no signs of Hollows or anything dangerous.

“Isn’t this just a false alarm?” Rika asked. “There’s nothing—” You sensed a dangerous presence, and by reflex, you lunged for Rika.

“Look out!” you exclaimed, pushing her out of the way. Something sharp, like a blade, pierced your side.

“[Last Name]!” Matsumoto exclaimed as you fell to the floor, your body limp and weak due to the blood gushing out of your body. “Miyazono, don’t just stand there! Kill your targets like you did in practice!” But Rika shook her head in terror, instead running away unspotted by the many Hollows that appeared. “Damn, ran away, did she? [Last Name]—”

“Don’t worry, I can still fight!” you exclaimed, taking out your sword while clutching your bloody side.

“Don’t push yourself to the limit if you can’t do it.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

However the injury seemed to be too much for you to handle, because the next thing you know, you’re tripping over your own feet because of the pain that’s distracting you.

“Sorry I’m late, [Last Name].” A beautiful blue dragon made out of crystal-clear ice then swept throughout the area, killing all Hollows in its way. A hand made its way around your waist and a sword was held out by the other hand. “Are you OK?”

“Captain!” Matsumoto exclaimed, running over. “You’re so cool! Oh, I should probably call everybody back now.”

“Hurry it up. We need to get [Last Name]’s injury treated.”

“Yes, sir!” Matsumoto hurried to get all the other squad members, even Rika, as Hitsugaya put his sword away and made you sit on your behind while he checked your wound for anything.

“Let me guess, you got hurt trying to protect Miyazono,” he said, noticing that you and his lieutenant were the only ones fighting. You nodded, though it wasn’t a nod that blamed Rika for everything. You understood that she was scared; you were as well, but by reflex you just started to fight. “Your bravery was splendid, [Last Name]. You’re also a good fighter. I’m really impressed.” You looked up at his young face, your eyes filled with surprise and happiness.

“Thank you, Captain Hitsugaya,” you said.

“I hope that you’ll get assigned to my squad in the future. That is, if you graduate.”



“You just ruined the mood right there.”

“Shut up!”

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