Well this is fun my master is going to torture me! oh joy! (This is my life)

This is really quiet funny because I made it in class during a lesson on god and his holy love so...ummm...I guess I didnt listen to well! XD hope you like it might be a bit much for young people

Created by Alice22n on Thursday, December 02, 2010

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Torture games

Have you ever herd the piercing shriek of pure pain rip from throat of a child?

I have.

Have you ever seen the light leave someone’s eyes when they fall into the black oblivion that is in itself death?

I have.

Have you watched someone murder an innocent in cold-blood again…and again…..and again.

I have.

Have you tried to stop it?

………………no not really.……………

I’m 14 and I’m watching a murder.

I wish I could tell you I was horrified and terrified of the boy I call master drive a nail the size of my index finger through the ankle of some small girl’s leg.

But here is the thing although I may be sick to my stomach watching this I wasn’t scared I couldn’t actually be scared I don’t think I have felt a real emotion for 4 years.

No I wasn’t scared, I watched from the sidelines as the child screamed and wailed as she saw her own blood spray from her foot.

My master only laughed at her and jeered “aww crying now? How pathetic!” I watched his arm swing up then smash back down to drive yet another nail through her flesh.

There was a defendant crack as he shattered her fragile bone in her leg.

She was shrieking loudly it hurt my ears…..how annoying, she was pale with fear and blood loss and pain I guess.

This went on for a while maybe an hour? I didn’t pay attention to the time until my master smashed a nail through her throat silencing that horrible shrieking.

The girl became still and just like that I had herd the shriek of pure pain.

My master then turned to me blood and sweat mingled together and dripped from his chin.

He held a look of excitement and joy at what he had just done the girl had died down here in these dungeons on the cold stone slab I could see blood oozing from her mangled body.

My master walked over to me bending down so he was level with me damn he was tall….he licked the blood off his fingers as he spoke in that sing song voice “little slave little slave wasn’t that fun? Get me another one!” he ordered.

I bowed not caring to play that little game of his I just wanted to get out of the blood stained room for a few minutes.

I walked through the dungeon until I came to the prison cells and looked at the next girl he had planned for that night.

She was tall thin pretty with so much makeup on that she looked like a clown the humans had a word for this type of girl….what was it….oh right slut.

I was glad it was this girl at least it wasn’t another innocent little girl that had a life and family I didn’t hesitate to grab this girl by the hair and drag her down to the torture room my master waited in.

He just watched as I strapped the girl down on the still bloody stone slab looked like my master had already gotten rid of the dead body of that small child good I didn’t want to see it.

I moved back into the corner and waited for this sick torture game to begin.

This time he then brought out the whip…..I didn’t like that thing still I didn’t have much choice but to watch as he tore the flesh from the girls back with each slash of that whip.

He brought it down on her back again and again….and again after a while I got tired of watching this but he didn’t seem to tire of it one bit.

Maybe the girl’s screams made it more enjoyable for him I could care less to be honest.

I had another headache wonderful.

After a few minutes I could no longer recognise how this mangled bloodied wreck was once a young girl’s back.

Her flesh was hanging off the god damned table for satins sake!

I could even see the muscle through the mess of blood that pooled onto the floor….I had to clean that up of joy.

Her screaming didn’t stop and they became hysterical shrieks like the other girls when he squeezed lemons over the open gashes on her back I had to keep from laughing it looked so ridiculous!

I mean really you see this bloody mess and some boy squeezing a lemon over it how silly.

But it seemed to do something at least the girl began thrashing about wildly begging for him to stop and let her go.

Of course he didn’t instead and rubbed the lemon juices into her back causing her to sob he even slipped his fingers under the fabrics of her flesh so I could see his fingers under the skin that was still intact.

I just watched I couldn’t…..wouldn’t help her I would be of no help if I wanted to anyway I’d be killed before I took two steps so I just watched.

Soon my master got bored of this one and reached up to her head and twisted it off to the side I heard a loud snap and the girls eyes went wide before the became dull.

And just like that I saw the light leave someone’s eyes as they died.

So this is my life to serve a horrible heartless monster….wonderful.

He made his way over to me again this time just excited “get another! Another!” He ordered me sharply I didn’t move and he became mad “go on! Hurry up!”

I shook my head slowly “Master two a night that was what your father has ordered” I told him coldly.

He growled and slapped me so hard I fell to the ground I didn’t care I just sat back up looking at him.

“WHAT you will obey your master you little insolent child!” he shouted at me.
“No!” I shouted right back surprising myself I had never had to yell at him hardly even speak this was new.

“I will not! 2 a night that is the rule!” his eyes narrowed and a flinched.

“Alright Ava” He sneered his voice low and deadly, he used my real name this wouldn’t be good.

“Tomorrow night you’ll be the second girl to get on that table!” he hissed and walked out of the room leaving me alone in the dark blood that had flooded the floor around me.

I was shaking I could feel my heart pounding in my ears how odd I was scared for the first time in 4 years.

This was my punishment I guess for not helping those girls…..

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