Chapter 2

Created by LivingTheLife45 on Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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I woke up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat. My entire body shook and rattled and when I tried to stand up I fell to the floor. My heavy breathing was drowned out by the loud sobs and gasping coming from my mouth. I dug my nails into the carpet and pulled my body into a ball. The tears choked and burned my throat with a severe unreal pain. Emma.. A disturbing voice said next to my ear. "STOP IT!" I screamed. I wondered how I wasn't waking anybody up right now. I sobbed harder, and it hurt. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I tried throwing a punch but there was nothing to hit. Stop it, I scolded myself. Your just dreaming go back to sleep. I crawled back under my covers and tried to go back to sleep. Eventually my sobs quieted and my pulse slowed, and I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up again to the sound of my alarm clock not an hour and a half later. I slammed the snooze button and accidently knocked the clock off the table. I still felt groggy, cloaked in a veil of thick sleep a half our later so I decided maybe a shower was one of my better options. I knocked on my bathroom door. "Anyone using the shower?" I asked quietly. "Sorry sweety, your gonna have to wait a while." My mom replied sweetly. So much for my shower. I decided to get myself a bowl of cereal instead, so I went downstairs to the kitchen. I always thought as a child that the yellow walls and homely smells were wonderful, but today they seemed a bit drab. Probably like what the rest of my day was going tobe like. Drab.
Not long after and I was out the door and on my way to school. It seemed more chilly this morning then it had earlier this week. My cellphone buzzed in my pocket. It was Andy. "Morning sunshine :)" I smiled and replied back with "Morning to you too! What's up?" I crossed the street,nearly getting hit by a silver car. "Sorry!" I squealed and hurried my rest of the way across the street. My cellphone buzzed again. "TGIF!" Andy had sent. "ikr? Well, Im almost at school so I'll see you soon lovey." Pressed send, and was on my way.

"Mac and cheese , Mac and cheese." Andy and I sund walking down the ahllway towards the cafeteria. I laughed, "I love you." I told Andy. "Y-You do?" "Your singing about mac and cheese. Hah! Look at the look on your face, Tard." I laughed at his reaction. He did know I was joking, right? "Ohhhh righhhhht, I knew that all along. Great actor I am." "ughh! Man! Look at that line up!" I groaned miserably. "Emma..There isnt one." Andy laughed. "Not yet so let's gooo!" I tugged his hand and dragged him behind me.
"SO, I had the weirdest dream again last night." I said takinga bite of my mac and cheese. "Why? What happened?" Andys brow wrinkled and a deep look of concern settled in, replacing his smile. "It was scary, they usually are. I just remember what happened when I woke up." "Well, what happened?"

"I remember crying and something creepy saying my name in my ear. Then I convinced myself it was nothing and crawled back into bed." I acted like it was nothing, I had to. Andy had a disapproving look on his face. "Emm, thats not good." "What do you mean not good?" "This isn't good." Andy took a book out of his bag and on the front in creepy black lettering it said "Incubus" I repeated out loud. "It looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. How much were they selling it for on eBay? Don't roll your eyes at me!" I laughed at him. He flipped to a marked page in the book. "I bought this earlier in the week because I remembered as a kid you always told me you would have these weird scary voices, and feel things that made you feel uncomfortable. I was thinking about that, so I went to a book store and got this. Read this page." He pushed the book closer to me. Incubus and Succubus was printed in large lettering at the top of the page. "Incubus, Something that weighs uponoppresses one like a nightmare." I read out loud. "You bought a dictionary?"I asked raising an eyebrow. Andy just stared back at me and his eyes said keep reading. "Incubus, an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed ot descend upon sleeping persons, also fabled to induce a nightmare on people." I finished. "It also apparently has intercourse with women too." Andy said pointly. "Uhmm?" I was a little weirded out, I admit. "Succubus, a demon in female form, said to have intercourse with men in their sleep. Can also induce nightmares." I had to admit, I was a little freaked out. Andy better not trying to be telling me something.

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