You are my Jewel (Koga Love story) *1*

ok i've been obsessing over the inuyasha series for a while now so i figured it was time to write a story based on the series. i trying to make it my own thing but at the same time i'm also kinda gonna try and follow the origional story line a bit. i used the script from the site: hope you enjoy it :D

Created by Dragon-lurver on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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“it’s the half breed get her!” I sighed. You think after 17 years they would be used to having a half demon in their village. I ignored their taunting and continued to tend the garden. I thought about my father to tune out their voices and about the recent lessons he’s been teaching me.


“Takara you can’t ever trust other demons not even your kin of the wolf-deamon tribe” I cock my head to the side in my confusion “but why is that father? You are so kind and patient. Aren’t the others like that also?” he chuckles darkly, making his shaggy brown fur shake “no Takara. It’s in a demon’s nature to be violent and to devour humans. Since you are a half demon they will see you as inferior and want to destroy you.” I had to look at the floor so my father wouldn’t be able to see the hurt in my eyes. Not accepted by humans, and now I can’t even be accepted by demons. “don’t take it personally Takara, they just don’t understand and they let their pride as a demon make their decisions. I will protect you from the other wolves; they will never find out about you or your mother, I promise.”

~End flashback~

I was pulled out of my memories by a sharp pain. “OW!! What the-?” I turned around and saw one of the kids pulling on my tail. I can’ t believe I got so into my lessons that I let him sneak up on me like that “I got her! I’ll hold her down you guys get her! You filthy half human, you will get what’s coming to you” ok I’ll admit I panicked. My father taught me the brutal nature of a demon but my mother wanted me to be kind to our fellow villagers. Damn! I sighed “do you really think you can hold me down?” I’ve grown now, I won’t let you push me around anymore” I gave a light flick of my tail and the kid fall over backwards. He looked at me completely stunned, but recovered quickly. He was angry and wasn’t afraid to express that anger “we will see how tough you are!” he grabbed the hoe I was working with and came at me with it. I easily doged his attacks and just looked at him as calmly as I could “give it up. It will be easier to live in the same village if you stop trying to pick a fight with me” the kid yelled in fury and came at me again, I went to dodge the attack but I got struck in the leg by a rock and stumbled. The human kid with all his 16 year old strength was running right at me so I did the only thing I could do, I raised my right arm to take the blow. The hoe sunk into my arm leaving a deep gash. I hissed in pain while the group rejoiced “thanks! Good aim with the stone! Now I can finish off this trash!” he raised the hoe for another devastating blow but I got up and jumped out of the garden. I hated to appear weak to these stupid mortals but I respected mother too much to ruin everything by harming them. I turned away and ran into the forest.

I’m too fast for them to follow I knew that they would stop at the edge of the forest, but my shame at having to run away lead me to run deeper and deeper in. tears stung my eyes and made my vision blurry so I didn’t see the root that was raised from the ground and tripped over it. I fell belly down on the ground and just stayed there and let myself cry. It’s not fair, why do people have to torment me because of what I am? It’s not my fault. When I finally had no more tears left in me I pulled myself up and sat against the root that tripped me and sighed. Well there was really no use in crying over it all, I got up and stopped to stare at the sky. There was a blinding purple light in the sky. I watched, amazed, as the light broke into many pieces and exploded. I closed my eyes and held up my arm against the light. When the light died down I slowly lowered my arm and let my eyes adjust, I gasped at what I saw. On the floor at my feet was a jewel shard, I could feel the power that came out of the shard. I gingerly took it between my fingers and examined it. This can’t be… this fits the description of that jewel my father told me about, a shard can increase the power of a demon and the whole shard can turn a half demon human or into a full fledged demon. Well there was only one way to find out if it’s as powerful as they say, I smiled and inserted the shard into the gash on my arm. I watched as it embedded itself into my flesh and the cut healed itself. The shard pulsated in my arm. This power… I could feel the power of the shard running along my arm. I felt stronger, I felt powerful, this little shard was amazing! Giddy, I decided to test it. I jumped high in the air and gave a nearby boulder a taste of my thunder punch. Cracks spread from where my fist was and crissed crossed all over the rock and with the sound of thunder shattered the rock in millions of tiny pebbles. “wow!” I whispered. With a smile I turned away from the scene and headed back in the direction of my village, unaware of the pair of red eyes that were watching me.

