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:O fans! (which isn't too many.) This is about storyline in a Naruto fanfiction. It goes over basics. The next chapter will also come out today.

Created by YamiHigushi on Monday, November 22, 2010

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If you’re going to write a plot, you can do four things. Basically, when someone writes a Naruto fanfiction, they do one of the four things on this list.

- They use the original storyline that Masashi Kishimoto created.

- They use Masashi Kishimoto’s plot with twists and their own ideas added in for kicks.

- They make up their own decent plot.

- They make a stupid, worthless plot; where their character steals the spotlight and always saves the day, and gets all the attention from everyone and everything. (Refer to Sun Mary-Sue.)


Situation 1:

Naruto looked at Akira; sighing as she walked by. He had always tried to get her, but he never could.

Referring to Mary-Sues, you cannot have a whole bunch of characters falling for your character in the process. You just can’t. It kind of goes against all the rules for creating characters and plots.

Situation 2:

Akira pierced the blade of her kunai into Haku, making him fall over; freezing cold and dead.

Never do this… having an OC kill a canon character. This wasn’t meant to happen. Kishimoto didn’t want to have Haku killed by some random, so we shall not kill Haku. Does this come across clear? The only exception for this is if you are following your own storyline.

For example, if the story’s main characters are Akira, Haku, and Deidara, then Haku could be killed by her. However, if the story is followed, then she could aid Naruto and Sasuke in season one, but she cannot be the one killing him.

Situation 3:

“I love you so much… Akira. I always have. I always will.” Pein said, looking her in the eyes.

First of all, this is allowed. You can pair your OC up with anyone you want, but don’t go to OOC circumstances. For example, do you think that Pein had ALWAYS loved her…? Wouldn’t he like Konan more; he’s known her much longer.

If you’re going to pair your OC with a canon character, make sure they fit together well… Oh, and its’ recommended against to pair your OC up with an already taken character.

Situation 4:

“Leave everything here. Come with me… away. Just us.” Akira pleaded, looking into his eyes.

“I would do anything, just for you.” Itachi replied.

Wait, whoa! OOC alert! Out of Character! Try not to do this… it ruins the mood of the story when the reader stops and thinks, “Umm… Itachi would never say that!”

Situation 5:

Naruto took her to a ramen bar and...

Try to keep it original. I think that we've probably all heard this one before, right? A lot of people use this in their stories, so maybe try to twist it up a bit.

Situation 6:

"You're so... hot..." Akira whispered to Sasuke.

... Supposed to take place in Japan (A Japanese type of world.) In Japan, they are very humble, formal, and most of all respectful. The word, "hot" is informal, unspecific, not really a compliment, but most of all; it's American slang. Don't use it! Not a wise idea...

This also fits in the out-of-character detail. Sasuke Uchiha is not one to lose focus of his main goals that will get him further in life; and hitting on some random isn't one of them. Try to keep it believable, okay?

Situation 7:

"So... where are we going for a date?"
"Let's go to the movies."

This story takes place in a fictional place created by the author of Naruto. Yes, I know some of you had said, "In the movie, they go into a movie theatre!" Yes. Naruto has televisions and electronics, but... something about going to a movie theatre would take the authenticity out of the story. However, it is your choice. I just think there could be better ideas towards what they're going to do. How about they go to one of their houses? Or maybe train together? Or go to the forest? I don't know... something that wouldn't sound a little bit on the unfitting side.

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