I peered around the edge of a thick tree before entering the village. No sign of the kids that tormented me. I hurried across the field and ran into my garden, the hoe was propped up against the house. Damn that means mother would know what happened. I heaved a sigh and walked into the house. “where have you been?! How badly are you hurt?” I was immeadiatly engulfed by my mother who was checking every inch of me. “gah! Mom I’m ok! Geez no need to get all worked up-“ my mother stopped me with an evil glare… scary. “I’ve been worried sick! Coming home to blood on the ground and on my garden equipment, your father smelling your blood none the less!” my head snapped up “father?” mother nodded “he went looking for you, he should return at any- oh there he is now” a big shaggy wolf made it’s way into the tiny hut and shook his fur out. I put on a big fake smile “hello father I’m so glad you came to-“ “can you leave takara and I alone for a minute? I must speak with our daughter.” My mother bowed her head “yes Elder Tsuyoshi” and backed out of the hut. I gulped, I had no idea how much trouble I would be in. “come daughter, sit next to me” I took a few steps and sat next to my father “I was watching you the whole time” I tensed “you showed great restraint when it came to those hooligans and I’m proud of you for doing that.” I smiled “thanks” I could feel him sitting straighter next to me “however it was careless of you not to notice that a demon was watching you. You should have sensed my demonic aura. You must be more careful. I do not approve of you using the shikon jewel shard to increase your streangth” I moved onto my knees and faced my father “I don’t care if you approve! Don’t make me give it up father!” I lowered my head and balled my fists in my lap “since I’m only a half deamon with a regular weapon I will always be less strong and never aknowlaged. With the jewel I can have the strength of a demon and prove to everyone that I am not weak. Father I need this shard please understand!” I could fell the tears welling up again, damn, I hated for my father to see such an act of weakness. I kept my head down so he wouldn’t see. He sighed and for the first time sounded like an older demon, he would never tell me his age but I imagine he lived a very long life and has seen many things. “ok takara. Keep the shard if you please but don’t let it fall into the wrong hands, having this in your possession is a great responsibility and there will be many who will come after you to take it” I was so stunned I looked my father in the eye, tears and all. “really? You’ll let me keep it?” he nodded his head and I flung my arms around him, nuzzling my face in his think fur “thank you father! I’ll take on anyone that tries to take my shard. I won’t let you down!” he chuckled “you havn’t done so yet my daughter. Now if you’ll excuse me I will go visit with your mother for a while. I must return to the mountain very soon” I nodded and got up as an aura surrounded the wolf in front of me. I watched my father’s wolf snout shrink and his form get taller as he transformed into his human form. I smiled “have fun, I think I’ll have a run in the woods” he nodded and walked out. I thought about my own wolf form and felt the changes begin instantly. It was regrettable that when I changed it wasn’t into a wolf demon form like that of my father, I changed into an average wolf. Some days I wished my mother could have been a demon too. I shook that thought out of my head, sure my mother was a human but I still loved her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. When the transformation was complete I ran out of the house and towards the woods, running as a wolf brings me more joy then anything else so I did it as often as I could.

The woods looked amazing today, sunlight filtered in delicately from the treetops making everything look like it came straight out of a painting. I slowed down and looked around me with a happy sigh, it was very peaceful. With my sigh I could smell something that was out of place. I froze. There! Something rustled the leaves behind me. I jumped and spun around in the air just as something crashed into the spot I was just standing at. “gimme the jewel shard!” a demon had tried to sneak up on me. It was a weaker demon and it was ugly. It had the body of a serpent with a deformed human face surrounded by a think mane of fur. With a snarl I transformed into my human form.”what would make you think that a mere half demon like me would have a shikon jewel shard?” the demon chuckled coldly “don’t mock me half breed. I saw you put it into the wound in your arm earlier. Now give it to me quietly and I just may let you live” I smirked “you want the shard? Come and get it then!” I charged at the same time the demon did. I met it head on and at the last second I pulled out my knife. It went right into it’s gaping mouth and with the momentum I had gained with my charge I pushed my knife along the body of the demon, slicing it in half while trailing sparks from my lightning infused knife. The demon let out an agonizing scream before dissolving into ash. I looked down at my smoking knife, well that was easy. The faint glow that usually came from my knife had vanished, that meant all the charge was gone and I’d have to recharge it the next time there was a storm. If I was a full demon maybe I could have to power to charge the knife myself. I sighed, there was really no use wishing for what I didn’t have. I turned back into a wolf and kept running.

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